Common sense vs. extreme liberalism

I was reading David Brooks, and he referenced the interview above. A writer from the Atlantic also wrote in depth about the misleading tricks of the interviewer. Check it out. The interview was better than I could have ever imagined. I definitely want to check out Jordan Peterson’s work. The patience he exhibits in this interview is amazing. Newman tries several times to oversimplify and mischaracterize Peterson’s words and (in my opinion) even goes as far as to turn her willful misinterpretations into personal attacks, but instead of getting angry or throwing it back at her, Peterson simply and calmly corrects her.

I’ve had extremists willfully misinterpret and mischaracterize me before. I’ve seen many extremists do the same to other moderates. But man, I’ve never seen the kind of patience that Peterson exhibits. I think this is a model that more of us should follow.

Peterson’s book looks interesting. You can find it here.

9 thoughts on “Common sense vs. extreme liberalism

  1. You are right and I agree, I hate and can’t stand extreme LIEberalism and feminazi. Feminazi is the extreme part of feminism.

    The fundamental difference between me and you guys is that I also hate extreme alt-right neoism. Something that’s in common with Eurasian Writer, ET hates extreme alt-right neoism as well.

    If it was the extreme liberalism that turned the tide causing all the swing voters to select Trump, then it will take all the extreme alt-right neoism like this D-bag in this tweet here to turn the tide for the swing voters to select a democrat POTUS in the next election 2020 or 2024. Notice the 9000 replies in the comment section all supported Jeanne Heo, and ashamed of this extremist guy.

    The swing voters are witnessing the ugly side of the extreme alt-right who’ve been unleashed by Trump, and these voters will eventually swing back to the other side. Like a pendulum that relies on momentum to swing back and forth, swing voters don’t stay on one side forever.

    As for Peterson, he has my respect as debaters. Peterson exhibits the 8 C’s. Cool, Calm, Collected, Common sense, Confident, Civility, Clever, Contemplative.

  2. The fundamental difference between me and you guys is that I also hate extreme alt-right neoism

    I don’t know what neoism is, but if it’s just the plain alt-right, I’m not sure why you think you’re the only one against that.

    I’ve been checking out more of Peterson’s content. It’s very interesting. I may blog more about it later this week.

  3. Sengge,

    If you have time, check out his interview with Joe Rogan.

    I’ve been listening to his stuff all weekend. Lots of the stuff is stuff that we’ve said here, but he’s done a lot of research that actually backs up what we’ve been saying.

  4. I’m listening to Jordan’s interview with Russell Brand right now at this link

    I took the hit for you guys so if you’re not keen on hearing Russell breathing into your headphones promoting condoms like on a phone sex line you may skip to the 2 minute 15 seconds mark for the interview proper.

    I must say that I do not have a high opinion of anarchists or slackers but the title is intriguing. Hoping the interview itself has some meat in it.

  5. This was a very good interview. I was primarily intrigued by it at the beginning because I assessed Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson to be polar opposites in terms of beliefs and temperaments, and knowing the trend nowadays, the “left” always tries to tear down and ambush anything it perceives to be different from itself.

    I should have taken down bullet points and time stamps for the benefit of readers/listeners but I found Russell’s voice to be just too irritating. He’s just too transparent and if I can tell exactly what he’s doing or what he’s going to say next I thought that he could waste less time by just having out with it.

    In terms of content I think Jordan makes an incredible case for his beliefs, his background and his ideas; credit must go to Russell for being a fair interviewer despite having a working ideology and personal beliefs that’s at odds with what Jordan presented.
    I must say that I’m quite surprised at what 2018 brought. Before you posted this thread Dr Peterson’s work wasn’t even on my radar. I managed to browse his book at the bookstore but I must say I’m taken more by the interviews because the book is written like a story, but his interviews are very PRECISE in the way he elucidates his ideas.

    I’ve never seen another person make a case as strong for Christianity’s meaning as he does. I have dim view of religions in general due to personal experiences but he puts forth a point of view of these myths and symbolisms that frankly I’ve never heard in all the ages I had to listen to the tripe the born again crowd were peddling.

    It’s pretty mind blowing and this is coming from a hardened cynic.

  6. Hey Sengge,


    I’m listening to the Russell Brand podcast, and yeah, his voice is really hard to listen to. Also, thanks for giving us the agenda so I could skip those annoying condom commercials.

    I bought his book and am reading it, but I agree with you that he’s actually a MUCH better interviewer than a writer. Not to say that I’m not happy to buy his book and support him, it’s just that compared to his lectures and interviews, his writing style doesn’t feel quite as tight. Robert Bly and Michael Gurian talk about the same mythologies and their relationships to life, but somehow their books are a lot tighter.

    But yes, his interviews are strong, and there’s no doubt he knows his stuff. He speaks well and really brings excitement to the subject matter. Also, he doesn’t seem to be afraid to talk about any subject. He’s a great match for YouTube.

    Also, yes, he really does bring out a strong case for studying Hole-ly Bible. I too have a dim view of Bible Thumpers due to personal experiences, but he really makes strong arguments in his interviews. If you listen to his Maps of Meaning podcasts, he talks about how we people today understand the world through rationality, but ancient people understood the world through experience, and the myths of the Bible are simply in keeping with the way people understood the world at the time. It really is fascinating.

  7. Yeah, I think he’s actually talking about the same rationality vs. non-rationality stuff in the Russell Brand podcast. Interesting as always. 🙂

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