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My name is Byron Wong.  I am a former blogger/admin on the Fighting 44s and Rice Daddies, and the father of two young children.  This site takes an intellectual approach to solving the problems of our day, especially with respect to Asian American cultural issues.  I hope that activists of all stripes and persuasions will join me here–my only caveat is that I’m aiming to engage with live activists rather than armchair activists who hide behind the web.  In other words, this blog is aimed mostly at people of action.

Please feel free to leave lots of comments; they are an integral part of this blog, and you can see the most recent comments on the right side of the main page.  If you would like to contact me, please e-mail me at naruguard-44@yahoo.com.  Thank you for visiting.

What kind of site is this?

This is my own personal site where I will post articles/stories of my observances and ideas. Most of my ideas revolve around literature, news, politics, or Asian American activism, so that is mostly what you’re going to get if you read my blog regularly.

In terms of the methods and observances I present, this site is what I would consider a holistic, Asian American empowerment site, meaning that it takes into account the lives of real people and real activists who are on the ground doing work. There may be some mental projections and guesswork, but practicality is the determinant of whether such projections or guesswork hold any weight in the bigwowo universe.

Who is big WOWO, and how do you pronounce it?

Big WOWO is the name of my son’s favorite toy. It’s pronounced “woe woe.” “WOWO” is my son’s word for “dog.” He has two toy dogs, a big wowo which is a stuffed animal from one of his great-grandaunts, and a little wowo which is a small plastic toy that that his great-grandparents gave him. You can see a picture of big WOWO here:

The original Big Wowo

Little WOWO, unfortunately, was too small for the long term, and so now we no longer have him around. It’s all big WOWO now.

Why is your site named “bigWOWO?”

A number of reasons.

1. Family is the most important thing to me, my son is family, and bigWOWO is a part of his family.

2. On an activist level, I like the concept of a “big dog.” Dogs are cool because they travel and work in packs, which is what the modern day activist has to learn how to do. As I like to say, “Martin wouldn’t have been all that effective if he were marching on Alabama all by himself.”

3. Big Wowo represents everything that activists, politicians, and (most) writers want–stability, loyalty, and the ability to move forward in the right direction. The key is that we all move together and build communities. We learn by doing.

What do you want from your readers?

Hopefully, community. I hope you’ll use this space to network, share ideas, and let me know what you’re up to. Further down the line, I’ll probably be adding some podcasting and other cool stuff as well. I want activists to be successful, and if you are successful in your endeavors, I hope you’ll share your experiences with me and others.

Any rules and guidelines?

The rules and guidelines are similar to most sites. Registration is not necessary, but you can register here if you want to secure your own name. No physical threats or coordination of illegal activities. Light verbal jabs are allowed, but please keep personal attacks to a minimum. This is an activist blog, so we value real-time communication. If you’ve got personal beef, don’t hide behind the internet; talk it over and see where you may have commonalities. We’ll be setting up a conference line to eliminate the negative influence of internet warriors.

Edited retroactively: Intentionally (or unintentionally) obtuse behavior is not allowed. Acting as if you don’t understand is not an excuse for stupid, inflammatory, or irrelevant comments. If you truly don’t understand basic language, you shouldn’t be commenting either.

Edit 9/15/2010: See our updated comment policy here: No comments that are both obtrusive and unsubstantiated.

Edit 1/18/2011: No doppelganging or sock puppets.

Edit 10/3/2011: The Anonymous Coward Rule. Don’t hide behind an anonymous screenname and attack the looks or something equally stupid about another person. Men should be aware of male privilege and shouldn’t act like sexist jerks, especially men who are anonymous.

Edit 12/21/2013: See here for new rules about Cowardice, Outlandish Claims, Broken Record-isms, and Excess Negativity.