I have an alert that comes when the NY Times writes about “Asian American(s).” It recently alerted me to the publication of this article. In the e-mail summary, it read:

The Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish
How the “model minority” myth blends with racist ideology.

At first, I didn’t click it because I thought I would be disappointed. Then finally, I clicked it…and was disappointed.

I linked a longer article on the same topic a couple of months back. The difference between what I want to see and what I actually see in the media can be summed up in two words: personal responsibility. I’m really not so surprised that the Alt-Right is into Asian women, and I’m not so surprised that Asian women are into Alt-Right white guys. Asian women are often conservative, so there’s no surprise that conservative guys would like them. Many (though of course not all) Asian women also love and idolize White guys, so there should be no surprise there either. What is surprising is that writers in major newspapers continue to talk about problems and ONLY point the finger at White guys. If racist Alt-Right White guys are marrying Asian women, you can’t just question the White guys. Obviously Asian women are also choosing the Alt-Right. Shouldn’t this be at least as big of a story? Or are Asian women now considered a Protected Minority (except when it comes to college admissions)?

And please, let’s drop this “model minority” nonsense. Instead, take a look at those Asian numbers. They look pretty darn good, and it’s because our elders did exactly the opposite of what we’re doing today; our elders took personal responsibility. Unless “model minority” becomes a goal rather than an excoriation of Asian values by extreme liberals, I don’t want to hear it. The way the liberals use it is a form of deflection coaching. Using this tactic not only turns us against our elders and the greater American society, it also serves to hinder progress within the African American community.

Until more of us begin to take responsibility and encourage others to take responsibility for the state of affairs in this country, I see no progress.

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  1. It seems like the writers from the NYT upon finding there is opposition to their political outlook, they decide to obsess about these white suppremists. It seems like they are coming up with straw men, to avoid having to deal with any reasonable opposition. The right wing press does this as well. It is just cheap and stupid journalism.

  2. Asian women are often conservative

    They become conservatives after they’re married with children, protecting the family nucleus turn them into conservatives. When they were singles dating WM Neo-Nazis they were still in that rebellious state, and being rebellious against traditions are something extreme leftists or feminazis would do. When they were singles, they refused the terms “submissive” and “traditional housewives” because they were still rebellious, but after they’re married with a couple of kids they become exactly that, traditional housewives, so they become conservatives to protect that family nucleus.

    I do agree they tend to deflect coach a lot with all kinds of excuses in the books to justify their racism with Neo-Nazis. As a moderate person, I try to see things from multiple perspectives, different angles. Nobody can argue against “personal responsibility” for them because that’s a 100% correct criticism, and I also agree with keeping the traditional “model minority” values. However, when AMs criticisms are not working, fallen by deaf ears to those AFs, and the criticisms haven’t been working for over 15 years, what then? That’s when I turn to look for other perspectives to see if there’s a possible solution in the midst of chaos out there. Looking for other perspectives is not deflect coaching, but to see if there are other possible solutions that might work better.

    I think one problem right off the bat is the subjects we’re talking about are in the driver seats, and the AM critics are not. So the ones in the driver seats are in control of the whole problem, whilst the AM critics even using generations of elders’ disciplines have gone by deaf ears to them because the AMs not in control of the problem.

    Encouragements sound good on paper, but it’s useless in reality situations. Even as Asian dads, when their daughters want to date black guys or nazi WMs and the Asian dads disavow that union, the daughters become rebellious. Then you’ll probably ask, then how did our elders deal with that? Well, our past elder generations were before WWI so they wouldn’t even know that Nazis are. And the elders never had the high IR rates problem from one gender as we do today.

    I’ve seen so many AFs accused AM critics or encouragers as “whiny SJWs”, and they blamed that “whiny SJWs” as an annoyance factor for them to vanish into the dark side, into the midsts of supremacists. This is one of their “deflect excuses” to justify their racism.

    I have more, but it’s getting too long. lol

  3. I can’t understand for the love of me why would anyone want to date a Nazi. When their kids grow up what will they tell them? They will discover that Nazi hates all races even their own,

    Now something completely different, I believe this is the year where I will marry an Asian female. Contrary to what Bryon and King said about me earlier; it is false.
    I’m moving to California There are clearly a lot of Asian Females that are waiting there for me. Why? Because I’m White, I have a clear shot at them. Like in my dream, where an Asian female (who was married to an Asian male) flirted with me and we had a baby. He divorced her giving her to me and we had a baby. 2018 is the year for me to finally get a Asian Female. I can’t wait!

  4. Jman,

    Yes. It’s not just the NY Times though. There are so many news outlets doing the same thing.


    I think most are at heart conservatives. Just a theory, but I think most are born conservative. Some move towards liberal causes because they see how much power one can gain by either acting the victim or accusing other people of preying on victims, but at heart most of us are relatively conservative–we believe in hard work, responsibility, etc. Again, it’s just a theory.


