Fear and nonsense at Evergreen State

I first saw the video above on a conservative channel, and I was thinking to myself that surely the conservative proprietor had left something out of the story. I mean, really. The story, according to the conservative proprietor was that at Evergreen State, every year Black students take a day off where they go off campus to discuss race-related stuff, and that this has been a tradition from the 1970’s which is respected by both students and teachers. This year, instead of doing that, a group of Black students asked all the White students and teachers to leave for a day instead. As with anything from Black Lives Matter activists these days, the “suggestion” had a bit of teeth behind it–“We’re politely asking you to leave, but if you don’t…” When a White biology teacher calmly and logically explained in an e-mail that this is wrong, the students began the name-calling, began calling for his resignation, shouting at the dean, cursing and talking over a White female teacher, and crybullying to a level that we’ve never seen. It was worse than Shrieking Girl. I was certain that the conservative content creator had left something out. It turned out he didn’t. (Curiously enough, most of the mainstream media have not promoted this story. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s so bizarre that it doesn’t look real, or that Trump has once again outdone BLM in the race for bizarre behavior.)

This has gotten out of hand. In response to this disrespectful, sophomoric, wasteful, and nonsensical childish outburst from Black Lives Matter at Evergreen State, Frank Bruni of the NY Times spoke out out. Last week, Fareed Zakaria spoke out against liberal intolerance in general. The amount of hate and intolerance coming from the liberal left is simply astounding.

From all appearances, it looks like the Evergreen State administration bent over and kowtowed to these crybullies. The biology teacher was told by campus cops that they couldn’t guarantee his safety. The president of the school praised the thugs for being “courageous.” The admins shut the school down for two days (and now a third). They sent out a list of the demands to which they had acquiesced.

Black Lives Matter is a deeply misguided organization. (edited after King’s suggestions below)They called for dead cops, and they got that. They wrecked Darren Wilson’s life (which was based on the Michael Brown lie that they didn’t know was a lie at the time), and they’ve never atoned for it. They destroyed the life of a good cop. I can’t really say that they’re a terrorist organization because violence isn’t the PRIMARY means (and perhaps not even a major strategy) through which they achieve their goals, but violence is almost looming behind their threats and actions, and they do almost nothing to calm people over the implied and sometimes explicit threats of violence. Now they’ve got the power to shut down a school over racist incidents that they themselves are instigating. These students, from the video, clearly have no interest in learning. They have no interest in respectful dialogue. They have no interest in being productive members of society. They’re only there to learn how to take from Whitey and Chang by crying about their so-called victimization. I can’t help but think that there are many kids who paid for their education and are looking to graduate but now find themselves at the To these crybullies. It’s especially sad, given that Evergreen State is funded by public education funds. People from Washington are paying for this nonsense. I’m sure if we looked hard at the federal dollars, we’re also probably paying for it.

It has to stop. I can’t tell what the rest of the world is feeling, but I’m fed up with it. If Fareed Zakaria and Frank Bruni are also fed up with it, I can’t help but think that we’re not the only ones.

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  1. They got him elected in the election last year!

    I think there is going to have to be a widespread cultural movement in order to get rid of this problem. It’s become so entrenched that small, incremental changes aren’t going to be enough. There’s going to have to be a large uprising against victimhood and blaming Whitey and Chang. Otherwise, resistance is completely futile. These kids are entitled brats who’ve been raised to believe that facts and education don’t matter, and that the whole world owes them. Unless their own culture turns it around and begins to teach them differently, I see no way to fix the problem.

    Now of course, the worst part of this whole chain of events has been the behavior of the president of Evergreen and some of the other professors. Rather than fight against these thugs, they’ve joined in. But even then, even if these professors were to act like adults, it wouldn’t be enough to save these kids from a lifetime of taking handouts from people they despise. The culture needs to change.

  2. I remember my grade 9 high school teacher explaining to us freshmen that once you cross the doorway into the classroom that democracy ends and that he (the teacher) has absolute rule. He was actually a really nice teacher in real life but wanted to prep us kids for life later in the corporate world (ie the difference between government democracy and workplace authoritarianism). I wonder what his thoughts would be on this video and how these kids will handle life in the corporate world in a few years.

  3. That is about as ridiculous a request as can be proffered. To empty out an entire campus so that. lack students can wonder the empty corridors discussing racial issues? I blame the school for fostering an atmosphere where such a request would even be considered. These kids are headed for a cold slap in the face called “reality” once they graduate!

    BLM = terrorist organization? I think I’d have to disagree. I agree that BLM is radical and thoughtless in many of their actions, but it’s hard to put them in the same camp as people who are stabbing people on the sidewalk or blowing themselves up in crowds. I’d say that they are often unreasonable social agitators most of the time. At the core of their message their are some real points about race-based unequal treatment by the police. But their methodology is often shortsighted and their message ends up being diluted with added nonsense.

  4. King,

    I think I was thinking that it’s a terrorist organization because BLM exercises its ability to send shockwaves of fear throughout large populations, often with unspoken (and sometimes spoken) threats of violence. Ferguson was scary, as was their calls for dead cops. But perhaps terrorist organizations use violence as the primary means of getting what they want. They’re not really there.

    Maybe terrorist organization may be too strong of a description. They’re not at the same level as ISIS or Al-Qaeda. I’m going to change my wording. Thanks!

  5. mmajames:

    I’d be really interested in seeing interviews with these kids. Why did they apply to college? Where were they trying to go? What were they hoping to accomplish?

    My guess is that most of these kids aren’t looking to become doctors, accountants, or financial planners. Few of us know what we’re going to do when we’re young, but I’m guessing that very few of these people see themselves working for the man. I’m guessing that a fair number of these kids probably see themselves working in colleges as professors or admins, jobs that would allow them to continue agitating.

    But I don’t know. What I do know is that this kind of behavior isn’t really conducive to working office environments where workers are graded on efficiency and results.

  6. @ WOWO

    I do agree that there has certainly been some violence associated with the movement. But it’s always hard to tell if this is the official stance of the organization itself or if its the actions of selected idiots speaking on their own behalf or co-opting the power of the organization without their consensus or consultation. At any rate, it doesn’t seem to be their main method by a long shot. I haven’t heard of any BLM bombings or members running down people with rental trucks, or taking hostages at gunpoint. They DO need to tone down their rhetoric at times and/or speak out against members who advocate violence as a solution to their grievances.

  7. I think the real tragedy is not so much the violence (or even the threat of it) but the scapegoating of other races by political leaders in order to distract the masses from their own communities’ problems. You see it in the way the Arab world blames all their problems on America, Israel, or some secret Jewish conspiracy while ignoring the self-made nature of their countries’ biggest social issues (e.g.: suicide bombings, war, poverty). An even better example is how North Koreans demonize America and Japan while failing to recognize their own Dear Leader as their biggest threat (e.g.: famine, repression, imprisonment).

    America’s Black community is plagued by political leaders who have made a career out of blaming their problems on racism, White supremacy, and police brutality. While there is always some truth to these kinds of accusations, the fact is that these are blown so out of proportion that often, the reaction (e.g.:rioting, looting) is more harmful than the actual issue. The other side of the spectrum has Trump supporters blaming their problems on anybody who is not White, Christian, or American. They’re all not so different when you recognize them for who they are.

  8. Evergreen college has nearly a 100% admit rate, and does not assign letter grades to students.

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