Goodbye, Identity Politics. Goodbye, Asian American Identity

How timely. I’ve had this idea for this particular short post in my head all summer, and today David Brooks published this: In Praise of Equipoise. Now I don’t know about leadership or crossing over to do the kind of outreach that Brooks is describing, but I do know that identity politics is killing this country. Both the Alt-Right and Black Lives Matter are filled with narcissistic blowhards who talk too much, and both are responsible for fomenting hatred. Asian American activism has been ruined, especially by the so-called Asian American feminists. We (the commenters on this site and I) have spent the last few years railing against the sickening disease of victimization that has plagued both the Black community and the Asian American leftist community, but we’ve done so mostly within the framework of being in those communities. It’s time for us and identity politics to declare an amicable split. So I’m done.

SJW’s and Anti-Asian Racism

It’s in the National Review, but it’s nice to see it out there anyway: Why Social Justice Warriors Think It’s Okay To Be Racist Towards Asians. It brings up many of the issues that we’ve discussed over the years. Asians get screwed by colleges in college admissions, Asians get targeted for violence on the streets, but no one sheds any tears for us.

Tucker Carlson owns an Asian American tool

Tucker Carlson owns an Asian American tool. No, not the kind of tool that you put in a toolbox, but the kind that you invite on your show when you’re a cable news host and you’re looking on someone easy to beat on. Don’t let that Harvard degree fool you either. Getting a degree from Harvard (evidently) doesn’t mean that you understand basic logic.

Why do Asian American liberals even try to defend indefensible racist positions? This Jay Chen character can’t even answer a direct question, which is why he rambles on about irrelevant nonsense that has nothing to do with affirmative action. It’s a sad thing to realize that Asian America’s biggest allies in the media come from Fox News.

In the minds of those on the Left and Right extremes

Женщина (means “woman” in Russian) wrote a comment about people on the political extremes. She wrote:

The fact that this whole rollercoaster 2016 year, and before, literally feels like Horseshoe Theory in action. In many ways, what are the alt-right and “sjw” left, but mirror images of each other? They’re finally meeting each other. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction :/

John McWhorter: Actually, Scalia had a point


We live in an era where people look for reasons to be offended, and it’s killing dialogue. But here’s an excellent piece by John McWhorter: Actually, Scalia had a point. In his piece, McWhorter (who is black) addresses the data that show that Scalia makes a good point–liberal extremists can talk until they’re blue in the face about how unprepared students with lower test scores can drop into a higher level class and surpass expectations, but the data show otherwise. Liberal extremists have made it sound as if Scalia is a racist, but he was making a statement based on common sense outside of race–if a person has lower test scores and grades and extra curriculars and has had little preparation, he’s unlikely to do well. Both the data and common sense support that view.

Hope on the horizon?

I hope I didn’t bring anyone down yesterday with my depressing post about lack of hope. Thank you, ChineseMom, for cheering me up with this article: The Model Minority Is Losing Patience. It’s an article about how Asian American children seem to getting the shaft from affirmative action, and how Asian American parents are waking up to the reality of racism in college admissions. I’m not happy about the racism, but I’m happy that young Asian Americans are aware of it.

This is funny in a not-so-funny way:

80-20 PAC, R.I.P.

I’m in total shock right now. ChineseMom just informed me that the 80-20 PAC is closing down. I was there when they first started, and…wow…I’m in shock. From their website:

Q1: Why has 80-20 PAC chosen death rather than hanging on?

80-20 has seen many similar AsAm organizations providing negative service to our community. 80-20 PAC could one day become a negative-service organization. So it is better to cease operations than struggle to hang on.

Q2: Negative service? Could you give an example?

Supreme Court may encourage common sense with affirmative action decision

The Supreme Court is going to hear Fisher again. Most are saying that this is good for Abby Fisher and those who face discrimination under current policies. Abby Fisher herself says:

“I am very grateful that the Supreme Court will once again hear my case. I hope the justices will rule that UT is not allowed to treat undergraduate applicants differently because of their race or ethnicity,” Fisher said in a statement out shortly after the decision to rehear her case was announced.

Let’s hope that the Supreme Court does the right thing and ends affirmative racism once and for all.

Suasion and education aren’t always enough

Check out the video above. The girl’s voice is amazing. It’s amazing what these two can do with just a guitar and voice.

Anyway, in light of the recent discussion between King and ChineseMom about history, I wanted to say the following: “Suasion and education aren’t always enough.” I think King and ChineseMom agree on where America needs to go, but they disagree on the role of education. I agree with King. Knowledge is necessary, but it isn’t always going to convince people to change their habits. You can especially see this among extremists who support affirmative action/affirmative racism, even to the detriment of those they purport to help. I think deep down inside we all know this, but it bears repeating: some people can’t be helped. You can lead a horse to water, but if he doesn’t want to drink, you can’t make him. While it’s important to extend a hand to those in need, it’s also important to realize that sometimes a more forceful approach is necessary.

60 Asian American groups file lawsuit against Harvard

I keep trying to leave, but they keep pulling me back in. I’m talking about the progress (not “progressive”-ness) that more than 60 brave and honorable Asian American organizations made when they filed a discrimination complaint against Harvard. In doing so, these brave individuals raised the ire of the Far Left, which has its own agenda. (thanks to GuitarDude and Sengge for sending this along.)