Logan Paul and YouTube’s Strange Biases

We had a conversation about Logan Paul sometime last year. I honestly don’t remember what it was about, other than he did something racially insensitive against (or racist to) Asians, yet some Asian chick decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and dated him anyway. Asian chicks dating racist men who happen to be White? Noooo! Actually, we addressed it recently too. So when I first heard about the latest Logan Paul incident, I shrugged, since we’d already had that conversation. But then one of my Japanese teachers mentioned it. After that Japanese class, I went home and saw Yuta’s video (above). It’s actually much worse than I ever imagined. It also wasn’t just one video. Logan Paul has done lots of videos doing really terrible things in Japan, like dressing up as Pokemon and throwing balls at random people, making fun of people’s religion at a religious temple, and dropping fish on a random taxi. He was basically taking advantage of a passive culture and making peoples’ lives harder. You can see the video above.

I agree with everything Yuta says. There’s a cultural difference here where Japanese punish miscreants by silence or cultural queues, whereas Americans and Europeans (and maybe Shanghaiers) tend to be louder and more forceful. I was explaining to my Japanese teacher that White people often don’t act like that in White countries because they fear being punched by other White people or Black people. I hadn’t seen the temple shot during our conversation, but if a White person acted like that in a Catholic Church, he could expect to be physically restrained by a priest, a nun, or some large parishioner. Police in the U.S. don’t do this; they do this or this or this. (One of the things I miss about blogging is research. Man, American bodycam videos are the best! While I love Japanese culture, the Japanese ain’t got nothin’ on American police videos!)

As Yuta says, YouTube is complicit in all this. Why haven’t they taken down Logan Paul’s YouTube channel? It’s not like they haven’t deleted channels before, and they’ve usually done it for much less serious “violations.” For example, Colin Flaherty’s channel just got removed (he’s now on a site called minds.com). Colin’s focus is crimes committed by Black people and the way the media refuses to speak about it. Sometimes he’s over the top. But how many similar sites are committed to exposing crimes by White people and how the media refuses to address it? Why aren’t these sites taken down? Why is one acceptable while the other not? (For an excellent discussion by a Black YouTuber about Colin Flaherty’s expulsion from YouTube, see here.) And what about Eurasian Tiger? As a child of an WM/AF couple, Eurasian Tiger focused on racism by Asian women who married White men, something he knows better than most as a child of such a union, supported by his own personal experience. Why was his channel shut down (twice)? All Colin and Eurasian Tiger were doing was exercising free speech, providing commentary from their own homes, and YouTube shut them down. Meanwhile, YouTube does nothing against a channel where a White guy throws things at cars and moving bicycles driven by Asian men, makes fun of Asian peoples’ religions, and films and makes jokes over a dead body. They had that brouhaha about that White PUA idiot in Japan a couple years ago, and his channel is still up too. Why didn’t YouTube shut down the channel of a guy who sexual harasses women? Why doesn’t #metoo apply to Asian women in the YouTube world? Why the double standard?

My theory is that it has something to do with liberal Protected Minority/non-Protected Minority status. Black people have Protected Status in liberal circles. You can’t say anything that suggests Black people or other Protected Minorities take responsibility, unless you happen to be Black–check out David Carroll’s excellent channel. Therefore the White guy Colin Flaherty had to go, even if Colin has the rather rare distinction of having freed a Black man from prison through his journalism. WM/AF also has Protected Status, so they aren’t going to shut down the White PUA idiot in Japan who is trying to promote WM/AF, nor will they shut down a Eurasian man who says that AF/WM isn’t all peaches and cream. On the other hand, dead Asians have no Protected Status in liberal circles. Neither do Asian taxi drivers, Asian women at a temple who aren’t dating White men, or Asian men in general. Keep in mind that many liberals seem to be fine crapping on Asians; you can shit on Asians, you just can’t question the institution of WM/AF.

YouTube is one of my favorite sites. It’s just a shame that they’ve politicized it to the degree they have. I really think they should do more to make it open and free. It’s not really a conversation if only one side is given the opportunity to speak.

