Justice Department may eliminate affirmative action

Austin Jia, super-achiever who may have been rejected by schools based on race. Photo credit: Will Glaser/The New York Times

I’m taking a quick break from my break because of the historic possibility that the Justice Department under Jeff Sessions may be trying to eliminate affirmative action. I don’t remember any administration ever taking this stance. With the chaos of the Trump administration, no one really knows if this inquiry on affirmative action will pan out. But as I said before, I always felt that Trump was the best candidate on race, despite the fact that he’s incompetent in just about every other area. This may be his defining achievement.

Anyway, Asians are finally in the news:

Affirmative Action Battle Has a New Focus: Asian Americans

We got a pro-Asian opinion piece from CNN:

Liberals Can’t Handle the Asian Factor in Affirmative Action

We also got a pro-Asian editorial from the Wall Street Journal:

What is Harvard Hiding?

The comments coming from the Social Justice Warriors are rich. “I’m not your wedge!”(to promote equality) “I support diversity!”(of race and identity, not opinion or socio-economic class) “Don’t use me as an argument to fight racism against me!” (Well, they didn’t quite say that.)

I’ve long realized that we’re not going to convince the indoctrinated leftists to give up their religion. I don’t know if Trump/Sessions will win this fight. But I hope that they tear those admissions offices WIDE open. To hell with their secrecy and “holistic” excuses and racism based on stereotypes. I want the Justice Department to question all the decisions they make, to break open those files and force them to explain why all things being equal, an Asian person needs 140 more SAT points than a White person, 270 points more than a Hispanic person, and 450 points more than a Black person for equal consideration. I want them to explain the coincidence of how we Asians seem to be capped at 18% of the class at Harvard, despite the fact that quotas are illegal. Even if we lose, this exercise could and should be educational. Trump has failed in just about everything he has attempted so far, but if we build up support among the population, perhaps the momentum may be enough to carry this forward.

32 thoughts on “Justice Department may eliminate affirmative action

  1. I’m in contact with Austin Jia’s mom, she has been a leader in many events, including this Asian American complaint against Harvard. Young Austin is under enormous pressure now. People from everywhere, including Harvard professors, emailed him or sent him Facebook message to debate him. I’m very sympathize with him. He is so young and has to face professors, classmates and friends in his ultra liberal college environment. I’m not sure if he is prepared for this.

  2. Asians are stupid and prestige whores for wanting to give money to raciste elite white institutions when public schools like the UC system is much better and egalitarian than any of the old money racists ever try to hide behind their social engineering “diversity” banners.

    Nonetheless, make the data public since they take taxpayer money. Whether affirmative action actually helps Asians in the workforce is another issue altogether, given Trump’s ignoring of the Asian girls…

  3. I’m with you on this one, bigwowo. It would be great to have full transparency from Admission offices. One thing that I would very much like to see is how much weight is given to SAT scores within racial categories. Eg, how many Asian dudes beat out other Asian dudes with 150 more SAT points?

    It is interesting that the Asian SJWs insist so much on disaggregating data on Asian Americans but don’t complain one bit about the opacity of the “holistic” selection process.

  4. I also remember a “leak” somewhere these admissions social engineers also lump Asian Americans with FOB Asians. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with “balancing” the freshman classes based on availability of “talent” within different groups foreign vs domestic, I doubt the Ivy Schools are taking Malaysian hip-hop musicians over American born URM civil engineering students.

    For institutions that take public money, they’re going to have to release the data for sure. For all the regressive leftists cries for releasing the tax records and accountability, they sure hold Ivy Schools to lower standards and double standards.

  5. You can’t blame asians for wanting to go to Ivy League schools because they didn’t come all the way from Asia to go to public schools. They work hard to get the best of the best. America is the best country on Earth and Ivy League schools are the best schools in America. Problem is they spend all their time working, and not paying attention to politics.
    Asians just have such good values that other races take advantage of them. They need to learn how to be bad to fend off the racist left and right. I don’t think Trump can get anything done. Asians should band together, favor and help each other. Don’t expect other races to help you out. If asians want to get anything done, go and do it themselves.

