Stoneman Douglas Townhall

These kids and parents are incredibly brave. I have a feeling that this time is different. First graders, like the ones affected by Sandy Hook, were not old enough to speak out. These kids are, and they’re doing it. I’m actually quite hopeful this time. Let’s hope that this issue stays alive.

I have to also say that Marco Rubio was brave to show up. I think he still has a political future. Trump dodged the townhall, as did Rick Scott.

At least 17 dead

Photo credit: Joel Auerbach/AP

17 dead people is a lot of dead people.  It’s especially upsetting since most or all are probably children. But we need to remember that the damage this gun freak unleashed goes far beyond 17 people. At least 16 people were wounded, some of whom have life-threatening injuries. It’s not just those 16 people either. Lots of these kids without physical injuries will carry this trauma for the rest of their lives. There are at least 34 parents who lost children. Siblings, Grandparents. Cousins. Friends. Communities.

Joe Rogan on affirmative action and anti-Asian discrimination

It’s great that Joe Rogan is addressing this. I was surprised that he had so much to say about it, and I’m glad he takes Asian American people to task for not complaining about it. There’s obvious racism behind the current racial policies on American campuses; it’s nice to hear someone with an audience pointing it out. I hope his video reaches a lot of people.

Taking a long break

I’m sure everyone has been watching all the Asian women in the news. First, there was the sexual harassment case where an apparent Silicon Valley White rice chaser was targeting Asian women. His business partner was an Asian male. Then there was the irate African American doctor who murdered an Asian American female doctor in the Bronx. Then there was the case of Yingying Zhang, the Chinese national who was kidnapped by some White dude with a fascination with kidnapping.

Marvel cancels Black Lives Matter comic book

Well, so much for that.

This iteration of the comic book saw Black Panther and other black superheroes in the Marvel universe such as Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Storm and the former Avenger Manifold, trying to solve the death of a black woman named Ezra Keith who dies in police custody.

Keith’s death is reminiscent of the real life death of Sandra Bland.

The comic book takes place in near-future New York, where Harlem is placed under martial law.

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Standardized test horror movie

I just saw this on YouTube. It’s the trailer for a movie called The Thinning, and it looks like it’s a movie about a world where only people who pass a standardized test are allowed to live. An action/horror/dystopian movie about standardized tests, and not a single Asian onscreen (I think there’s one Asian woman in the last scene of the trailer, but she’s the only one). More significantly, there isn’t the anger and resentment that we see today against Asians and their test scores. I guess we already got thinned out.

Intra-cultural cultural wars

In case anyone is interested, there’s been this huge fight among Asian American media producers. It’s between a blogger called Love Life of an Asian Guy and all the other liberals. Each is accusing the other of being “anti-Black” and having anti-Black intentions (even though LLAG supposedly is dating a Black woman, and even though Asian progressives are some of the biggest backers of Black Lives Matter.) I find it very ironic. First of all, all the participants are on the same side of the political spectrum–why are they attacking each other? I could understand if it were Asian Liberals vs. Asian Conservatives, or even Asian Far Left Crazies vs. Asian Normal People (which is the most common but understandable battle), but these liberals are politically not that far apart. Second of all, it seems like the main point of contention is gender and feelings towards people of another race–neither of which has anything to do with Asian-ness.

What would you do? Introducing the Asian fiance

Bernardsville, NJ. This is a place that I’m well-acquainted with. Most people in Bernardsville are chill. I think most of the patrons here were probably surprised since IR is almost universally accepted in that area. Generally, I don’t think any Asian people these days face discrimination from normal people because of IR. People might point out the differences, and people might laugh if there’s a discrepancy between politics and preferences, but I think it’s generally accepted these days. We really have come a long way.

White Supremacists

Check out the video above. It’s a Viceland show where a comedian named Jamali Maddix visits a White Supremacist and shows us how they live. It’s very interesting. That first NSM guy actually invited Jamali into his home to have dinner with him. Then you’ve got the wife who wants a Jewish genocide. Then you’ve got the guy who shouts, “Speak English or get out!” followed by “Sieg Heil.” Then there are those crazy dudes by the Klan bar. I’m not a Christian, but I thought the pastor had an interesting perspective. I really liked how he talked about victimization.

Immigration Ban

This has to be the stupidest action ever taken by an American president during my lifetime. And that includes the time that W invaded Iraq. We’ve never had a single incident of domestic terrorism from any immigrants from these countries. Instead, it looks like we’re banning at least one promising young scientist along with college students and people fleeing oppression. Keep in mind, these aren’t illegals. These are people who have gone through all the proper legal channels. Google said that 187 employees are being affected. Tech leaders are all up in arms, as they should be.