Addendum: I just searched YouTube for “Eurasian Tiger,” just to see where he’s gone. This came up:

Creators for CHANGE? Seriously? Jesus Christ, it not only looks like the same old crap that we’ve seen since I started blogging, but it looks like the same old crap that we’ve since since the 70’s before either me or Natalie was born. What a bunch of nonsense. To say that they’re working for CHANGE is not only inaccurate, it’s offensive. Hey, she even invited the Asian Playboy for a “balanced” approach. Apparently it’s okay to talk about WM/AF this way–focusing on the “hate” from Asian men, racism against Asian women dating White guys, the pathetic nature of dorky-looking Asian men, etc. If you adopt the “love is blind” mentality with respect to WM/AF, you get to join Logan Paul and the White PUA on the balcony. Join the group where members continue to Pin the Tail on the Asian male, sexually harass women, and throw objects at random Asian strangers. But if you speak from the heart and look deeper into it as Eurasian Tiger did, take off your apron and pack up your knives.

Seriously, we should question this. Why are certain notions…certain discussions…so taboo in our culture? How can we ever expect to fight racism when racism is selectively accepted by the world’s largest platforms? Why shouldn’t we be questioning this cultural norm? Donald Trump, save us! (That’s just a joke y’all. I still think Trump was the best candidate for race relations, and I like that he says what he’s thinking about race even if he’s shallower than a puddle, but no, I didn’t vote for him.)

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  1. Youtube banned him from their top-tier ad program, including some other punishments.




    Youtube has a 3 strikes and you’re out policy, Eurasian Writer was warned multiple times for exposing people’s private lives, his 3rd attempt at his channel was also shutdown. This was Logan’s 1st attempt at exposing someone’s private life, so Youtube hasn’t taken his channel down yet.

    I wish Logan’s channel is taken down, I signed the petition with 500,000 signatures on it to ban his channel. He has over 15 million subscribers and over half of his subscribers are underaged kids. He’s setting bad examples and setting back 30 years of progress for the next generation with his over-the-top degrading antics for millions of youngsters to watch.

    Last year I defended Chloe Bennet for giving Logan the benefit of the doubt that he had redeemed himself. I admit neither Chloe nor I could had foreseen this fiasco of catastrophic magnitude. I give Kiwi and King credit for foreseeing this, I admit I was wrong.

    Many anti-Asian celebs (Shaq, Chris Rock, Floyd Mayweather, Jason Whitlock, Steve Harvey, Yuli Gurriel, Rosie O’donnell, Stephen Colbert to name a few) in the past made some inflammatory anti-Asian statements and gestures, but they did it only once and stopped. Logan Paul is in the category of repeat offenders with Adam Carolla.

  2. Natalie Tran, like most feminists are bias in favor of WMAFs, so I’m not surprised with the narrative she framed in her documentary. Like I’ve said in my other posts, they come up with all sorts of excuses to justify WMAFs’ racism. I agreed with all the criticisms against her documentary from the hapas subreddit.

    One angle the hapas subreddit and you haven’t explored is her conversation with Eurasian Writer. SHE OFFERED TO HELP ASIAN GUYS OUT, she asked as an Asian woman with her large platform, what can she do to help the situation? ET as usual, rather than come up with a plausible solution, he opted to continue to whine instead. By saying he didn’t have the answers.

    At minute 22:23 ET said, the solution is and end to racism, but it’s not going to happen.

    22:29 Natalie asked, Is there anything I can do, as an Asian woman, to help?

    22:36 ET said, I don’t have the answers, I think that racism is always going to exist.

    ET being the leader of the hapa subreddit and spokesperson for hapa men and to an extent AMs, he did exactly what those AFs accused AMs as, “often whining with no solution”.

    Instead of saying “he didn’t have the answers”, he could had asked Natalie to ENCOURAGE those AF girls to give Asian guys a chance, and stop the anti-AM racism. ET could’d at least said that.

    The hapa subreddit criticized Natalie for not doing anything to help AMs as usual, but people have forgotten that Asian guys often don’t allow AFs like Constance Wu, Chloe Bennet to help out, Asian guys attacked them for trying to help out. So Natalie was smart enough not to fall into that trap, get attacked for helping Asian guys out.