  6. America is the best country on earth according to whom? White worshiping is the real disease of Sick Man of Asia syndrome.

    Giving money to racists is about the stupidest idea I heard of. UC System is #1 in the world because of the population of Asians and not because UC System is inherently better than any other. Asians built the academics in USofA.


    Pretty much every year the same for Intel, Westinghouse, etc.

  7. I just want to make the clarification that I don’t think Asians are inherently smarter or more gifted at math/STEM than any other demographic. Most of these kids are children of academics imported from Confucian cultures where studying and academics are seen as prestigious.

    Indeed, Asia’s brain drain is well known along with Eastern Europe. And it’s because the US immigration system has done its job that high tech workers want to immigrate to the US.

    These contests are true meritocracies, or lest the SJWs and the Fangs go screaming “toxic AM masogilinity” and “over-representation” and see how far that gets the US teams around the world.

  8. ChineseMom,

    Keep up the good work with the activism! We need these connections to keep fighting the good fight. Boys like Austin are like the Rosa Parks of our generation–they’re willing to stand up despite the anger and crybullying. Cheers.

    Everyone else,

    Let’s make the data public!

  9. Asian-American feminists and SJW’s will always defend their white liberal masters.

  10. Harvard and the UCs already faced lawsuits during the 80s alleging discrimination against Asians. Now that affirmative action is banned in public schools in California, the UCs have seen large increases in their percentage of Asians. Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League merely raised the Asian quota from 15% to 18% because the matter was settled out of court.

    SJWs act like the end of affirmative action will be the end of the world but the fact is that Canada’s top schools are filled with mostly Asians because they have no quotas and yet Canada is actually a more progressive country. The difference is that unlike Canadian liberals, American liberals have to pander to their large Black and Hispanic voter base, so they readily throw Asians under the bus to that end.

    I doubt Trump has the political savvy to effect any major change, given his general incompetence, but at least he can apply legal pressure that exposes corruption and illegality within private universities.

    @ aardvark

    The Ivy League vs. University of California comparison is short-sighted because it ignores the UC’s racist history of discrimination against Asians before the ban on affirmative action in the 90s. Just as the UCs were forced to clean up their act, the same can be done to the Ivy League. Things can change.

  11. How far back in history we do want to go? For sure the UC system was racist when the regressive LIEberals took over in the 60s and enacted affirmative discrimination for their numerical URM voter social engineering.

    HOWEVER, given what it’s worth with the current state of things, the UC system is much more preferable than the racist tainted history of the Ivy Schools like Harvard and Yale that actively profited from the Opium Wars in China and still doesn’t acknowledge any of it. Or Leland Stanford’s racist history of enslaving Chinese coolies and profiting off their labor.


    In my book, it’s the Asians who are stupid for wanting to give money to racists and their institutions.

  12. Aardvark, right now Ivy league is racist so yes it’s stupid to pour Asian money into it, but what about when affirmative action is removed and Ivy is no longer racist, like the UC system. Would it be wise then?

    You mentioned about prestige, you could be right that the Ivy degrees could be less effective for obtaining STEM jobs when the UC degrees can achieve the STEM jobs just as well in the United States. What about back in Asia, for those Asian students who go back to Asia to work. Since Asians worship Ivy degrees so much, these degrees must be worth more valuable in Asia to obtain jobs in STEM in addition to prestige?

    (U.S.) Top-5 Universities for STEM Job Placement, None from Ivy


    Armstrong State University
    Bates Technical College
    USC – University of Southern California
    Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
    University of Massachusetts Amherst

  13. It’s no secret the Ivy racists love to pit FOB Asians against Asian Americans, because FOBs generally come from rich backgrounds and pay tuition in full.

    In Asia, they have even more rigorous undergraduate programs than in the US.

    STEM doesn’t only mean jobs, but also fundamental research. The rest of the world is catching up and surpassing the USofA research programs, especially in Trump’s regime of science illiteracy and denial.

