Favorite blog posts

Blogging is unlike writing books or articles.  Old blog posts get pushed to the archives, and one often loses track of some of the better material that has passed through time.  In the spirit of preserving some of my own favorite hand-picked articles, I plan to list them here.  So if you’re a new user, or maybe one who found me relatively recently, check out some of the following.  Be sure to check out the insightful comments too.

All of my bigWOWO features

All of my bigWOWO podcasts

Affirmative Action racism

Affirmative Action solution

The Specialized Schools

Asian American Masculinity and Asian American Manliness

My IR series: Jamie Yeo, Zhang Ziyi, and Jarah Mariano

The Post-PUA Era of the Asian American Blogosphere

The Ever Wistful Jaehwan

Some older stuff:

Generations of Hope

Understanding between Asian American men and women

My views on Asian American campus evangelicals

Thoughts on blogging and offending people

Asian Americans in different generations

Unconscious Orientalism

Results-oriented activism

IR and the need for dialogue

Asian American studies

Some faves written by other people:

Xian and 21

Brown’s Wall of Shame

Project X