    Natalie did the right thing by asking the ET (the spokesperson leader) for permission to help out at minute 22:29, and ET failed to capitalize on that golden opportunity. Natalie didn’t want to self-voluntary to help out and then get attacked afterwards by Asian guys, because Asian guys don’t allow AFs to help out. So, it’s a Catch-22, damned if she helped out and damned if she didn’t. That’s why she needed AMs’ permission, by asking the leader Eurasian Writer.

    Like I said, those sellout AFs will not date Asian guys, they despise Asian guys. You guys wouldn’t do something suggested or encouraged by the people you despise either, you guys wouldn’t do what the far left ask you to do either. So why would those AFs do what Asian guys encourage them to do, when Asian guys are the people they despise. Those AFs need people they admire and respect to encourage them, Asian guys are the last people that they admire and respect. Simple logic.

  3. Being in my 40’s, my life is already half over. So I watched the first two minutes of Natalie Tran’s video, realized it was more of the same repetitive kumbaya stuff that we’ve seen for the past fifty years, and decided to move on. Time is short for me, so I need to be careful how I use what little I have left.

    “Give guys a chance” sounds pathetic, even if it’s true. I didn’t know about Eurasian Tiger’s YouTube history, but I think the best thing someone like Natalie Tran could do to help us out would be to use her clout to petition YouTube to stop banning idea guys like Eurasian Tiger and Colin Flaherty. We need more ideas, and ideas that neither harm nor misrepresent facts should be considered acceptable. It doesn’t matter that she has her preferences or not. What matters is that only certain opinions are considered acceptable on the world’s largest video sharing site.

  4. I don’t know if Natalie should self-voluntary be a spokesperson for Colin Flaherty, activism for other youtubers need to be asked for permission first. Besides with her 1.6 million subs, that’s a drop in the bucket compared to Pewdiepie with 58 million subs. There are plenty of higher clout Youtubers than her that are in better position for Youtube to listen to.

    I do agree with your suggestion about Eurasian Writer (ET), he could had asked anything instead of the typical “I don’t have the answers”, he could had asked Natalie to save his channel. Or to do collaborations with Natalie now that he didn’t have a channel anymore, or to promote his Blog on Natalie’s channel.

  5. 1.6 million is very big. 1 million is very big. Hell, 100k, less than 10% of 1.6M, is very big, which is why YouTube sends you a plaque when you hit that.

    She’s in a perfectly good place to support free speech. You don’t have to be big to support free speech, but her channel is very big, which is all the more reason to speak out. I’m not saying that she has to speak out, but to me, that’s the best and easiest way for her to do something.

    Now if she doesn’t feel comfortable standing up for something like free speech, then that’s fine too. But if she wants to help, in my mind that’s clearly the easiest way. 1.6 million people, by just about any standard, is a very large audience.

  6. One more thing I need to say: I’m usually of the mindset that we should ban ’em all or keep ’em all. But in this case, Logan Paul was throwing things at innocent people, being disruptive during a religious ritual, and littering food on taxis. His content is FAR worse than anything Colin Flaherty or Eurasian Tiger have put out.

  7. I agreed dude.

    Simple logic that people like ET don’t get, “personal responsibility” is not all about whining (or criticisms). It’s criticisms plus (+) actions, and in many cases actions = solutions.

  8. Well, to be fair to ET, not all of this stuff is self-evident. It’s not obvious how supporting the free exchange of ideas could help Asian American men (and women too). Clearly ET’s channel got banned, so he understands this. What’s less obvious is that free exchange often benefits the empowerment of people who’ve ideas and expressions have been suppressed.

    Now some may say that this is not a free speech issue, since YouTube is just one platform. But no other platform compares in size. Colin Flaherty had something like 60,000 subscribers. I’m not sure how easy it is to get those kinds of numbers on smaller platforms.

  9. You’d think that’s bad for small youtubers’ free speech, wait until ISP takeover under Trump. The FCC voted a 3-2 party-line vote to end Net Neutrality, ISP controls and can charge more for which sites consumers use most, which means small Youtubers will have a harder time maintaining their audience and supporters.

