What would you do? Introducing the Asian fiance

Bernardsville, NJ. This is a place that I’m well-acquainted with. Most people in Bernardsville are chill. I think most of the patrons here were probably surprised since IR is almost universally accepted in that area. Generally, I don’t think any Asian people these days face discrimination from normal people because of IR. People might point out the differences, and people might laugh if there’s a discrepancy between politics and preferences, but I think it’s generally accepted these days. We really have come a long way.

5 thoughts on “What would you do? Introducing the Asian fiance

  1. These are sometimes very nice in how people react. Have you seen the ones in the barbershops? The one with the black guy with white chick and another one about the white barbershop guy in a black barbershop. Those were some of the nicest reactions from people I’ve seen.

  2. You’re still watching this stupid show !????
    You know people are hypocrites right ? They only act how they’re supposed to act in public, but behind closed doors, they are just like the people they condemn right ?
    Explain this to me, asian women are all about equality for asians, being progressive and such, but most of them don’t date asian guys. Why ?

  3. People did not have to intervene. They could have minded their own business. That’s what makes it remarkable.

  4. What I thought was really nice was that lots of these people were older and gentle. I won’t turn the conversation around to…the other kinds of people in our society who like to object…but these people were calm, gentle, and simply put their ideas out there in a nice, calm way. Because they were older, they had the benefit of years of experience that was really cool.

  5. I feel these are all setups as a method for liberals to discredit accusations of real racism. In this case, they probably run hundreds of situations and only pick out the minority of clips which show someone intervening.

    These programs are more about helping white self-confidence and morale rather than actually caring about the underlying problem of racism.

    I don’t buy it for a second.

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