Standardized test horror movie

I just saw this on YouTube. It’s the trailer for a movie called The Thinning, and it looks like it’s a movie about a world where only people who pass a standardized test are allowed to live. An action/horror/dystopian movie about standardized tests, and not a single Asian onscreen (I think there’s one Asian woman in the last scene of the trailer, but she’s the only one). More significantly, there isn’t the anger and resentment that we see today against Asians and their test scores. I guess we already got thinned out.

But it raises an interesting question–how did they manage to kill all of us off? They must have taken out both the math and verbal sections of that standardized test–this ain’t your momma’s SAT. They must be testing the population on knowledge of Taylor Swift lyrics or styles of square dancing or banjo chords or different dialects in the American south. Otherwise I just don’t see it.

5 thoughts on “Standardized test horror movie

  1. It’s not Asians against other minorities. It’s the mantra that you have to maintain a White majority (40-60% in the elite schools) that’s so detrimental to all hardworking Asian students

  2. Excluding white people who get in on money alone, Affirmative Action is for upholding white mediocrity. You notice how they lump each minority group by their race? But white people get to be individuals by virtue of being white. Cut it with the bullshit excuse that lack of Affirmative Action will hinder other debunked it’s already been debunked ed and they already show that they can still discriminate.

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