    This adopted Asian guy Kevin Kreider has it right about “personal responsibility”, by going to the gym workout and work on Asian guys’ personal selves. In his 2nd meme, he said to stop “whining” and to forgive Asian women dating White men. I don’t know about his 2nd meme, but I agreed with his 1st meme.

    JT and Natalie Tran Asian Roundtable – Busting Stereotypes

  10. You guys need to stop whining or boo hoo hooing. If the shoe was on the other foot, you guys would be dating white women like we are dating your women.
    AF/WM are not going away anytime soon. And I doubt working out at the gym is going to change anything, Dating is not for everyone. Why not take a college class or mentor youths.
    Logan Paul is an idiot . But he reminds me of a young Owen Wilson.
    AF likes him because he’s funny and handsome. So there’s no mystery to that.

  11. You got it wrong dude, if the shoe was on the other foot, White guys would lynch Asian guys the same way they lynched Black guys in BMWF relationships back in the days. These days they don’t lynch anymore because they’re getting Asian women.

    Face it, white guys are way more violent than asian guys, and WM are way more insecured and fragile. Just this week an insecured German Nazi threaten a AMWF couple, when was the last time an Asian guy threatened a WMAF couple this way?


  12. Nighttown,

    I haven’t had the opportunity to look at the video, but I like how he says “JT and Natalie Tran” as if they were a married couple who happen to have the same last name.

  13. @Nighttown
    Not all white guys are violent. Sure there are some idiotic Nazi dudes hanging around, But that’s not everyone. That beautiful girl is dating a Korean guy does makes some guy jealous.
    But don’t play the race card. Asian too had their violent streak; Pearl Harbor and World War 2, Vietnam and the Korean war, too.
    Let’s not argue about who’s violent and who’s not.
    The fact is that you’re in a sexual war with us and you’re on the loosing side.

  14. don’t play the race card

    Ah, you brought in the race card and now spin away. You wanted to compared race with “If the shoe was on the other foot”

    Asian too had their violent streak; Pearl Harbor and World War 2, Vietnam and the Korean war, too.

    That has nothing to do with this, this is about individualism. Which race has more violent individuals and insecured/fragile individuals when facing jealousy in IR.

    The fact is that you’re in a sexual war with us and you’re on the loosing side.

    If winning and losing is all you care about, then you’re no different than the Logan Pauls with NO integrity, honor, ethics, morals, decency. Most Asian guys don’t care about winning or losing, it’s not some contest game.

    Here’s a real fact. Asian guys don’t have to worry about “White Genocide” that most white guys worry about. This is the real reason why there are way more WM insecured and fragile about their women in IR.

  15. “White Genocide?” What’s the hell is that? Most Europeans countries are strong. And European women prefer WM and not B/M or AM. Let’s get that straight. The guys who are jealous of interracial relationships are White guys who don’t date interracially for some reason or the other,
    I agree it is no game or contest. It’s a sexual war. Just like in ancient times when the soldiers carried away the women with the spoils after the winning side won.
    But in 2018 Asian Females are willing to go with WM. It has nothing to do with integrity, honor, ethics, morals and decency.
    I know you don’t care about winning that’s why you’re losing.

  16. That’s the point with your “If the shoe was on the other foot” garbage. If white guys were losing, insecured WM would be lynching like back in the days they lost the sexual war to Black guys.

    Now, they’re winning by getting Asian women, WM don’t need to lynch anymore. Get it now?

  17. NIghtTown is a racist apologist for N.Tran’s racist PC LIEberal SJW agendas.

    If N.Tran is as smart as NightTown claims her to be, then certainly there was some sort of “creative editing” involved to make ET look like a fool after the fact. Post the entire unedited video online to see!

    Otherwise, N.Tran also knew ahead of time the sorts of loaded “questions” that would make her opposition look weak. Typical dirty play.

    The fact we all called out Chloe Bennet and Paul Logan and their brand of SJW racist BS means nothing in the context of continued “defense” (apologism) for sexual racism in ‘Murica.

  18. Siegfiend is correct. It doesn’t matter what AMs think or feel about the situation. “Know your enemies.” And the fact a racist WM loser like Siegfiend voices the racist ideas for WM nationalists lusting after AFs as post-colonialism sexual conquest should be thanked.

