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I’m sure everyone has been watching all the Asian women in the news. First, there was the sexual harassment case where an apparent Silicon Valley White rice chaser was targeting Asian women. His business partner was an Asian male. Then there was the irate African American doctor who murdered an Asian American female doctor in the Bronx. Then there was the case of Yingying Zhang, the Chinese national who was kidnapped by some White dude with a fascination with kidnapping.

In the past, I would say something. But these days, I wonder if it makes a difference. In the case of the SV rice chaser, most of what I’ve said about protecting proactively against this sort of thing is stuff that I’ve already said many times (e.g. this). I have very little in terms of short-term solutions. The Black dude shooting the doctors is likely a fluke, although man, what a sad and horrific crime against someone with such a promising life. The White dude kidnapping the Chinese national may or may not be race-based, but I also hope the Chinese government gets proactive about sending a strong message to its citizens: Americans can be violent, violent people, and you can’t trust strangers in this country, especially if you’re an Asian female.

For the past year or so, since Trump’s election and even before Trump’s election (notably when Sanders and Clinton were getting into the action), I’ve felt like it doesn’t matter what anyone says. On the liberal side, we saw Shrieking Girl at Yale, the rich Black kid who faked a hate crime at Mizzou, a BLM movement that stated entirely on a lie (“Hands up, don’t shoot”), and a bunch of crazies shouting at Evergreen State. We’ve got a media that has been battered (rightfully in some cases) by accusations of bias. The “liberals,” who supposedly support tolerance and justice, continue to support these liars and crybullies. On the conservative side, we’ve got an orangutan in the White House, the orangutan’s enablers in the Senate, and a bunch of hypocritical Bible Thumpers who continue to elect these jackasses no matter what crimes they commit. Whatever happened to the conservatives of the 80’s who prided themselves on their moral superiority? Don’t even get me started on the craziness from other Asian Americans these days. Oshay Duke Jackson likes to say that the buffoonery is at an all-time high for African Americans, but the word “buffoonery” doesn’t even begin to describe the senseless nonsense that is coming out of Asian America these days. I’m afraid that some of us just can’t be helped.

I’m taking a long vacation from blogging. I’ve done this before, but I have a feeling this one will be longer than the other times. Right now, I’m just feeling that this blog is powerless. The blogosphere has been overrun by the extremes–both liberal and conservative–and they are making no sense. Maybe blogs in general these days are powerless. Common sense has taken a long, long vacation. Therefore maybe I should do the same. I’ll be checking out from here for awhile, but I won’t be checking out from life, so if anyone wants to talk offline, feel free to let me know.

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  1. Yes this blog is dead. It’s dying like the Fighting 44s. I have a solution. Why not let me take over for awhile? I’ll tell the truth about the loving WM/AF. And crime in the black community. You’ve been at it for a long time. Go ahead and give me a chance!

  2. Yellow fever in SV? Water is wet, at least to most people. It seems like the topic of yellow fever has been suppressed in Asian female circles because it’s viewed as an attack on their white partners, which goes to the point of personal preferences affecting one’s views and activism. Calling out yellow fever reduces harassment, but it also hurts people’s feelings. What a dilemma.

    Medicine is pretty stressful. I guess failing in the field pushes you over the edge, some go postal while others suicidal like Robert Chu https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2017/06/17/tragic-case-of-robert-chu-shows-plight-of-canadian-medical-school-grads.html

    The kidnapper targeted someone’s white female friend http://imgur.com/a/f9O5x. The scumbag may have been going for anyone but I’m sure he felt like he had a higher chance of success with an Asian target, especially a naive foreign student. I agree China needs to warn their students about a lot of things before coming over. You can’t have a year go by without a Chinese student being killed at USC.

    I remember one poster from Africa talking about how they had a great forum that slowly got taken over by extreme posters. Feels like that has happened to most of the internet by now.

