Hofstra to eliminate SAT requirement

Hofstra University has decided to eliminate the SAT requirement. Beginning in 2014, students have the option of deciding whether to submit their SAT scores as a part of their admissions application.

“I will feel more empowered. I am a good student and have good grades, but…” junior Keana Cooper said, referring to how some students just struggle with standardized testing.

“I am an all A student, a great student, but when it comes to the standardized tests, you get nervous. It wont reflect your abilities in school,” junior Madison Tarabay added.

Ethnic media and the half-empty glass

Someone posted the following article: The Racism Beat. In the article, the writer talks about what it is like to write about racism over and over. It’s mentally tough to constantly write about hate, the author says, but there are many, many incidents to keep one busy. The article conclusion says it all:

If you’re black and your beat is to offer your thoughts and opinions on the degradation of black Americans, you’ll never want for steady work. A steady mind is not guaranteed.

I agree with the statements that the writer makes.

Young Kids and MMA, Pt. 2, over five years later

I blogged about young kids in MMA over five years ago, and my views have grown even more conservative on this issue. The video above is upsetting. Knowing the kind of damage that guys like Frank Shamrock and Forrest Griffin have reported (Frank has constant headaches,and Forrest now brushes left handed), why would you put your kids into this kind of “sport?” You can see the look on the doctor’s face as he wonders what kind of insane parents allow this.

Should it be a crime to leave a child in the car? (Poll)

Art credit: Paul Hoppe

Art credit: Paul Hoppe

There’s a very interesting story today in the NY Times about a job-seeker who was arrested after leaving her children in the car because she couldn’t find childcare.

Shanesha Taylor, a former Air Force worker and mortgage loan officer, was battling poverty. With three kids and a sometimes-absent boyfriend, she was trying hard to find work. She found an excellent opportunity with an insurance company, but she couldn’t arrange child care. So she left her kids in the car during her 70 minute job interview. She felt like she had the job, but when she came out of the interview, she saw police surrounding her car. She was arrested for endangering her children, who had been taken to the hospital.

Affirmative action, and the rift between the Asian American media and the rest of us

Bronx School Stands Out

Pic from Time

It’s an oft-quoted statistic in the ethnic media that Asian Americans support affirmative action. But those organizations reporting this statistic are mostly liberal-biased organizations that use questionable statistical methods. As we’ve seen from SCA-5 and other popular uprisings among Asian Americans, lots of us, if not most of us, are against affirmative action. Affirmative action discriminates against Asians, but I thought I’d talk a bit more about the rift between the ethnic media and the rest of us.

Should parents be held responsible for school shooters? (Poll)

Oregon State Sen. Ginny Burdick

Oregon State Sen. Ginny Burdick

State Senator Ginny Burdick thinks parents ought to be held responsible if a school shooter shoots up a school with his parents’ guns. In this last episode, for example, the shooter J. Padgett used his families AR-15 to murder a fellow classmate and exchange gunfire with police.

“Obviously, this family lost a child, too, but that doesn’t change the fact that another child lost his life and another family is having to go through the worst possible thing a person can go through because a gun owner somewhere else didn’t adequately secure his guns,” Burdick said. “If those guns hadn’t been in those child’s hands, Emilio Hoffman would still be alive.”

Chael Sonnen announces retirement from MMA

I just realized that I have no idea who anyone is in this “sport” anymore. But I do know Chael Sonnen. I never liked the guy’s promotional tactics or his fighting style, but he made some exciting fights. After failing another drug test, he offered his explanation above, along with his announcement that he will no longer be fighting. He said that he took the drugs for two reasons: his health and his fertility problems.

Here is his earlier statement, which (I think) he has somewhat recanted.

President’s statement after Reynolds High School murder

I turn on the radio when I’m driving my daughter to school. Today, I didn’t get the traffic report because there was yet another school shooting. The traffic guy Michael Convery’s son Jordan happened to be a student at the school, so he was obviously preoccupied with other matters–and we didn’t get our traffic report. Yup, less than a week after a graduate from our local high school was shot at Seattle Pacific University, there was yet another shooting in Troutdale, just outside of Portland. We Portlanders have been feeling it hard. It’s frustrating because nothing is being done about it.

Good guy with a gun gets killed by bad woman with a gun

We constantly hear from the NRA that more guns equal more safety–”an armed society is a polite society.” “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Yet during recent mass shootings, aside from cases where a trained and armed police officer or security guard is onsite, no “good guy with a gun” has ever appeared. Jon Meis stopped a mass shooting last week with pepper spray, but with pepper spray, not a gun. No random civilian with a concealed carry permit has ever stopped a mass shooting. No armed civilian has even tried. Until yesterday in Las Vegas.