    The fact Siegfiend represents a significant racist ideology against Asians should be promoted and noted in the general public discourse. The SJW LIEberals are never this honest!

    To know how they feel and how they think is to have a gift in terms of how to respond: boycott racist Haolewood and don’t give money to YouTube/Google.

  19. YouTube is under a ton of pressure right now from Google/ABC because of its history of under-performance and (anti-)social media policies.

    The recent “cleanup” of certain channels for vulgarities and copyrights caused a ton of controversy for the de-monetization of channels.

    The fact is YouTube has to abide by its own internal standards and also de-monitize Paul Logan.

    In the meanwhile, uBlock Origin and Firefox is the best way to fight against the cyber-bullying juggernauts.

  20. I agreed with all the criticisms against her documentary from the hapas subreddit.

    There were at least 3 threads with hundreds of criticisms against her documentary from the hapas subreddit, and I said I agreed with all the criticisms.

    I only explored 1 angle that Nat offered to help when she interviewed ET, and you’re crying wolf that I claimed she’s smart? Where the F did I say that? Once again your grade school reading comprehension proved you to be the disingenuous racist biggest ultra SJW whiner out of all, crying and lying about racism that don’t exist.

    As for Chloe Bennet, she already moved on and dated someone else last November, way before Logan went to Japan. But according to your grade school logic, me and Chloe are responsible for Logan’s actions because we didn’t see it beforehand.


    Let me get this straight, you blamed all rightwing Trump supporters for voting him to the Oval Office when he made racist comments calling Haiti “Sh*thole”, right? You’re the biggest disingenuous SJW crying blabber mouth WHINER of all, so basically everybody is racist to you, all rightwingers are racists and all far left and LIEberals are racists, you’re the bigggest racist of all and a disingenuous ultra SJW BS shittaard.

    Of course a racist like you would defend a racist like Siegfried, makes you the last credible idiot to call anyone else racists. Unlike YOU the ultra PC censore racist, I did not call Siegfried a troll to shut him up. I welcome his exchange, but I’m going to counter with my own logic.

  21. Aardvark has unfairly called me a racist for no reason. I just love Asian women. And they love me. Their hair and eyes; plus their skin tone. Can I help it if they like me? Many white guys get aroused taking another race women. I guess I’m one of them.

  22. Why are there no chicks on Kreider’s youtube channel, and only motivational videos of him without his shirt?

    Is he going to come out as gay after years of “being there for the bros”?

  23. I must say, American police are incredibly patient and restrained when dealing with retards, although the Japanese are definitely more chill.

  24. He may be gay, he’s kinda way into himself. I disagree with most of his messages, particularly forgiving AF message.

    However, like I’ve stressed many times, moderates should be able to see the good and the bad within people, and the good and bad within partisan. Each party has its good and bad, each person has his/her good and bad. Moderates should be able to recognize the good to distinguish from the bad.

    I don’t agree with most of Kevin Kreider’s messages, but one thing I do like is his work ethic, that’s personal responsiblity. Working out and work on yourselves is good for physical and mental health. That’s a lot of time well worth spending rather than spent 24/7 whining like most SJWs.

    In many cases it’s a good solution, like the Asian guy Bart who’s built like a Hulk. His tall wife Geovanna is of mixed race and is 2 inches taller than him. I also do recognize that in many cases working out don’t pan out to any plausible solution, it’s a 2-way street and it’s better than whining doing nothing.

  25. I think I was confusing Logan Paul with another californian dude who likes to prank people. I did a cursory search, but did not find videos where he pranked strangers (other than the Japan ones).

    Disrespecting suicide victims and religious places aside, I think the outrage might have been less if he was known for pranking strangers. From what I’ve seen, his pranking has been limited to his immediate friends/family (which takes a lot less balls). If that’s the case, why start doing it in Japan unless you’re just trying to play on stereotypes.

    It would take some balls from him to try some of those stunts here in the U.S. Heck, he should try it in Thailand. I’ve seen some ugly beatdowns of fresh westeners in Youtube (after the beatdown of those U.K. tourists that made international news). I somehow doubt he has the balls to do it, though, ’cause he might come back in a wheelchair.

