Fatherhood above schmoozing

I’ve been busy with school-related stuff, and I saw this: Obama says fatherhood trumps schmoozing. I’m not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I’ve seen it before on a personal level–activist organizations that go down once its core members start having kids and can no longer fundraise, throw events, etc. I can understand Obama’s desire to be with his kids, and I think Malia and Sasha will definitely be better off.

Asian Fathers and Father’s Day

Michael Berry

I sometimes flip through political talk shows on the radio while I’m driving.  The liberal hosts tend to be boring, and the conservative hosts tend to be morons, so it’s sometimes hard to find good stuff to listen to.  Dr. Laura previously was my favorite host–conservative or liberal–and since she left, there has been a void.  My favorite talk show these days is the Mark and Dave show.

Podcast with Ben and James on Fatherhood

Our latest podcast features Ben from Conceived and Composed and James from Alpha-Asian.  In this latest installment, we talk about what it’s like to be a dad.  You’ll hear how new dads Ben and James live today, what they were thinking before they had kids, and what life lessons they hope to impart to their kids.  Download it here, or listen to it below. It’s 36 minutes and 33 MBs (yes, GarageBand f#$ed up again and I had to do the circular route which expanded the size. Apple is taking it out on the Asian male).

Why Parents Hate Parenting

Thank you to RiceDaddy blogmaster Jason, who podcasted, facebooked, and blogged the NPR conversation above (Go directly to NPR here if the above video doesn’t load). It’s a discussion with three dads about whether being a dad makes a guy happier or not.  It’s an extension of the conversation initiated by this article in New York Magazine: All Joy and No Fun: Why Parents Hate Parenting.  According to the article, parents think that they’re happier because they decided to have kids, but in reality they’re not.  There’s no correlation between kids and happiness, unless people have more than one kid, in which case they tend to be unhappier than people without kids.

Who's your daddy?


What irony!

Just a few days ago, I posted about extra pair copulations, talking about beta male birds who sneak up and “mate” with married birds while the alpha male husband is off fighting.  I took the bird comparison and humanized it, comparing the beta bird to a guy who cheats with the wife of a military man who is fighting.  I postulated that alpha males always beat beta males.

Well…it looks like I’m kind of wrong.  Betas (for lack of a better word) can win…in court.  The NY Times site has an article that discusses a very interesting situation with paternity.  Check it here.