The Off-Duty Officer and the Kid

This video has been all over my Facebook feed. The kid is screaming all sorts of “I didn’t do nothing!” stuff while his friends record it with a cell phone. Finally, one of the kids’ friends shoves the officer and knocks him over a bush. The kids then start to surround the off-duty officer who pulls out a gun and fires it. Here is what the LA Times writes about the story: 300 protest in Anaheim after videos show off-duty LAPD officer firing gun in dispute with teens. It looks like this incident was a result of “ongoing issues” with the group of teens walking across the officer’s property.

Jake Shields defends Trump supporter

Anyone see the video of the aftermath? These weren’t the guys beating on the Trump supporter, assuming that’s what happened. But still. Why is the Left instigating violence? What did the Left gain when they killed the two NYPD cops? Do they really believe violence will help things? And why are UC Berkeley kids following in the footsteps of violent goons?

Two things occurred to me:

  1. A “middleweight” MMA fighter looks huge when he stands next to normal people. I think I had the same impression when I saw Anderson Silva with Dan Inosanto.



Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting. We just adopted a real WOWO into our family this past weekend. She’s just four months old, so there’s lots of playtime, walking, feeding, cleaning up poop, etc. She’s loving the neighborhood and family, and the kids adore her. The shelter says that she’s a terrier mix. I looked online, and the closest thing I see is a rat terrier, although the guy who introduced her to us said she might also be part Chihuahua. As of yesterday, Day 3, she has already learned how to sit and come.

Class from the past

One of my college roommates was a concert pianist. When I saw Mr. Holland’s Opus, I used to joke with him how Bach’s Minuet in G had nothing on Lovers Concerto by the Toys. Being a purist, he’d get all angry and decry how pop music was abusing classical music. But this was all before YouTube. Check out the video of the Toys above. The women are beautiful. They’re absolutely gorgeous. I had no idea! There’s something about their style and softness that’s captivating. They have class that was apparently common back then.

Here are the Shirelles:

Old guy at the club

Man, I’ve forgotten how funny Chris Rock is. Nobody compares to Chris Rock. Above is a clip with his “old guy at the club” joke.

I looked up the clip because of this article: Meet the New York Bachelors Who Yearn For Something More. The article is interesting, but I think it’s particularly interesting what it says about energy and age. When you’re young, you think you can continue doing whatever you’re doing forever. But it’s part of the natural life cycle that people tone down when they get older. As someone says in the article, priorities change. People change. It’s human nature.

The same, the same, the same

There’s an open letter from David Brooks to Ta-Nehisi Coates in today’s NY Times. I pretty much agree with David Brooks. Although I respect Coates’s writing style, I don’t get it either. I’ve never gotten it. I’ve had liberal friends send me Coates’s articles and post Coates’s links, and it seems to me that he only sees the negative, that his take on life has very little to do with reality. Not all white people are bad, and not all black people live according to the liberal narrative of poverty and oppression. Certainly it’s good to think that a cop doesn’t have to use force when a larger man tries to grab his gun or refuses to cooperate after breaking the law, but it rarely plays out that way in real life, no matter how you write about it. Very few writers and editors at the Atlantic are cops or former cops, nor do they know many cops or former cops, nor, for that matter, do they know violent criminals.

How to Fall in Love With Anyone

Fascinating article here. To summarize, a writer learns of a psychologist named Arthur Aron who, 20 years ago, was able to make two complete strangers fall in love in a lab experiment. The experiment was simple–two heterosexual single people ask one another 36 questions, followed by four minutes of simply looking into one another’s eyes. You can see the list of questions here. The takeaway is that the questions foster trust, vulnerability, and action. The writer tries the experiment herself, and so far it looks like it’s working.

The Billion Dollar Question

Obama has just appointed you Secretary of Racial Equity. He has given you a billion dollars to spend it however you like to cure the education gap for African Americans or to help Asian Americans. This was the question that I posed to Snoopy Jenkins in another thread.

N has attempted to answer it:

I’ll have a crack at the billion dollar question. Instead of AA (affirmative action), create a voluntuary special program that aims to create qualified people to address specific needs – eg, medicine, education but not computer programming/engineering etc.

Shooting a guy for acting like a jerk

This is actually an interesting case.

I don’t think it’s as black-and-white as the media is making it. A 71-year-old retired cop is about to watch a movie with his wife, and a 43-year-old man sitting in front of him is texting loudly. The ex-cop asks the guy to stop, and the guy doesn’t. The cop goes out of the theater to look for a manager, comes back, and the younger man starts arguing with him. The younger man throws a bag of popcorn in the older man’s face, and the older man responds by pulling out a .380 semiautomatic handgun and shooting the younger man.