  14. Asians in America are essentially coolies and mercenaries. Why do you need to attend an Ivy League? Of course, it signifies prestige, access to better jobs and better pay doled out by the White man, at the expense of someone else.

    Asians used to perform real tangible work for their White masters, but today, not so much.

    The entire Asian American narrative is rather unremarkable and boring.

  15. @ Chr

    The Ivy League is a gateway to America’s upper echelons of power. If more Asians gain access, we won’t be talking about Asians working for White masters but Whites working for Asians. It is possible.

  16. Successful Asians in America don’t empower their own. They abet the White Power Structure to ensure privileges are given to them only. Successful Asians are the quintessential mercenary minority in modern day America. They love to curry favor from Whites. Other than that, they are just coolies working for the Man.

    In all my years living in America, I’ve never been physically assaulted by a White or Black person, but I’ve been randomly attacked by a few Asian bros in 2 separate incidents. What’s scary is that I found out that one of them was also an employee of a big company in which I was employed. Aardvark is happy now.

  17. Chr, typical white racists always chest thumping boasting ridiculous nonsense

    Why do white people keep denying “white privilege”? What you speak of are the echelon of white privilege.

    The master/slavery empty talk is out of context, it only applies in situations where the workers are forced to work at the expense of freedom and get paid with low wages, slave wages.

    If Asians are happy to work for high wages, and willing to get rich, that’s not slave/master scenarios. That’s just common sense work hard, grind, to make a living. Something lazy arses like some lazy white entitlers wouldn’t understand.

    I’ve noticed a large percentage of white people after getting laid off from work, while being jobless, instead of being diligent accepting minimum wage jobs to contribute to societies, they opted to stand at street intersections begging for free handouts from Asians. I rarely see this kind of scenes at white areas, but at Asian business areas I see many white people standing at intersections begging for free handouts.

    Face reality Chr, white people always get mad that they have to resort to begging for money at street intersections, while Asians steal all their high paying jobs.

  18. You are going into another direction with your comments.

    It’s quite ironic that many Asian Americans are genuine supporters of the White Power Structure, which is deemed racist by other racial minorities, and they wished to emulate them. There are plenty of self-haters from the Asian community who side with the “White is Right” world and there is also a growing number of self haters siding with the other extreme, yet, they show very little support for their own.

    I view most Asians in the Western world as benign parasites with identity issues and not much else.

  19. You are going into another direction with your comments.

    I was talking about your notion of Asians working for their white masters.

    It’s quite ironic that many Asian Americans are genuine supporters of the White Power Structure, which is deemed racist by other racial minorities, and they wished to emulate them. There are plenty of self-haters from the Asian community who side with the “White is Right” world and there is also a growing number of self haters siding with the other extreme, yet, they show very little support for their own.

    I view most Asians in the Western world as benign parasites with identity issues and not much else.

    True, but given the strict police state controllers of this country, there isn’t much choices for Asians to venture, other than follow the rules, work hard for a living and be stand up citizens.

    Making noises and going full throttle against the White Power Structure like the other groups the BLM, the SJW, and the Islamic terrorists don’t really work in this country, it’s actually making them look like scumbags at ground zero.

    Personally, I don’t like the self haters and “White is Right” Asians like Tila Tequila. I do like the hard working, law abiding blue collar Asians.

    What brilliant ideas you think Asians should be doing instead?

  20. Can someone please explain to me why Jenn and her fellow SJWs are still pushing this nonsense about how Asian Americans are pro-affirmative action for College admissions? Jenn participated in this AA debate where the article states that almost every other race are AGAINST using race as a criteria during admission selection.
    In 2015, affirmative action support among African-Americans was 77%, Latinos was 61%, and white Americans was 53%. But in response to a 2016 Gallup Poll question asking if “race or ethnicity should be taken into account in college admissions decisions in order to promote diversity,” only 44% of blacks agreed, with 29% of Hispanics and 22% of whites following suit.


