I just rented Frozen for the kiddos from Redbox. It’s a great Disney movie–a strong storyline, a feminist message, and excellent themes of sisterhood and love.

Some other good news: It looks like there’s a new AAPI-themed Disney movie that will be coming out in 2018. It’s called Moana, and it’s about a Polynesian princess. It will be the first AAPI-themed Disney movie since Mulan. We’ve talked about Disney’s lead in creating minority images before. See here and here.

I must say–Disney has done a great job. I love how they fearlessly portray the distant past and find universal themes that appeal to everyone.

Disney uses its name to curtail childhood obesity

Continuing the food discussion, I was so happy to see this: Disney to Restrict Junk-Food Ads. The article begins:

The Walt Disney Company, in an effort to address concerns about entertainment’s role in childhood obesity, plans to announce on Tuesday that all products advertised on its child-focused television channels, radio stations and Web sites must comply with a strict new set of nutritional standards.

In an era where corporations are throwing money to buy influence in ways that harm our children, it is so refreshing to see that a wealthy corporation, for once, is doing the right thing. And make no mistake, the fast food corporations and big businesses ARE targeting our children.