    In general, I wonder though, whether it is acceptable at all to do this kind of thing cross-culturally without it looking suspicious. Tom Green tried it way back, and even though he was known for doing exactly that kind of obnoxious pranking to strangers and family members alike, it was hard not to see that as playing to the stereotypes either.

    As an aside, there are other Youtube prankers that specifically go into inner cities in the U.S. to prank mostly Black people in ways that get a rise out of them (and usually they end up getting slapped around). I’m not sure if they are staged, but some people have brought up the fact that they seem to be also playing to stereotypes about Black men being hyper aggressive and criminal.

  26. I don’t see much value in “Eurasian Tiger”‘s work. I haven’t looked into the body of his work but it looks like the same old grievance and hypersensitivity, single issue psychological conditioning of other Asian/hapa men who may have trouble with their place in society and with women.

    Asianplayboy’s lisp makes me shudder. He’s like that viper that you thought went away after a few skirmishes with the neighborhood cats but actually he’s still around lurking in the bushes.

    Kreider’s m.o. is cliche and is a singular focus on outward forms of beauty and charisma in order to win more in social and sexual interactions. Granted it makes sense for him to have this singular focus because he’s decided to become a life coach, but I wonder if his adherents will ever realize how limiting this singular focus will be at the same time. I guess that when one becomes older one begins to realize that life isn’t all about just being popular or chasing tail. You cannot always be popular or have many friends, especially if you intend to take any principled stands or even do something merely uncommon.

    Close calls will make you wonder if your life has any meaning. The daily grind getting to you will make you wonder when you’ll pay off the mortgage you took up, or if you must cope with relentlessly increasing rent forever. You might wonder about the cost of raising children and funding the higher education of every child. Will you even have any money left for retirement after all of that? Other than looks, what makes the perfect life partner for one?

    What about community and shared social values? What about continuity of heritage? One does not simply become a gym buff for ever.

    I think my problem with Kreider’s approach is that he really only represents the ideal of the American as absorbed by the minority: rootless and the abandonment of essence and heritage and the adoption of the American ideal as a way of life, but this ideal is a single-focus mirage carefully cultivated by pervasive marketing.

  27. More personal responsibilities are exactly the solutions I was looking for, but I thought most of Eurasian Tiger’s huggers don’t want to listen. The single-focus of exercising is just a start, doesn’t have to be at the gym it can be achieved at home, the main benefit is health, without good health one can’t do all the drudgery daily grind that you mentioned. For the ET vouchers, their 1st step to recovery from whining is for them to get off their heinies as they don’t seem to get it, as if 24/7 whining is an all ends all for them. It only takes 1 to 2 hours per day for physical exercises, for the rest of the day they can do all the tasks and endeavors you mentioned.

    They have the entire day aside from work to accomplish all those activities you mentioned. If heritage is important to most guys, I wouldn’t be against it. Moderates are not supposed to be against heritage, heritage and traditions are imperative for the next generation to procure. But conservative right’s beliefs are a bit different than moderates, moderates are not supposed to be against IR either, unless the social norms are harmful then moderates are against.

    Bart and Geo achieved all the endeavors and life-goal objectives you mentioned including a new mortgage and raising a newborn they just had, they own a gym called Barbell Brigade, but the time they spent at the gym is only a small fraction of their days.

  28. You are not talking to a moderate. Do you see my avatar? I am an extremist and a radical. I do not see much value in moderation if a person, hypothetically, lives in environments and milieus that are extreme and immoderate.

    ESPECIALLY if this act of “moderation” is mostly put on, like some kind of drug and new religion to feed to the demographics who don’t have the guts to confront the truth of their reality.

    Do you think you can hold a moral high ground like Buddha by cleaving to a manufactured concept of “moderation”? Do you think that men will rush to join the club and repeat its ideals like the ever present chorus animals in Animal Farm? I think… you can try. LOL

    Eurasian Tiger’s chorus boys are not half-men because they do not exercise. They joined the chorus because they have absolutely no goals in life. Apart from existing within their environments, they have no purpose, no ends, no place they want to go and nothing they want to have except what they think is perpetually denied to them. This is a by-product of the victims indoctrination pervading American society.