  21. Chr is a Haole racist troll. Do not engage if you don’t want to deal with low life scum.

    While I agree Asians can treat other Asians like crap and there is psycho amounts of materialism with Asians, I never seen Chr’s white male fragile ego preemptive strike fantasy rationalization of Asians are at fault for taking white people jobs and school seats.

    Quite the opposite from what I seen: Asians bend over backwards to appease whites, both in Asian and in USofA. The SJWs definitely try to appease their white LIEberal masters. Meanwhile, the brainwashed sellouts also marry alt-right wingnuts.


    The only primary Asian sellouts who support white patriarchy are AFs married to the racist right nutjobs like Elaine Chao at the very top of power. Something that Jenn Fang, Erin Chew, LLAG, and other SJWs never call out, but only resort to “toxic AM misogilinity” fake news.

  22. aardy is a victim pimp — those that sell the propaganda that Asians are oppressed by the White Racist State. Similar to the guys who complain about AMs being emasculated in Hollywood for their lack of luck with dating. Similar to Asian immigrants from Asian shitholes who complain that America is racist.

    Let’s face it, most Asians are superficial and most superficial Asians want to be like Whites, but without the clout.

  23. Chr can’t get a rise out of sensible people like me because what he says about “some” Asians is sadly all too real with the materialism and superficiality. Which is why the Asian SJWs only care about superficial “diversity” of skin color but are absolutists on their social agendas and totalitarian about it.

  24. Why do idiots get outraged sounding like they know something, when they don’t. I

    If trying to succeed in life is superficial to be whites, then that’s pretty much applies to everyone including Blacks, Brown, Red, Middle Easterners as they all try to succeed in life, and they all try to be whites. When you’re most successful, you are equivalent to the elitist whites in terms of wealth and power. Not many Non-whites can achieve success beyond the top tier whites. So by your whacked logic, Whites are at the top of the food chain, which by your definition success = whites.

    In this blog, Kiwi is the true Asian hero, Byron is also an Asian hero.

    All the other guys are fakes, extreme moderates. These guys would sell half of Asians down the river, and throw the other half under the bus.

    These fakes don’t want diversity, they appear to want tribal identity politics for Asians, yet they don’t want the followings.

    1) – They don’t want Asians in Ivy League, keep Affirmative Action intact.

    2) – They don’t want Asians in Hollywood, but let Hollywood conquers Asia.

    3) – They don’t give a damn if Asians are killed by the police.

    4) – However, they do give a damn when Asians get murdered by thugs and racists.

    What these fakes don’t realize is that what drives the Racist State is what randomly kills off Asians that they often cry about when they read in the fake news. You fakes sellout Asians down the river when you don’t care about social justice that can advertently help Asians be prepared for the world they are naive about.

    How can you whine about #4 so often when you acknowledge there’s no such thing as racism in the great good ol USofA. Maybe Asians are so stupid or so bad luck that they’re randomly get killed off by muggers, bullies, or whoever the crooks are.

  25. 2 camps of extreme Asian Americans are found.

    Those who play victim hood and get into tribal politics, with quite a number of them even siding with White extremists who share a common feeling of victim status. Asians and Whites are both civilized races among a sea of uncivilized Non Whites, who are given benefits undeservedly at their expense.

    You have the other group that outwardly panders to the mainstream White Power Structure or the establishment, who comes across as liberal, universal, open minded, except when it comes to their own people because Asian Americans have an inferiority complex and identity issues. It’s all about a getting a power trip, when you are seen as better than your inferiors of the same race.

    Then there is the 3rd group of Asians who seem to be the majority. These are your obedient, almost naive types, that follow rules, those with a coolie status attached to them. This group is common among the less acculturated FOB types who perceive America as a place to make money, and think the world is a good place if you play by the rules, work hard and don’t cause any trouble. They also think everybody else is usually good, if you don’t mess with them, when in fact America is a country that encourages psychopaths to move and shape society.

