6 on 1 Beatdown of Asian Man

Does anyone want to comment on the video above? (NSFW because of violence.) It’s a very violent fight with 6 people beating on one Asian guy. I don’t know what to say, other than it’s highly disturbing, and it’s been making its rounds on the blogosphere. From what I’ve read on the web, a few of the assailants are also Asian, and there was one young Asian woman who posted a YouTube video, claims to know the assailants, and says that “they had their reasons” for what they did:

The Trial of Danny Chen’s Abusers: In the U.S. or Afghanistan? / Killing a Man with his own tongue

Su Zhen Chen (right), mother of Pvt. Danny Chen

Thanks, American Girl, for sending this MSNBC article: Slain Chinese-American GI’s family wants soldiers tried in U.S. As you know, we’ve been following this case, in which Chinese American soldier Danny Chen was hazed by his army comrades. He eventually either killed himself or was killed by his colleagues. Eight soldiers have been charged in his death, with the most serious charges being manslaughter and negligent homicide against five of these soldiers. It appears that this is the first time manslaughter and negligent homicide charges have arisen from hazing in the U.S. military.

The Death of Private Danny Chen

Diane asked me to post this story: Soldier’s Death Raises Suspicions in Chinatown. It’s sad. Private Danny Chen died of a gunshot wound, and the army is saying that it may have been a suicide, even though many people don’t believe he was suicidal. There is evidence that Chen was racially harassed while serving. They are conducting an investigation into his death.

The article says:

For decades, Asian-Americans have had an uneasy relationship with the military, enlisting at lower rates than other ethnic groups.

Chico Wang

Chico Wang

There’s some kind of Facebook application that shows what my friends read. I don’t know if they elect to show the world what they read or whether it’s one of those apps that downloads itself automatically.

Anyway, some of my friends were reading about James Deen, who’s a really young skinny Jewish male porn star whom (apparently) women like to watch. He’s more of a girl’s fantasy than a man’s fantasy, which is why he is popular with teenaged girls. So I was reading down the article, which led me to another article about Deen, and this article said:

“Hypochondriacs Buy More Books Than Sick People.”

I’ve been attending online “webinars” this week, learning about the publishing industry and social media. I’ve learned tons of interesting things about e-publishing, traditional publishing, Twitter, Facebook, and everything. Man, online learning really is the way of the future. I got to learn all this without even flying to New York.

Asian Americans and Asian Australians

Check out Eurasian Sensation’s recent article in Peril Magazine where he talks about the differences between Asian Americans and Asian Australians. Check out the views that I shared, and tell me if I’m wrong or right about our culture. It’s good stuff, and it’s very good for both Asian Americans and Asian Australians to think about. The more knowledge we have, the more possibilities we’re able to see for our respective cultures.

CNN Heroes

The Choes

Really sad story: Moving on when mom is killed at war. Navy Lt. Florence Bacong Choe, married to Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jay Choe, was murdered in cold blood when an Afghan soldier, trained by the U.S. Army to protect our military, opened fire on four unarmed U.S. service members who were taking a jog. Lt. Choe and her husband were parents of a beautiful little girl named Kristin.

It’s a really sad story, but it’s good that CNN is honoring some of our men and women in the armed forces who have given their lives for our country.

Toyota’s “Growing Up” Commercial

I saw this one on FB. Toyota made a “Growing Up” video featuring an Asian American dad and his daughter, showing her growing up with the ol’ Toyota. It’s a really cute video.

Plus, they chose a good era to portray–a little girl growing up from 1986 onward. If they had portrayed a kid of my era (born during the 1970’s), viewers with children would be horrified–no child safety seats, no seatbelts that were actually worn, kids as young as 5 years old in the front (of course they didn’t have the threat of passenger side airbags either), etc. And good thing the father drove a regular car rather than a pickup with a flatbed in back–it best not be mentioned how parents in those days got multiple kids to soccer practice. Those were the good old days of living dangerously.

Mayor Michael Nutter, Raising Youth, Raising Culture

Thanks to King, for sharing the video above, where Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia addresses a predominantly black church and shares his opinion on teen mob violence. It’s about 30 minutes, but it’s worth giving it a listen. He shares a tough love approach and puts the terms specifically in the context of race. He focuses on parents too, recalling how his parents raised him and comparing it to the lackadaisical approach that some parents today have towards parenting.

One Million Asians in New York City

Holy crap, there are one million Asian people in New York City!  One out of eight New Yorkers is Asian.  That’s 12.5%, and it looks like it’s continuing to grow.  The Asian population of New York has gone up 32% since 2000, compared to just an 8% gain for Hispanics.  According to the article, it’s more than the population of San Francisco and Los Angeles combined (I’m assuming they’re talking about SF proper–not including outlying areas like Cupertino, San Jose, etc.).

At any rate, that’s a huge increase.  New York is the art, fashion, and publishing center of the country.  Perhaps this population boom will result in greater (and better) representation in these areas.  I’m optimistic.  🙂