Kathryn Ma’s new book

An author named Kathryn Ma, not to be confused with Karen Ma, has a new book called The Year She Left Us. From the NY Times review, it is an about a young woman who is adopted from China by a Chinese American lawyer. It seems from the description that Ma knows what she’s talking about when she talks about culture. I like this passage in the review:

Defriending Facebook

Last night I deactivated Facebook. My personal account is on hold indefinitely, and the bigWOWO Facebook page is no longer active. I deactivated for similar reasons as when we cleared out the bottom tier at the beginning of the year: It was just taking up too much time and mental energy. When you’re reading your feed and every day you’re asked to click on stuff like “8 things you need to know about racism in Hollywood,” it’s a waste of time since you know there aren’t 8 things that you absolutely need to know about racism in Hollywood.

“Boys don’t tip.”


Here is an interesting story.

Warren Sapp, NFL Hall of Famer, went to a restaurant with another dude, and the waitress asked, ““Hey, boys, what can I get you to drink?” Sapp and his friend are black, so Sapp told her not to call him “boy.” What happened next is not totally clear. The waitress says she didn’t call him that again, that she switched to “sugar” and “honey.” Sapp says she called him “boy” again. It was a $69 bill, no small change for two people, and Sapp responded by not tipping at all. Instead, on his receipt, he wrote, “Boys don’t tip.”

The Hobby Lobby debate and Biblical companies

People are angry at the recent Supreme Court decision concerning Hobby Lobby and its refusal to pay for insurance that includes contraception for female workers. The NY Times reports:

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that requiring family-owned corporations to pay for insurance coverage for contraception under the Affordable Care Act violated a federal law protecting religious freedom. It was, a dissent said, “a decision of startling breadth.”

New Common Core math

Sorry for not posting more on Asian American issues, but I’m Asian American’ed out.

For you parents with elementary/primary school kids out there, this article will ring familiar: Math Under Common Core Has Even Parents Stumbling. In the first few paragraphs, the article tells the story of a family that moved to a better school district in Louisiana only to pull their children out of school because they didn’t like Common Core Math. The father, who is a pipe designer at an engineering firm, had to watch YouTube videos to understand the new math. The parents have now decided they will opt-out and homeschool their children in the fall.

Hofstra to eliminate SAT requirement

Hofstra University has decided to eliminate the SAT requirement. Beginning in 2014, students have the option of deciding whether to submit their SAT scores as a part of their admissions application.

“I will feel more empowered. I am a good student and have good grades, but…” junior Keana Cooper said, referring to how some students just struggle with standardized testing.

“I am an all A student, a great student, but when it comes to the standardized tests, you get nervous. It wont reflect your abilities in school,” junior Madison Tarabay added.

Ethnic media and the half-empty glass

Someone posted the following article: The Racism Beat. In the article, the writer talks about what it is like to write about racism over and over. It’s mentally tough to constantly write about hate, the author says, but there are many, many incidents to keep one busy. The article conclusion says it all:

If you’re black and your beat is to offer your thoughts and opinions on the degradation of black Americans, you’ll never want for steady work. A steady mind is not guaranteed.

I agree with the statements that the writer makes.

Young Kids and MMA, Pt. 2, over five years later

I blogged about young kids in MMA over five years ago, and my views have grown even more conservative on this issue. The video above is upsetting. Knowing the kind of damage that guys like Frank Shamrock and Forrest Griffin have reported (Frank has constant headaches,and Forrest now brushes left handed), why would you put your kids into this kind of “sport?” You can see the look on the doctor’s face as he wonders what kind of insane parents allow this.