  3. Byron,

    Your blog and perspective is considered one of the last remaining non-leftist viewpoints of AAPI identity politics. To lose you would mean not just one less older AAPI male community advocate, but an important counterpoint to the far left, “progressive” and anti-Asian male, upper crust, ivory tower, negative service to the AAPI community sort of activists of Asian descent. May I remind you that kicking the proverbial can down the road, means someone else or their descendants
    (think of the children!) have to assume this arduous task. Instead of capitulating, let’s brainstorm visibly actionable acts of activism. Also, have you considered the Asian subreddits and/or one their real time chat rooms? Email me if interested.

  4. Enjoy your summer! I’ve been taking a break of sorts as well to focus on some personal projects…

    I’ve got to say I’m not “surprised” at the least bit about the NYC doctor shooting of Dr. Tam and the LACK of “condemnation” from Jenn Fang and James Lamb-Fang and Erin Chew. Instead, their twitter is about anti-Jackie Chan angst about playing another Asian ethnicity.

    Apparently to the SJWs, identity politics is only against toxic masculiginity Asians.

  5. Thanks for the support, guys. I’d say that right now I really do feel like I’m in the lowest mood ever with respect to blogging–and that’s no exaggeration. In all other areas of my life, whether we’re talking relationships, work, or parenting, there are consequences. Good things happen when I do good things, bad things happen when I screw up. But blogging seems to have a reverse thing going–say something useful, and the SJW’s will go batshit crazy and attack you personally. Say something stupid, and the SJW’s will jump on your side-which doesn’t help, since everyone knows it’s stupid. The country has gone crazy. The conservative extreme is running the country into the ground, while the liberal extreme is doing whatever it can to destroy the country’s educational foundation. From our perspective, it’s the Far Left that is running everything. They won the cultural war. The question is whether we as Asian Americans can recover. Right now, we’re still losing.

    Emotional terrorism has run rampant. It’s not just the Asian American feminists anymore. Now, anyone with a claim to oppression is getting into the action. It’s really a toxic environment. I used to identify with a lot of these people. I used to feel sorry for them. Now I realize that whatever hurt they’re feeling has won. It’s come to define them. And in the current environment, they are encouraged to allow their emotions to rule them. Logic be damned.

    Anyway, I’m definitely taking some time off. Kobrah Kai, thanks for the invite; I’ll contact you before I get back in, maybe at the end of the summer or at the beginning of next year. Maybe later. Aardvark, same. I have a feeling that if we’re all still in at that time, we should do some sort of relaunch. Despite all the attacks from the Far Left (and it’s really been the Far Left more than the Far Right who have been the most active in the last year), I still think that our brand of common sense is most attractive to the majority of Asian Americans in this country.

    Take care y’all.

  6. say something useful, and the SJW’s will go batshit crazy and attack you personally.
    – bigwowo
    This University of Toronto Humanities prof figured out of way of giving the SJW crazies the middle finger and profit from their craziness at the same time.

    Apparently to the SJWs, identity politics is only against toxic masculiginity Asians.
    – aardvark
    I very much believe that Jenn and other Asian “feminists” are going to cut down on their bullsh!t. Nowadays, there are many more Asian (and Hapa) sisters ready to call them out on their hypocrisy.
    The analysis is spot on and since chillimillie is a hapa female, she can’t be easily dismissed. I think Asian Feminists (the JLC_2.0 ones anyways) are going to be on the run.

  7. You definitely need a break. The nature will take its course eventually. Or maybe it’s happening now.

    I know I have a different perspective on many of the AA views. Even within AA community, there are many different voices in terms of race-based, community-based issues, nationality-based issues. So when it comes to talking about Asian Americans, it can be as broad as Mongolian Empire or as high as Mt Everest.

    Since it’s been a while, I might drop a line or two.

    First, I’m a strong believer in Evolution. Not a typical mere “Yes, we descends from monkeys” enlightenment. The evolution of existence or I’d say “Gradual, subtle modification or existential material”. I don’t believe in God, but I believe the very idea that God exists has helped along the human evolution process and morality development.

    You may have a different perspective on life, or an idea of existence. I have mine. I don’t try to convince you the way I think, but I genuinely hope this will make some idea spreading along the way.

