Logan Paul and YouTube’s Strange Biases

We had a conversation about Logan Paul sometime last year. I honestly don’t remember what it was about, other than he did something racially insensitive against (or racist to) Asians, yet some Asian chick decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and dated him anyway. Asian chicks dating racist men who happen to be White? Noooo! Actually, we addressed it recently too. So when I first heard about the latest Logan Paul incident, I shrugged, since we’d already had that conversation. But then one of my Japanese teachers mentioned it. After that Japanese class, I went home and saw Yuta’s video (above). It’s actually much worse than I ever imagined. It also wasn’t just one video. Logan Paul has done lots of videos doing really terrible things in Japan, like dressing up as Pokemon and throwing balls at random people, making fun of people’s religion at a religious temple, and dropping fish on a random taxi. He was basically taking advantage of a passive culture and making peoples’ lives harder. You can see the video above.


I have an alert that comes when the NY Times writes about “Asian American(s).” It recently alerted me to the publication of this article. In the e-mail summary, it read:

The Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish
How the “model minority” myth blends with racist ideology.

At first, I didn’t click it because I thought I would be disappointed. Then finally, I clicked it…and was disappointed.

Goodbye, Identity Politics. Goodbye, Asian American Identity

How timely. I’ve had this idea for this particular short post in my head all summer, and today David Brooks published this: In Praise of Equipoise. Now I don’t know about leadership or crossing over to do the kind of outreach that Brooks is describing, but I do know that identity politics is killing this country. Both the Alt-Right and Black Lives Matter are filled with narcissistic blowhards who talk too much, and both are responsible for fomenting hatred. Asian American activism has been ruined, especially by the so-called Asian American feminists. We (the commenters on this site and I) have spent the last few years railing against the sickening disease of victimization that has plagued both the Black community and the Asian American leftist community, but we’ve done so mostly within the framework of being in those communities. It’s time for us and identity politics to declare an amicable split. So I’m done.

Justice Department may eliminate affirmative action

Austin Jia, super-achiever who may have been rejected by schools based on race. Photo credit: Will Glaser/The New York Times

I’m taking a quick break from my break because of the historic possibility that the Justice Department under Jeff Sessions may be trying to eliminate affirmative action. I don’t remember any administration ever taking this stance. With the chaos of the Trump administration, no one really knows if this inquiry on affirmative action will pan out. But as I said before, I always felt that Trump was the best candidate on race, despite the fact that he’s incompetent in just about every other area. This may be his defining achievement.

Anyway, Asians are finally in the news:

Immigrants vs. ABCs

Just wanted to alert you to this great article by John Pomfret: The Split at the Heart of Chinese America. The article addresses affirmative action, Peter Liang, and all the other issues where there is a large split between recent Chinese immigrants and multi-generational ABC’s. It’s a really interesting article. John Pomfret is fluent in Chinese and has spent much of his career studying China.

When Asian SJWs play Jesus

I couldn’t stop watching the video above. It’s like victim porn. An old Asian dude called Uncle Pao gets jumped by a by a bunch of teenagers. Instead of reacting with “why are those violent thugs jumping my uncle,” Uncle Pao’s middle-aged nephew Leng Xiong takes the blame. Taking the side of the kids, he says that he’d like to know where “us as a community failed them.” He says that it could be dangerous if these kids ran into the “wrong person” and they had a Trayvon Martin type of situation. He finishes with, “How can we help you? Let us help you.” Y’all know what I’ve said about Protected Minorities and personal responsibility according to the media, but just so we’re on the same page, let me unpack this.

Chinese American guy fluent in Spanish

I just wanted to post this because I thought it was cool. The video is six years old, but I think this guy has the right idea about humbling oneself in order to learn a language. What comes out is his passion for the culture and people of Mexico, even though he eventually went with the Andalusian accent. In the videos, he talks about how he struck up conversations and made the most of the resources in his area of California. It’s refreshing to see Asian Americans moving beyond their ancestral languages.

“When I learn Chinese, I see myself as Chinese.”

In another thread, I told Snoopy that I would post about people being “more Chinese” or “less Chinese.” We had had this discussion some time ago after ChineseMom was banned from his wife’s site for obviously cultural reasons, and then we had it again years later, possibly in our Cultural Attraction thread, which is closely related to the topic on hand. Snoopy feels that there is no such thing as “more Chinese” or “less Chinese.” He feels that if you’re racially Chinese, that’s it; you’re Chinese. But as I mentioned to him in a follow-up post, Chinese really isn’t just a race; it’s a culture. Yes, an Asian person is racially Asian, but when we say that a person is more Chinese or less Chinese, we’re talking about his culture. Since I’ve been on a language binge, I thought I’d explain this by posting another excellent video by the polyglot Steve Kaufmann. (Apologies in advance if this runs like a stream of consciousness…it’s tax season (among other things), and I’ve been under time constraints.)

The New Chinese Immigrants

I am grateful to the HuffPo for publishing a new article on the newest Chinese immigrants and the differences in their political outlooks: New Chinese Immigrants Are Different From Chinese Americans And Proud Of It. I agree with just about everything that the author writes about the newest Chinese immigrants, i.e. those since the 1980’s. It’s about time that the world took notice of them. Politically, they’ve had a number of real achievements like SCA-5 and Justice for Peter Liang. If you look at the people who are standing up for real injustice against Asian Americans, it’s often the FOBs (see the video above), not the Social Justice Warriors. In terms of their grievances and ideas for the future, I can definitely see where these new immigrants are coming from. This is real Chinese culture imported to America, a take-it-or-leave-it in-your-face tough love for achievement. Like all cultures, it has its weaknesses, but like all cultures, it also has its strengths. I for one appreciate the “diversity” that is coming Stateside. (I put “diversity” in quotes because, as the author correctly mentioned, in some circles it’s code for “keep them Asians out.”)