The Three Kinds of WM/AF (White Male/Asian Female) Portrayals

I’ve been reading the Joyce Wu comments with interest. She’s been taking some heat, and I don’t think it’s fair. As y’all know, we go through these gender wars from time to time, and I thought I should clarify something for the men here: Not all WM/AF portrayals are the same, and I think that some of these portrayals are better than others. To make it easy, I’ve broken them down by category. Usually works fall into one category, but they can also be in more than one at once (Free Food for Millionaires, for example, is both Porn and Heartfelt at the same time. And as I said below, there’s nothing wrong with Porn–as long as you call it what it is. I’m being serious here too–even a powerful author like Christos Tsiolkas has said that he has some major pornographic elements in his work.)

Joyce Wu: Writer, Actress, Filmmaker (Podcast)

I had the opportunity tonight to speak with Joyce Wu, an actress, writer, and filmmaker who is currently making her first feature film. In the podcast, we talk about art, her new film project, and AF/WM. It’s 16 megs, 35 minutes. Download it here, or listen to it here:

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