Literary Fiction vs. Realistic Fiction and the Literary Hierarchy

A week ago, I picked up a novel from the library that had been long-listed for the Man Booker Prize.  I picked the book because of the plot–it sounded like a novel that dealt with modern themes of suburban modern living, and because I’m a modern person who lives in a suburb, I thought it might appeal to me.

Leaders of Literary Fiction

Tao and Franzen

Thanks, S, for sending this interesting blog post from the Economist.  In the blog, the author compares two cover stories from Time Magazine and a magazine called the Stranger.  Time featured a posed Jonathan Franzen with the title Great American Novelist, while the Stranger had the same exact title with Asian American author Tao Lin in the exact same pose. In the article, the blogger talks about how the literary fiction establishment restricts its definition of mainstream normalcy to authors who are White men.  The author writes, “Will an Asian-American author, or an African-American or a woman, ever be credited with writing the Great American Novel?