Melania Trump’s theft is a form of White privilege

As you all know, I’ve been highly critical of the Black Lives Matter movement. I’ve called them out on their lies, their anti-cop rhetoric, their dishonesty, and their violence, and I’ve criticized them for poisoning the dialogue and for aiding and abetting the rise of Trump. I’ve called them out for supporting violent criminals (Michael Brown) over courageous police officers (Darren Wilson). Some of them have gone even further by calling for dead cops. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some serious racial issues that Black people still face in society. One of them came to light a couple of nights ago when Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech. Cosmopolitan has a great article from a Black female perspective here.

Real talk

The video above is long, but it’s good. It’s two young and educated black conservatives talking about the current state of black culture. One of the guys says he’s a first-year med school student. Give it a listen. Even if you don’t agree with everything, it’s interesting.

There are a lot of things that I disagreed with:

Nakamura finally beats Carlsen

After years of competing head to head, in their 31st game at classical time controls (according to Wikipedia), American #2 Hikaru Nakamura finally beat World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Hikaru has come close a few times, but yesterday was the first day where he actually pulled it off. I’ve always thought that he had some kind of mental block against Carlsen, which is unfortunate since Naka is usually a very exciting player. Hopefully his dry spell is over. See Hikaru’s interview above; see an analysis of the game below.

Is every White guy in Asia a loser?

I’ve been checking out the YouTubeiverse, mostly checking out Jvloggers in Japan. It’s pretty cool how many voices are out there. When I hear them talk about Japan, I recognize truth in lots of their remarks about cultural differences. It’s interesting stuff. It’s particularly interesting to hear from jvloggers who have spent years in Japan and have decided to live there permanently. I always wondered what life would be like if I stayed. There was no YouTube when I lived in Japan, so I didn’t get the benefit of hearing all this.

All kinds of unfortunate craziness

Let me start by saying that this used to be a discussion/current events blog. But if you look at my tagline, it says “common sense,” and as I’m sure you all know, no one is listening. These days, I don’t see the point in trying to communicate common sense. I was going to blog about the terrible killing of Alton Sterling, followed by Philando Castile, but now four cops have been murdered in retaliation. Michael Brown’s mother has aa op-ed piece about the murders in the NY Times, although I don’t know why they would give her that space. Her “good boy” Michael was killed while attempting to violently murder a police officer–quite a different situation from Alton Sterling’s. But emotions are ruling the day. Since this is a common sense blog, feel free to share your views on any of these killings below.


Photo credit: Andrew Testa for the New York Times

Photo credit: Andrew Testa for the New York Times

I’m in shock. I think it’s hard to fathom exactly how bad Brexit will be, not just for Britain, but for all of Europe and the rest of the world. From what I’ve read, I have to agree with the experts that xenophobia was the driving force behind this. Tribalism has run amok, both on the Far Right and the Far Left. It’s invaded our own country with the Trump campaign, and it’s showing no signs of abating. This is going to be terrible for the world economy.

Studying Japanese

Happy Father’s Day! I think this blog is deader (is that a word? It should be) than it’s ever been, but I’m assuming it’s because all of us have lives. Plus, I think most of us are moderates, and most of us probably are tired of seeing voices of moderation drowned out by the Trumpkins and Bernie Bros. We’re all sad that the only choice that makes sense is the least of the three evils who might put a private server in the White House bathroom. I’m guessing that most of you are probably like me, waiting for all the ridiculousness of the fringies to wear itself out. Hopefully the voices of reason will eventually come back.

China facing a sperm shortage


There’s a funny article today about China facing a sperm shortage. According to the article, there’s a cultural barrier:

For one thing, Chinese traditional medicine has long associated high levels of semen with vitality, making some men reluctant to give any away. In addition, despite rising rates of infertility, many families are uncomfortable with using an unrelated man’s sperm to father children, arguing that it goes against Confucian values.

Why is Bernie still in the race?

Why is Bernie still in the race? The math is clear: he can’t win. Shouldn’t he do the right thing and drop out? It’s like playing chess and being down a queen in an otherwise equal position against a grandmaster. You know he’s going to trade off everything and mate you with the queen, so why push it? It’s honorable to resign. In Bernie’s case, why doesn’t he congratulate his opponent on making history? By stepping down, he could help the party unite.