  26. Nope, the Anti-police brutality Asian SJW crowd is anti-white extremists, since many of those cops are whites and were former KKK or White Nationalist members. During the Obama’s administration, they couldn’t hold the highest power oval office in the White House, so the next best thing was they became cops to hold power in the police force. That was when we saw a spike in police violence during Obama’s tenure.

    The Asian SJW camp is more of baby extreme due to nonviolent, the lower tier basic extreme. The highest of extreme is “Violence” and that’s been rampaged more by the far-right White Extremists, running cars through counter-protesters, killing people that don’t look Neo Whites, attacked Muslims, attacked Indians, attacked Blacks, attacked liberal white women, etc. Asian extremists do not do this, so Asian SJW extremists are at the tamer tier, more verbal non-violent.

    You forgot the 4th Asian group, the extreme Moderates, these guys do nothing but are the biggest censorers. They are the Sugar Coaters, afraid to touch on sensitive topics or real topics that affect Asians. Sugar coat and stay on irrelevant topics. They don’t allow other Asians to talk about anything that affects them, as that would be seen as victimhood. This 4th group is the biggest PC censorers to applease their White Masters because their white masters don’t want to hear Asians complain either.

  27. No, the worse are the Asian pimps who just push the agenda that their own are oppressed in America, by constantly reinforcing the unfair Ivy League admissions, the Vincent Chin meme, and the Chinese Exclusion Act, as good examples.

    Then comes the Asian liberal SJWs who hate their own, followed by the passive aggressive Asian tribals, where some of them also side with the White Supremacists.

    But the real repugnant kind of Asians are the many. Those who that have this deliberate or naive ignorance that somehow America is a good place if I keep my mouth shut and work for the man, hopefully for a high wage in return.

  28. I know you’re troll baiting for a rise, but I’ll play your game anyway.

    What wacked nonsense are you going to say next? That Non-Violence is worse than Violence?

    You’re full of BS and you know it, keep on wishing and some fools might believe your opinions as facts.

    You need to base your opinions on something, such as on your country’s own LAWs, you do believe in your own country’s laws right?

    Protesting and Verbal whining that Asians do may seem extreme, but are NOT unlawful.

    Violence, attacking people, killing people, hate crimes, that your white people do are extreme, unlawful, and illegal.

    That’s why your white people got charged and arrested, and my people did not.

    I’ll keep it that simple, maybe it’ll get through your thick head.

  29. Asian SJWs are the censors like the Fangs and Erin Chew and yomyomf, also LLAG. They emulate their white SJW leadership to censor and shutdown conversations.

    Exact same tactics as their alt-right wingnuts married to white nationalists like Elaine Chao.

    Bottom line is Asians don’t have self-determination and autonomy in USofA and the racist social hierarchy and media brainwashes people to rigged rigid socially acceptable categories stemming form the USofA racist history and culture.

  30. There are various degrees and various levels of censorships. The basic level is using the buzzword “SJW” as an insult to shut down the complainer/whiner, this is the clasic case. There’s a lot of this in the comment sections of Youtube and on Twitter. For instance.

    Commenter1: Gosh, the youtuber’s mother is so stereotypical, she wants her Asian son to be a doctor rather than keeping his successful high paying job as a Youtuber.

    Extreme Moderate: @Commenter1 Shut the f’ up biatch, you are such a SJW

    Commenter1: 🙁

    While it’s true that the whiner deservedly being called an extreme SJW, but the other guy deservedly gets the label “Extreme Moderate” as he censors and shuts down the whiner.

  31. aardy is just one of those Militant Asians that only lurk behind a computer screen. The types that dislike both Blacks and Whites. But he’s right.

    Asians need to vouch for their own to return back to their homelands because they cannot fully take advantage of what the American political system has to offer, which has duped them time after time, at their expense to benefit the greater White majority and also the greater Black minority.

  32. I’m more than happy to label “SJW” when the SJWs’ and Fangs’ cronies stop labeling “toxic AM misoglinity” to everybody who doesn’t agree with them. And their censorship of moderate dissenting opinions…

    Hypocrisy is a two way street.

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