Should it be a crime to leave a child in the car? (Poll)

Art credit: Paul Hoppe

Art credit: Paul Hoppe

There’s a very interesting story today in the NY Times about a job-seeker who was arrested after leaving her children in the car because she couldn’t find childcare.

Shanesha Taylor, a former Air Force worker and mortgage loan officer, was battling poverty. With three kids and a sometimes-absent boyfriend, she was trying hard to find work. She found an excellent opportunity with an insurance company, but she couldn’t arrange child care. So she left her kids in the car during her 70 minute job interview. She felt like she had the job, but when she came out of the interview, she saw police surrounding her car. She was arrested for endangering her children, who had been taken to the hospital.

Asian American kids work harder


Articles on a recent report about Asian American kids and their study habits have been going all over FB. Here is a good article by the Economist.

It rings true. I just had this conversation with my son yesterday. He was pissed off at me because I made him do his homework before going out to play with the neighborhood kids, all of whom are white (Note: The neighborhood kids are not all white, but the ones outside were. The Indian kids were in the same boat as my son–forced to study by their Asian parents). Since his friends are in the same class but seem to jump on their bikes the minute they come home from school, I asked my son when his friends do their homework. He didn’t know. I don’t know either. I do know that the teacher gives out certificates for completing milestones in math, and these kids haven’t received any certificates.

Asian grandparents vs. American grandparents


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I guess it’s an old article, but The Atlantic had an interesting article about Asian grandparenting vs. “Americanized” grandparenting (and I’m hoping I haven’t posted this before–I’m not a grandparent, but I’m noticing a bit of early senility creeping in…). According to the article, American grandparents often opt to spend little time with grandchildren, instead choosing to spend time looking in other areas for personal fulfillment. Asian grandparents, on the other hand, often opt to spend their golden years taking care of their grandkids. This has repercussions not only on family lives, but on career as well, as it affords Asian women the ability to work longer hours and to focus on their careers:

New study says tiger parenting doesn’t work

Amy Chua (from Forbes article)

Amy Chua (from Forbes article)

There was an article in Forbes by a white woman named Susan Adams whose son goes to Stuy, where most of the kids are Asian: Tiger Moms Don’t Raise Superior Kids, Says New Study. She wrote the article and read Amy Chua’s Tiger Mom book because she questioned whether her kid would lose out to the Asian students. Now, according to the article, there is evidence that ought to allay her fear. Su Yeong Kim, a professor at the University of Texas, had been working on the same topic before Amy Chua’s book came out, and she has just published her results. According to her, Tiger parenting doesn’t work. The Forbes article says:

Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv (Review and Discussion)

The full title of this book is Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. The author Richard Louv was the recipient of the 2008 Audubon Medal. In this book, he describes what he calls “nature-deficit disorder,” which is the idea that children have become separated from nature. He cites many studies that show children who are more connected to nature tend to be calmer, creative, and more confident. Louv writes from personal experience, and he talks about how we can bring our kids back to nature.

Selfish Reasons To Have More Kids by Bryan Caplan (Review)

Selfish Reasons To Have More Kids was recommended by a friend. I was interested in the major thesis–that nature is more influential in a child’s life than nurture, and that we worry too much about our kids for no reason, since they’ll mostly tend to turn out just like us. Caplan even quotes Steve Sailer on page 3! (I’m assuming it’s the same Sailer dude who helps the loons navigate the world of HBD.)

Stages of Love and Marriage

Going off of the discussion on what to do on a first date in the other thread, let me just say that I personally think it’s good to wait as long as possible before discussing religion and politics (and this is just me 🙂 ) . I think it’s best to show your best self early in the relationship, and by “your best self,” I mean it’s good to do what you can to have a good time. There will be lots of time to argue political and religious points later.

Fatherhood and Testosterone

I always wondered why PUA/HBD types seem so aggressive and Rice Daddies always seem so calm. Blogging on this site and RiceDaddies always seems like night and day. It’s because of the testosterone, man! It’s all about the hormones. Check it out here: Fatherhood Leads to Drop in Testosterone.

Testosterone, that most male of hormones, takes a dive after a man becomes a parent. And the more he gets involved in caring for his children — changing diapers, jiggling the kid on his knee, reading “Goodnight Moon” for the umpteenth time — the lower his testosterone drops.

Asian Fathers and Father’s Day

Michael Berry

I sometimes flip through political talk shows on the radio while I’m driving.  The liberal hosts tend to be boring, and the conservative hosts tend to be morons, so it’s sometimes hard to find good stuff to listen to.  Dr. Laura previously was my favorite host–conservative or liberal–and since she left, there has been a void.  My favorite talk show these days is the Mark and Dave show.