End of 2016

What a depressing year. Glen Frey, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch, Alan Thicke from Family Ties, David Bowie, Antonin Scalia, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds (the very next day). These people all meant something to us at some point in our lives. I suppose everyone has to go sometime, but man, this was a year when lots of people left early.

Politically, the only winners this year were Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin. I’d like to say that the Republican Party won, but I don’t think that’s the case. This is going to be the most Russia-friendly regime in history, and I worry about our national security.

Tucker Carlson owns an Asian American tool

Tucker Carlson owns an Asian American tool. No, not the kind of tool that you put in a toolbox, but the kind that you invite on your show when you’re a cable news host and you’re looking on someone easy to beat on. Don’t let that Harvard degree fool you either. Getting a degree from Harvard (evidently) doesn’t mean that you understand basic logic.

Why do Asian American liberals even try to defend indefensible racist positions? This Jay Chen character can’t even answer a direct question, which is why he rambles on about irrelevant nonsense that has nothing to do with affirmative action. It’s a sad thing to realize that Asian America’s biggest allies in the media come from Fox News.

Russian hacking

I’m not sure why this isn’t bigger news, but the NY Times published a fascinating article on how Russia (or Russians) successfully hacked our election. I think Obama carries a lot of the blame for not reacting more forcefully to North Korea when they hacked Sony or acting forcefully against the Russians during the election, but I can see why he might have been hesitant to make a big deal out of it. After all, everyone seemed certain that Hillary would win and that they could deal with it later. I think my biggest shock at the article was:

Ben Carson as HUD Secretary

(Photo by Michael Marsland)

Snoopy mentioned that he saw Ben Carson give this speech at Yale a few days back. Let me just say this: I’m terrified that we have a Putin-supporter in the White House who only gets security briefs once a week. I’m worried that our next Commander-in-Chief is a buffoon who has already shown signs of throwing the One China policy down the drain. I’m worried that he has so many generals in his prospective cabinet. But I’m excited about Dr. Ben Carson. I’ve written about him before, and I’m glad that he got an appointment. I think he’ll get confirmed too. I loved what he had to say:

Weaponizing racism

CNN has an interesting opinion piece on the Far Left’s “weaponizing” of racism: Democrats, the party who cried racist. The author talks about how the Democrats these days blame everything on racism. He writes at length at how the Left dragged Jeff Sessions through the mud, despite having a pretty decent record on race relations. It pretty much sums up my own feelings. I’m tired of the baseless cries of racism. I’m tired of the crybullying. I’m tired of the cyberbullying. I’m tired of the gotcha politics. I’m tired of the lying, the passive aggressive toleration of violence against those who think differently, the safe spaces, the censorship, the shameless victimology, the tribal liberal identity politics, the personal attacks, and honestly, the violence (e.g. “What do we want? Dead cops!” or the assault against Tim Tai or the beating of the elderly Trump supporter). As Chris Rock once said, I’m tired tired tired.

White supremacists, Asian women, and Asian men


(pic of Tila Tequila of the alt-right here.) Interesting article that I saw on FB: Meet the White Nationalist Trying to Ride The Trump Train to Lasting Power. It’s about a White Nationalist named Richard Spencer, and it was written before the election. Spencer was the person who coined the term “alt-right,” and he is widely seen as the founder of the movement. The article describes Spencer’s adulation of Donald Trump before the election. Now that the election is over and Trump has won, Spencer is flying high, talking about ending non-White immigration and turning this country into a European state. But what the people on my FB feed found interesting was that in the recent past, Richard Spencer was into Asian women:

Who gave Trump the election?

The Far Left gave Trump the election. They did it with their PC culture that relies on reacting to discussion with accusations of racism or sexism. By stifling discussion, turning the entire world into a “safe space,” and turning our public sphere into the Oppression Olympics, they ushered Trump right into the White House. I’ve been saying it for a long time. But it sounds a lot better with an angry British accent! I don’t think the Left gave the nomination to Clinton over Sanders, but I do think they created the environment that gave us Trump over Clinton.

Some optimism after the election

There is nothing to be afraid of. Let me repeat myself. There is nothing to be afraid of.

My Facebook feed is teeming with people saying that they feel “unsafe.” That they’re “scared.” That they already feel the violence starting to arise. They cite the CNN report that hate crimes have already begun to rise. I was even defriended by a cousin who said that I didn’t understand the “crisis.” Extreme Hillary supporters would have been angry if Trump refused to accept the election results, but after losing, they’re refusing to accept the election results.

President Trump

Republican House, Republican Senate, and Donald Trump is the next President of the United States of America. AP just called it. Hillary just conceded, and I’m sitting in front of the TV ready to hear Trump give his acceptance speech, surrounded by people shouting “USA! USA!” I’m in shock. God help us.

Donald Trump has won.

I think the pollsters underestimated the White Male vote. We live in a very dangerous time. The people have spoken, and this is what we’ll have to live with.