Total Collapse of Leadership

Photo credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times

David Brooks once again nails it with this piece: What a Failed Trump Administration Looks Like:

The first conclusion is obvious. This administration is more like a medieval monarchy than a modern nation-state. It’s more “The Madness of King George” than “The Missiles of October.” The key currency is not power, it’s flattery.

The corollary is that Trump is ripe to be played. Give the boy a lollipop and he won’t notice if you steal his lunch. The Japanese gave Trump a new jobs announcement he could take to the Midwest, and in return they got presidential attention and coddling that other governments would have died for.

Neil Gorsuch

I like Trump’s first pick for the Supreme Court, and I have to admit that I’m surprised Trump picked him. From everything I’ve read about Neil Gorsuch, he seems like a judge who puts lots of time into thinking about the decisions he makes. I don’t know as much about Merrick Garland, but my gut is telling me that Gorsuch provides much needed balance to the court. He doesn’t sit on the bench, say nothing, and then always vote conservative (Thomas). Nor does he scream like a wounded chicken, talk about victimization, and always vote liberal (Sotomayor). He’s an outdoorsman, which I hope means that he will be able to hear environmental arguments, should environmental cases ever reach the high court. He’s also mostly conservative and seems to employ common sense, which I hope means that he’ll see through the illogical arguments from all the affirmative action proponents.

Asian American Preppers

An Asian American FB friend posted this article from the New Yorker: Doomsday Prep For the Super-Rich. Evidently prepping just isn’t for the middle-class anymore. The super-rich are doing it too, which should be scary given that the super-rich now control the country. If they have no faith in their own ability to run it, then how should the rest of us feel? The article talks about rich peoples’ obsession with New Zealand as an escape. Even Peter Thiel, Mr. Trump’s most famous Silicon Valley backer, has invested in New Zealand as an escape destination when The Shit Hits The Fan (TSHTF). If Peter Thiel is hedging, what should the rest of us do?

President Trump

Republican House, Republican Senate, and Donald Trump is the next President of the United States of America. AP just called it. Hillary just conceded, and I’m sitting in front of the TV ready to hear Trump give his acceptance speech, surrounded by people shouting “USA! USA!” I’m in shock. God help us.

Donald Trump has won.

I think the pollsters underestimated the White Male vote. We live in a very dangerous time. The people have spoken, and this is what we’ll have to live with.

The End of the GOP?


Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been busy with the new dog.

Anyway, I saw an interesting article on something that would have been unfathomable just four years ago: Donald Trump and the G.O.P.: The Party of Lincoln, Reagan and, Perhaps, Extinction. The article provides an interesting history on how the last major political party in the U.S., the Whigs, imploded. It makes the argument that after 162 years of the Republican party, it’s possible that the Republican party will implode after this election.

In the minds of those on the Left and Right extremes

Женщина (means “woman” in Russian) wrote a comment about people on the political extremes. She wrote:

The fact that this whole rollercoaster 2016 year, and before, literally feels like Horseshoe Theory in action. In many ways, what are the alt-right and “sjw” left, but mirror images of each other? They’re finally meeting each other. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction :/

Why is Bernie still in the race?

Why is Bernie still in the race? The math is clear: he can’t win. Shouldn’t he do the right thing and drop out? It’s like playing chess and being down a queen in an otherwise equal position against a grandmaster. You know he’s going to trade off everything and mate you with the queen, so why push it? It’s honorable to resign. In Bernie’s case, why doesn’t he congratulate his opponent on making history? By stepping down, he could help the party unite.

“Textbook definition of a racist comment”

Paul Ryan’s condemnation of Donald Trump’s attack on Judge Gonzalo Curiel is as strong as it could have been. He said:

Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. I think that should be absolutely disavowed. It’s absolutely unacceptable.

But Paul Ryan is still not withdrawing his endorsement of Trump. He says it’s because Hillary is not the answer and that he has a better chance of getting his ideas into law with Trump. While that may be true, Ryan seems to be missing the bigger picture. With this racist attack against a Hispanic judge, Trump is undermining the entire government. What good are laws if the commander-in-chief is working to undermine them?

The Pro Wrestling Ethos


Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

This NY Times article explains the political world today: Is everything wrestling?.

This is partly because the rest of the world has caught up to wrestling’s ethos. With each passing year, more and more facets of popular culture become something like wrestling: a stage-managed “reality” in which scripted stories bleed freely into real events, with the blurry line between truth and untruth seeming to heighten, not lessen, the audience’s addiction to the melodrama.