Intra-cultural cultural wars

In case anyone is interested, there’s been this huge fight among Asian American media producers. It’s between a blogger called Love Life of an Asian Guy and all the other liberals. Each is accusing the other of being “anti-Black” and having anti-Black intentions (even though LLAG supposedly is dating a Black woman, and even though Asian progressives are some of the biggest backers of Black Lives Matter.) I find it very ironic. First of all, all the participants are on the same side of the political spectrum–why are they attacking each other? I could understand if it were Asian Liberals vs. Asian Conservatives, or even Asian Far Left Crazies vs. Asian Normal People (which is the most common but understandable battle), but these liberals are politically not that far apart. Second of all, it seems like the main point of contention is gender and feelings towards people of another race–neither of which has anything to do with Asian-ness.

(Yeah, I know people will argue that a person’s gender is inseparable from who they are. But as I’ve been saying for the last twenty years, it’s not as if Asian men get more air-time than Asian women.)

I was “woke,” but I think it’s best for me to go back to sleep. Seriously, not only is this last fight a fight than no one can win, it’s also a fight that makes no sense. In fact, this fight illustrates the one-sided political nature of Asian American politics. For all the talk about diversity, there’s not enough political diversity out there.

3 thoughts on “Intra-cultural cultural wars

  1. “Here’s the thing, there’s just not enough of Asian Americans to carry the clout that Blacks, Latinos or even Muslims do.
    So we have to latch onto a larger group so that hopefully, most of our issues will be addressed. This serves to divide us. There were many that became isolationist and xenophobic, these Asian Americans (AA) went for the red-state white majority. Most often, these are the self-hating AA female that siphons off white priviledge from his dripping cock. There will always be those in every race, we can’t eliminiate it but possibly minimize and marginalize them in the AA community.
    Then there are some of us AA that are down with the BLM, who buy into blue state liberalism. Again, some of our issues are resolved here. My parents’ are benefitting from entitlements, I work for a union and enjoy tax breaks aimed at middle class citizens. The caveat here is that the other groups, the Latinos, the Blacks, the liberal whites will are all self-absorbed in their own way. Thus, as a minority within an minority, we have scrap and fight with others for whatever benefits our liberalism offers.
    My sons will have to test and perform much better than a black child to get into the same universities. I don’t receive the same preference for union work as someone who’s Latino. When my parents call social services, there are almost never any groups and organizations directly formed to assist them. However, Blacks, Muslims, Africans etc etc all have humongous social orgnizations and churches whos sole existence is to help their people benefit from aforementioned social services.
    Some AA like myself really want to stay centrist and objective. That is difficult. White people think you’re the model minority, thus never doling out necessary assistance to those AA who don’t earn six-figures. Other minorities think you’re the Yellow Peril and can’t wait to burn you for sidling too closely to the red-state white majority. Just look at Peter Liang, a former cop in NYC whom was caught in this Chinese finger trap of black vs white. Police-state white men in power wanted to throw BLM a bone and send Peter to jail. BLM wanted Peter on murder charges because if they can’t send a white cop to prison or even indict one, an Asian cop will do.
    So there you have it. Until AA’s are 25 – 30% of the US population, I doubt we can get out of these Catch-22. We’ll always be divided between those who are consumed by the nativist-white power and those who are consumed by the fight against the former. I don’t see who there will ever be a true Asian America. AA’s will continue to oscillate between being a pawn of White America or a martyr of Black America.”

  2. Not entirely on topic, but figured this was close enough. This is emblematic of the left – There is no biology to gender or sex (or race for that matter). There is only social construct, and as an artifact of the cis-gendered white male patriarchy it must be torn down. So transgender people must be defended to the death while transracial must be destroyed. Wait…

  3. Oh yes the entire situation is absolutely bonkers. In the segment of the Asian twitter and facebook bloggerverse where the currency is how pro-black you are, there’s always room for gender wars. Goes to show no matter how deep in you are, you can always be outed as a cishet Asian misogylinitist.

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