    Isn’t that what you said in 2007?

  5. I didn’t have this magnificent dream then. I’m fully grown up now. My brother says that their are Asian women a galore throughout California. He should know he dated them; Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Philippines women. I sold my car and packed my bags. Watch out girls! Cause here I come.

  6. Asian women a galore throughout California.

    “Asian women A galore?” Are you sure he didn’t say that there were Asian women in Bangalore? If he did, you’re only off by 9,000 miles or so. Either way, I’ll tell girls in both California and Bangalore to watch out for nerdy guys who are coming into their area.

  7. True true, if you’re talking about the 2 billion Asian women on earth, most of them are definitely conservatives. The post above I was referencing the small batch of AFs dating supremacists.

    As for Asian American women voters, it goes something like this:

    Table 5: Primary Vote Choice among Asian American Registered Voters
    Asian Men: 43% for Hillary Clinton, 27% for Bernie Sanders, 19% for Donald Trump
    Asian Women: 62% for Hillary Clinton, 18% for Bernie Sanders, 10% for Donald Trump

    Table 7: Congressional Vote Choice among Asian American Registered Voters
    Asian Men: 22% Republicans, 53% Democrats
    Asian Women: 21% Republicans, 56% Democrats

    I’ve thought overnight about your suggestion for encouragements. I think there’s a slight chance it might work if the right people deliver those messages and encouragements to them. Asian guys are definitely not the right people. It needs to be coming from the AFs whom they admire and respect, for instance someones like Natalie Tran, or Constance Wu, someones who are in the same boat as they are.

    Would you guys do something suggested by the far left? You won’t, right? because you guys don’t admire nor respect the far left. Same logic with those AF girls, they don’t admire nor respect Asian guys, so they would never do anything suggested and encouraged by us AMs.

    So the encouragements have to come from the AFs that they admire and respected, so they might take the messages and encouragements seriously and might even follow up to take action.

  8. *YAWN*

    Right wingnut racists and their Elaine Chaos, Michelle Malkins & Tila Nguyens or LIEberal racists and their numerous SJW enforcers and media propagandists are both sides of the same coin: the same old racial hierarchy designed to keep Asians in their place since the earliest immigrants.

    It’s especially worse in recent years because of the perceived threat of rise of China and other TPP nations, that’s nearly half of the global GDP. In the USofA, where Asians try to work hard to achieve the so called American Dream is also perceived as an economic threat to white elites.

    I say the LIEberals are more insidious because it’s under the guise of “equality for URMs” that completely ignores anti-Asian racism except for extreme cases of blatant physical violence.

    Right wingnuts at least have the gall to be out in the open with their racism.

  9. Ah, the disingenuous racist taard who generalizes the entire Asian race into a box is at it again with his nonsense. If you think there’s a racism-free society where we can resolve issues without racism whatsoever, I’d suggest you hide in that basement of yours and never come out because that’s about the only place where you won’t find racism. Bigger YAWN! lol

  10. Asian we can’t resist us, no matter or political views or looks, We got a hold on them.

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  12. @ NightTown the lying liar,

    I’ve written many times I don’t believe in race, so in order for you to claim I’m generalizing “Asian race into a box” is your brand of Strawman and spin-doctoring and putting words where I’ve made no such claims.


  13. When you made blanket statements like “Asians are prestigious whores”, you’re a racist dog. Own up to it you disingenuous SJW sack.

  14. @ NightTown

    It doesn’t respond to reason. It doesn’t know how to learn. It is not capable of change.

    Verily, it bears none of the hallmarks of intelligence.

  15. “Siegfried” is an Asian guy trolling, speaking broken English pretending to be White. So obvious, lol.

  16. Ha! Ha! I knew someone would accuse me of being an Asian. I was just waiting for it to come. In fact, I was on “The Fighting 44s” forum. I revealed my chest so you clearly could see that I’m white.

  17. You know, Siegfried could probably have gotten a lot of rebuttals but for the problem that he is just so weird. Once you start having intimate relationships with people, it’s very hard to reduce them back to a fetish or an obsession.

    Bragging about how much women purportedly love you is passe because of how much you show you don’t value them.

  18. Most white women who are into Asian guys and culture are looking for their prince charming… I don’t know how you are going to go through them like a knife through butter like those white guys are treating Asian women: cheap expendable fucks.

  19. The number of AMWF is very low while AFWM is high. Can you explain that? We are treating AF like the princess that they are.

  20. @Siegfried

    It’s not a pretty picture in Ho-wood either with all the sexual misconduct allegations against WMs, 1 Indian male, 1 gay AM. You should reevaluate your “Sex War” bragging rights, women don’t like to be treated like a piece of meat, sex objects, in your fantasy of worldwide sexual conquests. lol

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