Minorities and unhealthy food


Those of you in New York probably recently heard of how Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s restrictions on soda sizes was shot down by a judge, who said that the new regulations were too arbitrary, and that they discriminated against certain vendors over others. I remember reading a Times feature about how certain communities feed almost exclusively on fast food and soda drinks. Obesity and heart disease are killing these poorer communities, and Bloomberg was doing them a favor by trying to restrict Big Gulps and all these other sugary concoctions.

Disney uses its name to curtail childhood obesity

Continuing the food discussion, I was so happy to see this: Disney to Restrict Junk-Food Ads. The article begins:

The Walt Disney Company, in an effort to address concerns about entertainment’s role in childhood obesity, plans to announce on Tuesday that all products advertised on its child-focused television channels, radio stations and Web sites must comply with a strict new set of nutritional standards.

In an era where corporations are throwing money to buy influence in ways that harm our children, it is so refreshing to see that a wealthy corporation, for once, is doing the right thing. And make no mistake, the fast food corporations and big businesses ARE targeting our children.

Americans Eat the World’s Cheapest Food

I’ve been really busy with non-Asian American related activism, which is why I’ve been posting less frequently. It’s hard work. My activism has been food-related, so I thought I’d shoot out a non-Asian blog post about food and the crap we throw at our kids.

Here’s an article: Americans Eat the Cheapest Food in the World. For those of you who have kids, you know that there’s a divergent range of prices of food. You can get expensive organic chicken breast for $8/lb., or you can eat McNuggets off the dollar menu. Most people opt for the dollar menu, hence the explosion of cheap food and all kinds of health problems in the United States. But hey, we’re saving money (and spending it on healthcare later).

Fast Food in China

Fast food is all the rage in China.  A new Kentucky Fried Chicken opens every day. It’s a good day to be a corporate giant in China, a bad day to be a chicken.  (Haha…they’re probably imported, so maybe it’s a bad day to be a chicken in the U.S.)

What I thought was most unexpected about this video was the fact that people in China think fast food is healthy. Healthier than Chinese food?  KFC and Mickey D’s must be doing some serious hard marketing back in the motherland.