No shades of grey

Aight, I went on a camping trip before the Charlottesville protests, and I came back to find that someone died at the protests and the world is even angrier at Trump for doing nothing for two days. Four business executives, including Under Armour, Intel, and Merck, quit Trump’s manufacturing council. David Duke tweeted to Trump, “I would recommend you take a good look in the mirror & remember it was White Americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists,” which is completely false–it was actually the radical leftists, not the White Supremacists, who put Trump in office. It seems like everyone’s got it backwards.

Weaponizing racism

CNN has an interesting opinion piece on the Far Left’s “weaponizing” of racism: Democrats, the party who cried racist. The author talks about how the Democrats these days blame everything on racism. He writes at length at how the Left dragged Jeff Sessions through the mud, despite having a pretty decent record on race relations. It pretty much sums up my own feelings. I’m tired of the baseless cries of racism. I’m tired of the crybullying. I’m tired of the cyberbullying. I’m tired of the gotcha politics. I’m tired of the lying, the passive aggressive toleration of violence against those who think differently, the safe spaces, the censorship, the shameless victimology, the tribal liberal identity politics, the personal attacks, and honestly, the violence (e.g. “What do we want? Dead cops!” or the assault against Tim Tai or the beating of the elderly Trump supporter). As Chris Rock once said, I’m tired tired tired.

White supremacists, Asian women, and Asian men


(pic of Tila Tequila of the alt-right here.) Interesting article that I saw on FB: Meet the White Nationalist Trying to Ride The Trump Train to Lasting Power. It’s about a White Nationalist named Richard Spencer, and it was written before the election. Spencer was the person who coined the term “alt-right,” and he is widely seen as the founder of the movement. The article describes Spencer’s adulation of Donald Trump before the election. Now that the election is over and Trump has won, Spencer is flying high, talking about ending non-White immigration and turning this country into a European state. But what the people on my FB feed found interesting was that in the recent past, Richard Spencer was into Asian women:

Trigger warnings affecting mental health

Image credit: Andrew B. Myers, the Atlantic

Image credit: Andrew B. Myers, the Atlantic

Thanks, E, for sending this excellent and timely article: The Coddling of the American Mind. In this Atlantic article, the author discusses how “trigger warnings” and other liberal extremist projects may be contributing to mental health problems among college students and young workers. I’ve blogged about this fanatical nonsense before. If every response to a serious question is “you’re racist” or “you better check your privilege” or “is that a threat?” or you say that the validity of basic math is “dehumanizing,” you’re not going to go anywhere with your argument. But worst of all, you’re hurting people by creating a world where young people don’t have to face reality. They can remain children their entire lives, throwing tantrums whenever they feel like it.

Being “fair” will punish poor Asians

Photo: Daniel Shapiro

Photo: Daniel Shapiro

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy pondering some big life decisions for my kids. (Or maybe not. They always seem big to parents.)

So two pieces of news. First, thank you ChineseMom for sending this article from the NY Post about how changing the elite public schools admissions test in New York City will primarily hurt poor Asian immigrants. It’s very interesting how the far-left has co-opted our language, redefining “fair” as something that is exactly the opposite. Instead of studying how some black children can and do succeed, activists put all their effort into gaming the criteria. The article correctly states that this will punish poor Asians, many of whom arrive in this country poor and unable to speak English. But hey, it’s “fair!”

What to do if a college discriminates against you


Check out this article. Then check out Edward Blum’s Project on Fair Representation. If a college admissions office discriminates against you because you’re Asian, you have recourse. It looks like Project on Fair Representation covers all legal expenses.

Disclaimer: I don’t know whether this works or not. I’ve never met Edward Blum and can’t speak to how he handles things, although I saw some level of victory in Fisher. Legal action is a pain in the ass, no matter which side you’re on. But I do think we need more Jian Li’s and others who are willing to stand up for what’s right.

Racist tweets against pop singer’s Asian boyfriend


Yikes. Someone claimed–though there’s absolutely no record of it–that a pop singer named Lorde called Bieber and some other pop group “ugly.” Now Lorde’s boyfriend, who happens to be Asian, has become the target of racial vitriol. Check it out here. It’s all over the place–comparisons to Mao Tse-Tung, penis jokes, “ching chong” comments, you name it. It’s sad, but that’s gotta take a toll on a relationship. It’s really unfortunate, especially since it doesn’t look like Lorde did anything to provoke this racist outrage.





Caught this story from Randall Yip on AsAm News. An Asian guy was on Holland’s Got Talent, and right off the bat, before even hearing the dude sing, one of the White judges, a corny dude by the name of Cornelis Heuckeroth, who goes by Gordon (not sure what that’s about), makes a lame Chinese food takeout joke about the guy’s name. “Which number on you singing, #39 with rice?” Haha…the White racist douchebag in ugly, overdone clothing just cracks me up!

Racism, Dutch version

Racism, Dutch version

But as Randall mentions, it gets worse. The douchebag keeps milking the racist Chinese food joke for all it’s worth.

Deflection Coaching: new entry in bigWOWO lexicon

Let’s move along with our attempt at categorizing the tricks and techniques people use to steer Asian American activists off course. (We just covered Jock Challenge.)

Deflection Coaching is when someone offers really bad advice for fixing a social problem. This bad advice, also known as a Deflection Tactic, is intended to waste the activists’ time and energy, as well as to deflect his or her mental or emotional focus. As in chess, it takes a player’s attention away from the real threat. The Deflection Coach will adopt a paternalistic attitude while simultaneously trying to assume the position of trusted friend and father figure. An example of Deflection Coaching can be found on the Celebrity Club page, where a White guy tells us that the solution to the IR disparity is simply for Asian men to hit on black women. It’s the same solution that HBD czar Steve Sailer mentions in “Is Love Colorblind?” As King mentions, this “solution” is not very well thought out.