Those damn Asian genes…

This is why I’m not an advice columnist. I would’ve told her that her genes were cursed forever and that she should just adopt. Or have her boyfriend use a Caucasian egg donor.

10 thoughts on “Those damn Asian genes…

  1. I read a similar story before but instead it was the Asian wife who worried her son would have a small penis. Unsurprisingly, her White husband agreed with her. The story I read is probably more typical than the one in the advice column, where the soon-to-be wife expresses outrage at her partner’s prejudice. I say this because these interracial couples usually share a lot in common, including views on race. Birds of a feather and all.

    There was a time I would’ve added how it’s a shame that the kids have to grow up in a toxic environment but after learning that most Eurasians identify more strongly with Whites, it’s not so big a deal to me anymore.

  2. I read a similar story before but instead it was the Asian wife who worried her son would have a small penis.

    And Jenn claims Toxic Asian Femininity “isn’t a thing” (but Toxic Asian Masculinity is).

  3. To be fair to the Fangs, in order for them to keep relevant as “voices of the APIA blogsosphere,” they have to throw a bone every once in awhile when it’s blatantly obvious case of racism and anti-AM violence by the popo when the popo is white:

    However, never have James Lamb-Fang publicly went on record against the tons of news stories of police AND other types of anti-Asian violence in USofA, but resorts to some made up fantasy of “East Asian economic and social privilege” when the direct evidence points to the opposite on so many levels in this racist country.

  4. That’s why I’m not worried. My half-Asian son will have a big package that he can be proud of. That’s for sure. So if there’s any Asian female worried about having a male baby, just give me a call and we’ll do it the natural way.

  5. Siggy,

    You’ve been looking for Asian women for the last ten years. I don’t think any are picking up the phone to call you. While I think we all admire your persistence, there may come a time when you just have to throw in the towel. Find a place where your package is more welcome.

  6. How far is he going to take this madness? Is he going to force his hapa daughters to abort baby sons too? Hey, a quarter Asian genes means 25% less developed in the package department. He’s willing to sacrifice losing his surname just to have all daughters, and all grand daughters.

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