A quick word about anger

Recently, a number of big things have happened in the HollywoodSphere. First, there’s a new Bruce Lee movie being made, but apparently it’s told from the perspective of a White guy dating an Asian woman. Second, NBC almost bought a TV show about a Filipina mail-order bride. Third, Fox News posted a racist man-on-the-street video covering New York Chinatown (you can google the Fox News clip, and you can see the Daily News response here).

Don posted about the Bruce Lee movie, and he writes about the movie. He also rightfully calls me out:

Real talk

The video above is long, but it’s good. It’s two young and educated black conservatives talking about the current state of black culture. One of the guys says he’s a first-year med school student. Give it a listen. Even if you don’t agree with everything, it’s interesting.

There are a lot of things that I disagreed with:

Container living

Just saw this article in the NY Times. The article reports on two communities that are finding creative ways to get around soaring rents: Containertopia, where techies live in 160-square-foot shipping containers, and homeless people living in boxes designed by artist Gregory Kloehn.

Check out the video above to see how these techies are living off the grid. This is cool in so many ways. I’m not sure I’d like pooping in a 5-gallon bucket (and I’m not sure if the toilet, stove, and solar panels are still workable now that they’ve moved into an indoor warehouse), but it’s really awesome that they’ve built this experience. According to co-founder Luke Iseman, the main problem with the outdoor setup was water. It’s fascinating not just for the coolness factor, but also for the learning factor.

Officially shedding the “activist” title

I’ve had enough. I now realize that I’m not longer comfortable calling myself an “activist.” My doubts first came up years ago when a young Asian American man in Portland fabricated a bogus story about a hate crime. It was followed a little while later by a young Asian American boy who, following his “activist” elders, did the exact same thing–he lied about his family being targeted by a hate crime. In both cases, activists promoted the stories, only to quietly disappear when the lies were revealed.

I’ve come to the conclusion that almost all “activism” today means one or more of the following:

When a society suffers from slow social change

Eurasian Sensation sent me this story about a PUA who teaches his nuthugging disciples about PUA in Japan. The PUA tells his gang of idiots (who supposedly pay $3,000 for the seminar, just showing that evolution isn’t weeding out the pathologically stupid) that the best way to do PUA in Japan is to grab a woman’s head, force her towards your crotch, and yell “Pikachu!” In his words, “if you’re a white male, you can do what you want.” Eurasian said that this is big news in Australia, as Australians are trying to stop this douchebag from having a platform to speak.

Robin-Hood-in-Reverse Activism, new addition to the bigWOWO lexicon; aka “Asian Pride! Now support my movie so I can star opposite a White Man!”

2516107_700b (1)

Something keeps happening time and time again, so I thought I’d post it. This way, when it happens next time, I can refer people here. I found the photo above at this site, which is a great analogy for what happens when our community does its Robin-Hooding-in-Reverse. When they do it, it’s business as usual. When we protest, we’re supposed to be the bad guys.

OCA interns fired for disrespecting Walmart

Photo credit: Organization of Chinese Americans

Photo credit: Organization of Chinese Americans

(Photo from here)

Someone forwarded me this interesting article: Interns at a Civil Rights Org Say They Were Fired for Disrespecting Walmart. According to the report, and according to one of the interns, who happens to be a blogger, three interns were accepted to the Organization of Chinese Americans internship program. While there, they learned that Walmart is a major sponsor of the OCA, and they raised objections, noting (correctly) that some Chinese communities have big problems with Walmart. Their concerns were brushed aside. When they published (through social media) a video of themselves flipping off a Walmart logo, they were fired.

Protect me from what I want


I heard about this event on the Rush Limbaugh show: Protect me from what I want. It appears to be a forum where minority queer people challenge their attraction to white queers. Rush was making fun of it. I think it’s great. Not only is it an important focus, they also chose the perfect name for their event! From the Facebook page:

Some of us have chosen romantic separatism as a result of racist trauma, personal-political enactments, or both. Others of us find ourselves fetishized and mobilize that fetish as a site of power and subversion. Still others find ourselves falling always for the white queers or other bodies that possess dominant power, wishing we could have more agency in the process, be more intentional about who we desire and how.