    It is much better for Asian men to understand: they are not victims unless they are addicted to being one.

  29. Disagree, ET’s fanbase plays the victimology card a lot, that’s the reality that I see at the hapas subreddit and ET is the king of victimhood. That’s the cognitive dissonance at displayed there.

    I normally don’t want to change anybody and let people be whom they want to be, but when I read preaching about personal responsibility whilst using ET as the evangelist spokesperson as the paradigm for criticisms, I got cringed and objected.

    Sengge Rinchen wrote:
    “You are not talking to a moderate. Do you see my avatar? I am an extremist and a radical.”

    I knew you were a conservative, but didn’t expect that far out, we have nothing in common.

  30. Hmm, I think you should calm down and take a few deep breaths before reaching for the keyboard. That was such a stunning misrepresentation of anything I said that I wonder if you did that on purpose.

  31. If I do it, does that absolve you? Is this consistent with your stand on “moderation”? Lol

  32. Paul Nehlen put out a very sensible proposal regarding censorship. You can find it on Unz. I won’t past a link here because my comment will go to spam.

  33. The video made a lot of good points that I agree with, although there is at least 1 flaw. The speaker says that a minority in a foreign country creates a stereotype for that minority as a whole. Ok, possibly true. But what is the underlying problem which putting these toxic stereotypes in place? In Japan, well, Japan is overwhelmingly Asian and because of this Japan is inclined towards racism, and xenophobia.

    With a country like Japan, that is not reproducing itself demographically, in order to save itself it must open up immigration from other countries. Yes, this means that Japan need to let workers come in from all over, who will enrich Japan with co-cultures, new cuisines, etc., and will have to get use to more shades, from White to Black.

  34. Snorkel,

    Good find on Paul Nehlen. I’ll post the link:


    In theory it sounds good, but knowing how government operates, I’m pretty sure it’s easier said than done. YouTube has an army of people who decide which content is acceptable. For a government entity to police YouTube, it would require 3-4 times the number of censors that YouTube employs. It’s likely unfeasible, not to mention that such a proposal would face legal hurdles.

    While I agree with you that Japan isn’t reproducing itself, it’s somewhat hard to make immigration work culturally. Remember that Japan is a country where you can leave a laptop unattended in a major city and expect no one to take it. I don’t know if most foreign workers come from cities or cultures like that. I know I don’t! More immigration would definitely mean more crime, more flouting of rules, more violence. I think that’s why they’re turning to robots.

  35. I didn’t watch all of ET’s video, but my impression wasn’t that he was playing the victim card. I thought he was simply pointing stuff out, that AF/WM wasn’t as rosy as the media makes it. It’s an important point.

    Not to detract too much, but I’ve come to the realization that part of the disconnect between AM and AF in this country is based on a misinterpretation of the social trends. AM erroneously believe that American culture goes out of its way to protect AF, but it’s not true. American culture doesn’t do jack for AF. American culture doesn’t even protect the Celebrity Club. It just goes out of its way to protect White dudes’ access to Asian women and Asian women’s access to White men, not the Asian females themselves. There’s a big difference. That’s why it leans towards banning ET and keeping Paul Logan Paul.

  36. “With a country like Japan, that is not reproducing itself demographically, in order to save itself it must open up immigration from other countries. Yes, this means that Japan need to let workers come in from all over, who will enrich Japan with co-cultures, new cuisines, etc., and will have to get use to more shades, from White to Black.”

    This is a conclusion based on what has been true heretofore. It is not true based on what will happen in the future.

    I think Japan learned early on what happens when you have to feed a lot of people in an economy that does not grow, when it took the fall for America and willingly put itself into decades of stagnation. Japan used to have a reputation for work ethic, high technology, and efficiency. It no longer has this reputation. Today, as compared to a mere ten years ago, it is mainly known for it’s “culture”.

    I postulate that Japan is shrinking its own population on purpose to get rid of undesirables, and replacing the entire workforce, much of whom now work unpaid overtime as a matter of fact and life, with AI and automation. This is Japan’s approach to an aging population. If they can no longer have an advantage in this generation, they will pour what resources they have into the next age.

