Stoneman Douglas Townhall

These kids and parents are incredibly brave. I have a feeling that this time is different. First graders, like the ones affected by Sandy Hook, were not old enough to speak out. These kids are, and they’re doing it. I’m actually quite hopeful this time. Let’s hope that this issue stays alive.

I have to also say that Marco Rubio was brave to show up. I think he still has a political future. Trump dodged the townhall, as did Rick Scott.

At least 17 dead

Photo credit: Joel Auerbach/AP

17 dead people is a lot of dead people.  It’s especially upsetting since most or all are probably children. But we need to remember that the damage this gun freak unleashed goes far beyond 17 people. At least 16 people were wounded, some of whom have life-threatening injuries. It’s not just those 16 people either. Lots of these kids without physical injuries will carry this trauma for the rest of their lives. There are at least 34 parents who lost children. Siblings, Grandparents. Cousins. Friends. Communities.

Common sense vs. extreme liberalism

I was reading David Brooks, and he referenced the interview above. A writer from the Atlantic also wrote in depth about the misleading tricks of the interviewer. Check it out. The interview was better than I could have ever imagined. I definitely want to check out Jordan Peterson’s work. The patience he exhibits in this interview is amazing. Newman tries several times to oversimplify and mischaracterize Peterson’s words and (in my opinion) even goes as far as to turn her willful misinterpretations into personal attacks, but instead of getting angry or throwing it back at her, Peterson simply and calmly corrects her.

Dating feminists or dating in this age?

Frederic J. Brown/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Has anyone else been following the Aziz Ansari story? I haven’t watched his show (though lots of friends recommend it), and so I have no knowledge of his work. We’re in the #MeToo era, so I wasn’t surprised that he got “exposed.” What I did find surprising is what he got “exposed” for doing…or allegedly doing. You can read the original source here. I tend to agree more with this opinion piece in the New York Times.

Logan Paul and YouTube’s Strange Biases

We had a conversation about Logan Paul sometime last year. I honestly don’t remember what it was about, other than he did something racially insensitive against (or racist to) Asians, yet some Asian chick decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and dated him anyway. Asian chicks dating racist men who happen to be White? Noooo! Actually, we addressed it recently too. So when I first heard about the latest Logan Paul incident, I shrugged, since we’d already had that conversation. But then one of my Japanese teachers mentioned it. After that Japanese class, I went home and saw Yuta’s video (above). It’s actually much worse than I ever imagined. It also wasn’t just one video. Logan Paul has done lots of videos doing really terrible things in Japan, like dressing up as Pokemon and throwing balls at random people, making fun of people’s religion at a religious temple, and dropping fish on a random taxi. He was basically taking advantage of a passive culture and making peoples’ lives harder. You can see the video above.


I have an alert that comes when the NY Times writes about “Asian American(s).” It recently alerted me to the publication of this article. In the e-mail summary, it read:

The Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish
How the “model minority” myth blends with racist ideology.

At first, I didn’t click it because I thought I would be disappointed. Then finally, I clicked it…and was disappointed.

(Probably) Last post of the year

Thanks to everyone who continues to check in here from time to time. I’ve been slow with updates. It’s not going to get better in the near future, though I hope it will get better in the not-too-distant future. I wanted to update y’all on personal news, as well as share some closing thoughts for the year.

I’ve been personally busier than ever before. My kids are getting older. As kids move up to the higher grades, schoolwork becomes more and more important. Both of my kids have new responsibilities that they need to learn to manage. My older one especially–he’s now going to a larger, more diverse school. Class sizes are much bigger, and often teachers just don’t care. My kids have added a few extracurriculars as well.

MOOC’s and online learning

I’ve posted about this sort of thing in the past, but seeing the most recent conversation about learning and technology, I thought I’d post it up again. I’ve recently taken two online courses. I completed the Attain N3 level Japanese course from Attain through the Udemy platform, as well as the Learning How To Learn course on Coursera. Both courses were really good.

Is online learning better than attending a college lecture or a small group section?

Joe Rogan on affirmative action and anti-Asian discrimination

It’s great that Joe Rogan is addressing this. I was surprised that he had so much to say about it, and I’m glad he takes Asian American people to task for not complaining about it. There’s obvious racism behind the current racial policies on American campuses; it’s nice to hear someone with an audience pointing it out. I hope his video reaches a lot of people.