    Asian American Cause
    What are we really trying to fight? The fight against the suppression of the majority when it suits your entire community? But infighting is common when one claims his own nationality. There’s no perfect world. I just want to throw a light on this kind of community behavior because it is very very common in every nation. The entire Asian American community experience is no different from Indian experience in Singapore.

    The very idea that minority will gather for the community cause, and yet they will fight intra when it comes to their own cause is the fundamental behaviors among animals. What sticks them together can be categorized as per requirement for the interest: National Interest, Community Interest, personal interest, so on and so forth.

    European American Cause
    There’s no cause, isn’t it?

    Well, for Europeans, their cause is different than AA basal cause since they are already majority in the country. The cause is personal interest rather than community interest since they are in the majority.

    While Native Americans and (occasionally Blacks) are uprooting the nature of Columbus celebration, Spanish and Italians are fighting over Columbus birthplace, crediting their national pride who’s discovered the new world. English and Germans taking credit for who’s making more contribution to the US technological prowess.

    Every recent European immigrant trash-talks about America. You name it: English, German, Swedish, French, Romanian, Italian. Those nationalities I came across in my work environment and deal with them almost every day. Guess what? They all take up US green cards, and plan to apply US citizenship anytime soon.

    The morale of the story is, animal instinct fights for their own space, and what sticks them together is what interest set them off in the first place. Here in the US, becoming a part of the White majority masks their true intention and facilitates their assimilation. So they don’t have similar cause as AA cause in the first place. What they do have is their own national pride brought from their home country and behaving accordingly based on the pre-existing racial hierarchy in the US.

    Chinese Vs Whites
    We can take a comparison between a diaspora and setting the majority in foreign lands. European diaspora in the US, Australia, and New Zealand make up the majority and set the tone of the respective countries. The same goes for Singapore as well. Chinese diaspora in Singapore (that’s why it was kicked out from Malaysia in the first place), make up the majority and set the tone of the country. Almost every Chinese immigrant in Singapore assimilates fast and become racist against minority, including South East Asians. They have all kinds of stereotype set upon different minorities. Pigeonholing is not White traits. It’s universal trait. The question is “Can you afford to pigeonhole other people and live your life?” This racist behavior is affordable when you are a part of the majority. The same goes for European immigrants in White majority country as well.

    The bottom line is, this kind of community-based behavior is not unique only to the US, it’s more common than we thought it is. The idealistic world would be understanding towards each other. But how far, and how much more of the understanding is necessary?

    Being in a majority affords you to be against minority. That’s simple it is.

    You can fight all you want until your last breath. At the end of the day, it’s the strategy you’re using in the first place. In Chess term, it’s called “Gambit”. You know how your first move is as important as half of the game.

    As Deng Xiaopeng said “Majority rules”.

    Personal Observation: So when I saw Mars One Project, and there are remaining 100 volunteers for one-way ticket, I think I remember I only saw ONE Asian guy and a few Asian females. Go figure.

    Asian women, Asian women, Asian women, what for?
    Evolution and Sex

    In evolution, having sex is not only specific to males. It also applies to females. Both gender enjoy sex and females take a full responsibility of gestation, which can last for 9-10 months in humans and 2 years in elephants. Males, on the other hand, can go on spreading his sperms which diminish his productivity because nurturing a newborn infant is as essential as maintaining your existence (Your DNA existence in a form of minor modifications). You can copulate with hundreds of women, but if your progeny are dead, you’re as good as a dildo.

    Continual existence of Asian genes (a set of genes that corresponds to Asian features), in this case, does not rely on Asian males at all. Females also contribute significant evolution of Asian genes as well.

    You might think as a male, males are drivers of entire genes evolution. I chuckle.

    If certain genes are essential for one’s survival; if you inherit those genes in your X chromosome, and unfortunately they are mutated, you’re bound to have sex-linked disease. This is as good as nature can give you while your biological siblings can carry and live on. The idea is not to favor which sex is more important in selecting their progeny. Both genders are responsible for their own continuation.