    Japan will not open its door to immigration. It doesn’t have to.

  37. I guess I’d have to be familiar with Eurasian “Tiger’s” body of work, but it sounds like the same old at first glance to me. It’s like the same shit on a different day.

    Do you have a link? I’ll bite the bullet and check it out. It does seem though that his videos and his writings have been made invisible on a simple Google search.

  38. I can recognize and filter the good vs. the bad within each person. Many people cannot do this and just either love or hate certain people without evaluating their good vs. bad viewpoints. Don’t get me wrong, I like ET, he has a lot of good legit points, but he’s far from flawless.

    ET is leaned more toward the Left, and you guys hate the far left. Some of ET’s gripes are against Neo-Nazis dating conservative Asian women, so the angle he comes from is the Left against the Right. It’s ironic that you guys vouch for him because some of you guys are traditionalists against IR which leaned more to the right, and some of you guys are strictly pro heritage traditional unions only. ET is Pro-IR, he’s of mixed race and so are his hapas fanbase, there’s NO way he’s against IR. If some Asian guys don’t date Black women or Latina women he would accuse those Asian guys as racists the same way he calls Asian women racists for not dating BM or colored men. This is one of ET’s VICTIM card pushing points, ET is similar to LLAG in that regard where he defends Black people as if they do no wrong and whines about Whites being racists and ET also whines about Asians being racists for Anti-Blacks. Anti-Blacks is a similar victimology card that LLAG pushes.

    ET has self-admitted multiple times that he internalized Anti-Asian racism from his dad growing up and he still does, doesn’t this sound familiar with LLAG’s Anti-East Asian racism?

    Not to detract too much, but I’ve come to the realization that part of the disconnect between AM and AF in this country is based on a misinterpretation of the social trends. AM erroneously believe that American culture goes out of its way to protect AF, but it’s not true. American culture doesn’t do jack for AF. American culture doesn’t even protect the Celebrity Club. It just goes out of its way to protect White dudes’ access to Asian women and Asian women’s access to White men, not the Asian females themselves. There’s a big difference. That’s why it leans towards banning ET and keeping Paul Logan Paul.

    It’s good to see someone else can see things from BOTH sides like I do. In this regard ET is different than LLAG, LLAG is a feminist protecting WMAF unions while ET as anti-WMAF, so LLAG is protected by facebook. There are some similarities as I pointed out above, but yes this is their differences.

    Most social media giants like Youtube and FB are from the left, they abide by the rules inaugurated by sponsors’ stipulated demands that contents are regulated similar to television due to a large younger demographic of viewing audience. Most corporation sponsors are from the right, they are traditionalists, but they want to regulate free-speech because as I’ve said before it’s to protect the family nucleus (conservatism) by protecting the children from watching filthy toxic contents like Logan Paul and a few other Youtubers produced with mass followings.

  39. Sengge:

    No link. It’s all gone. That’s part of the problem.


    NOBODY here is against IR. I know this because I read each and every comment. I’m sure you’ve heard more ET than I have, and I can’t comment on what he’s said about Black people, but I can assure you that nobody here is against IR, not even the trolls.

    (yeah, there are some people like Samurai something or other who were against it, but they’ve been gone for years.)

  40. Stuff like what “Eurasian Tiger” must be evaluated on the basis of a mental health issue and not just a free speech one, and I think I raised this some time ago. I can at least be credited with being consistent.


    1. Listen to this young man’s experience on Eurasian Tiger’s reddit page
    2. Look at the comments on that youtube link

    Let me ask you:

    What’s the more important thing to do in this scenario? What goal needs to be achieved?

  41. “I can recognize and filter the good vs. the bad within each person. Many people cannot do this and just either love or hate certain people without evaluating their good vs. bad viewpoints. Don’t get me wrong, I like ET, he has a lot of good legit points, but he’s far from flawless.”

    Hello Nighttown,

    Could you give me an assessment? I have always been curious about the war between light and dark on my side

    “No link. It’s all gone. That’s part of the problem.”

    It could be a “problem” or it could be just a feature of the operating environment.

    If it weren’t all gone, but just harder to find, that raises the bar for anybody to demonstrate or prove malfeasance, doesn’t it?

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