Donald Sterling to refuse to pay NBA’s fine

When there’s half a billion dollars on the line, you wouldn’t expect Donald Sterling to go quietly in the night. And he won’t. According to reports from CNN, Sterling has notified the NBA that he’s not going to pay their $2.5 million fine, he won’t sell his team, and he’s not going to abide by the lifetime ban. His lawyer has said that there should be no punishment.

Colbert is okay. The rest of the world isn’t.


AP Photo/Comedy Central, Scott Gries

My feeds have been going crazy with news of Colbert, who is evidently now involved in a “racist tweet” debate. Here’s what happened:

Stephen Colbert found himself in quite the mess after his “Colbert Report” tweeted a quote from his Wednesday night show, making fun of Washington football team owner Daniel Snyder:


“I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever,” the Colbert Report posted in a March 27 tweet that was later taken down. The Report later clarified that the account is a publicity account run by the Comedy Central network, not Colbert, nor his show.

Inside the Mind of a “Rice Chaser” / Robin-Hood-In-Reverse Activism (Podcast)

This was our longest podcast to date…a whopping 84.1 Megs that will provide an hour and 27 minutes of entertainment! This is the podcast proposed by The Blah–a 31-year-old white guy from the Midwest. The verbal participants in this podcast were me and King, and the Blah weighed in by e-mail. I want to thank both King and the Blah for an AWESOME conversation. We decided to put “Rice Chaser” in quotes, since it’s our term, not the Blah’s, although we felt that his views were similar to the ones we often discuss. Download the podcast here, or hear it here:

Asian Americans face discrimination in State Department work


So if you’re an Asian American, and you’re fluent in an Asian language, and you’re trying hard to serve your country and want to use your language skills to help your country, the State Department should probably hire you, especially since it costs tens of thousands of dollars to teach a person the language. They’d be saving money, and they wouldn’t have to teach the Asian American a new culture. Right? Well, apparently not: At the State Department, diversity can count against you. Apparently, being Asian American means that you’re suspicious and therefore are unfit for duty.

Racism on Big Brother: a “lab experiment in overt racism”

Pic from CBS/TMZ

Pic from CBS/TMZ

I don’t own a TV, so I usually don’t watch anything other than a few cooking shows on Hulu. However, Big Brother has been all over the news, so I decided to check out some of the footage. According to this excellent opinion piece, it’s a lab experiment in overt racism. I couldn’t agree more.

Food network not renewing Paula Deen’s contract

My FB has been going crazy with news about Paula Deen and how she’s getting the boot for being “racist.” In general, I agree with the sentiment–that media corporations shouldn’t be giving airtime to racists. However, I think everything needs to be taken into context. A person who is 66 years old and who grew up in the South probably comes from a very racist tradition, through no fault of his/her own. Whether or not Paula Deen has ever used the N-word isn’t as relevant as whether she still uses it today. I’m as uncomfortable with people accusing Deen of being anti-black the same way I was uncomfortable with people accusing John McCain of being anti-Asian–it’s not helpful unless you look at the historical context. Sure, John McCain used the word “gook,” but that was from way back in the day, before most of us were born. That was just how people spoke back then.

Activism and privacy in the digital camera age


So someone sent this article to me. It’s about a racist-themed frat party at Duke, where a bunch of non-Asian people wore conical hats and geisha outfits to get their kicks. The intent of the party was clear:

“Herro Nice Duke Peopre!!” read the opening line in the email inviting Dukies to “the return of Kappa Sigma Asia Prime.”

Great photos and memes on the internet


Last summer, I got involved with this activist project that had nothing to do with Asian American stuff. The leader of the project–I’ll call him D–was one of those dudes who just had to have his voice heard on everything. He was a white man. He wanted to run the website, but when he was averaging 3 unique pageviews a day (one was me, another was him, and god knows who the other person was), I suggested some changes (since bigWOWO gets somewhat more than 3 pageviews a day). He was one of those passive aggressive types. He’d say, “Yeah, since you have web experience, you should do it,” and then he’d say something like, “What are you trying to do, take over MY website? I’m in charge here!” When I told him that he should just do his thing since he obviously knew better, he would get angry and say, “Why am I always doing the work?”

Tiger JK and the politics of discomfort


I had no idea who Tiger JK was, but this story has been going all over my feed. I did a Wiki search, and Tiger JK is a Korean American who became a Korean rapper. He was performing in front of a crowd, and there were Caucasian members of the audience who were shouting at him and telling him to do the Psy “horse dance.” He responded by going off on ALL white people. He later apologized.