    White guys and Asian women
    The progeny of White guys and Asian women are like pollens breezing in a wind. This interracial combination makes up the worst of both worlds. Most of their sons turning gay and most of their daughters turning pornstars, you wonder if the bottom of the barrel White genes and Asian genes are literally being wiped off from the entire gene pool. In fact they are doing a good job at eliminating themselves.

    Asian men have spoken up, and labeled as jealous, nerdy, insecure, patriarchal whatever suits Asian women hatred.
    Now their sons have risen up and speaking up.

    I don’t want to detail. If you’re into more, go to Reddit/r/hapas or

    I’ll stop by now. Tired from working.

    Bottom line is
    Rocks don’t speak on Mars. Only living species speak and make rules.

  8. True that. But I think too many people are immune to criticism these days. Remember, it’s all about the emotion. Doesn’t matter how valid the critique is. They still find a way to dismiss.

    Hey, I just posted this on FB. Might as well share it here.


    I might as well get in on this controversy. I agree with Daniel and Grace. Daniel’s character is the major link to actual Hawaii, where the show is filmed. Grace is the sole female main character. Yes, Al is the main-est of the main characters (due to the Caucasian-focused narrative of the original show, as mentioned in the article), but it’s hard to argue that he carries the show by himself. Scott is the funniest character, but he’s hardly ever on the show these days because of the extra vacation time he negotiated.

    These four are the main characters. Everyone else on the show (the big dude from Chicago, the big eccentric dude from Lost, the medical examiners, the love interests, etc) is expendable. I think CBS messed up.

  9. @mmjames,

    While I think it’s great there are more AF and hapa AF voices calling out the racist SJW BS, I think it only leads to more intra-fighting and wasting our own energy and resources instead of fighting the good fight against the overall racist system. Some of these SJWs are paid shills to promulgate the regressive left racism, but overall it detracts from Asian American issues.

    Also, that Eurasian tiger is very suspicious as a “hapa” lol

  10. I should have html styled my long-winded comment.

    You’ve done your part, Byron. Take a break, live your life.

    Now the baton is passed down to hapa males who look 200% Asian men and they are calling out the worst of the worst couples, WMAF whom, by the way, are their parents. Nature has taken its course.

    I don’t cherish this bashing and trashtalking Asian Women. Any deviation from the norms will be corrected sooner or later. Some might take more than a lifetime.

    Regarding racism, since I had experience from living in South East Asian countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia), I don’t throw a fit when white racists spewing out anything atrocious against AA here in the US. Racism is everywhere. It’s the majority that can afford racism and lives with it.

    I also had close interaction with Korean guys over the year; Korean guys from Korea, or American born Korean guys in America. Their agenda is the same, from community-based interest. Don’t trash talk about Korea. But within their community, they’re shitting each other. The same goes for Chinese and ABC as well.

    If your generation is long enough in the US, your interest changes overtime for sure. Most Chinese immigrants don’t bother with racism and AA cause because that’s not their priority to come over here. Granted, some woke Chinese immigrants will pro-actively participate in US politics. There always will be an overlapping domain where immigrants and recent ABC (1st generation) can agree upon. Spectrum becomes large enough to see different idea and political views.

    Anyway, I think I’m living my life. There’s no common cause to fight for. There’s only common interest.

    For those fighting and recognition for minority voice to takes place, it can only happen when your minority population reaches a certain noticeable percentage. Otherwise, we will see Laotian Americans will take a hold in American politics. Until then Laotian Americans will piggyback on Chinese Americans to reach their goals. The cycle continues with all other minorities in every nation.

  11. Bint is a boring typical HBR racist spouting pseudo-science “evolutionary psychology” where there’s no DATA to support any of his claims. I’m not surprised if it’s a white guy disguised as Singaporean to promote racist ideology of the USofA.

  12. @ aardvark

    I noticed, too. I knew something was off as soon as he started babbling about Singapore as some racist dystopia. Anybody who’s actually lived there would understand that it’s one of the least racist societies you could ask for, unlike its neighbors, Hong Kong or Malaysia, which have way more racial tension.

  13. Byron,

    Have a good time in your vacation. You may find something more meaningful to do besides blogging.

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