Asian guy bloodied and dragged off plane

This has been making the rounds. Thanks to B.A. who mailed it to me and Aardvark who posted it. It’s the video of an old Asian dude getting whooped by security for refusing to give up his seat on a United flight.

It’s strange that United would do this to a passenger who PAID. I really don’t understand how this happened. If the guy had a boarding pass with a seat number, how did he get in, and who are they giving the seat to? Why did they seat him and then remove him? Why did they bloody the face of a PAYING CUSTOMER? You can see the blood on his face. If the story is correct and he was randomly chosen by a computer, I guess it could happen to anyone. In other words, that could be YOU getting bloodied up because United doesn’t want to give you the seat that you paid for.

Here’s more:

Meanwhile, the United Airlines CEO has doubled down. Notice how he uses the term “re-accommodate” rather than “kick the shit out of.”

It reminds me of those union busters during the late 1800’s/early 1900’s who beat the crap out of workers to make a point. Only at United, instead of whooping their airline attendants, evidently they go after their customers. Looks like even government officials are speaking out.

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  1. While it’s good we shouldn’t “see race” when it comes to news media coverage and move towards making people just people and not their skin color, I can’t but help see the hypocrisy of the Fangs who constantly harp on the fact it’s an Asian doctor guy who got bruised, but conveniently “forgets” to mention the fascist pig who accosted the doctor is Black, as easy as anyone who see the video:

    But when it’s Liang’s ACCIDENT it’s throw the books at the AM, but yet when it’s INTENTIONAL brutality by the fascist pig (who happens to be Black and not because he is Black) it’s protected URMs and skin color doesn’t matter to the racist Fangs.

    This was what I was trying to point out in the anonymous fight thread.

  2. In this one, I saw that the rules allow the airlines to overbook on purpose to mitigate their losses when people cancel their flights. It’s really shitty, but I would have gone by the rules were I him.

    Still, though they say the picked passengers at random, who knows if they really did it that way. It may have been racial, but so far I have not seen any proof of it.

  3. Yes, I agree, Notty. He should have followed the rules.

    I think I’m more surprised that they enforced these rules with the muscle. I’m also surprised that the United CEO doesn’t care. They could’ve easily raised the payoff, and someone probably would’ve stepped off. If that didn’t work, they could’ve sent their four employees on another flight–yes, people would have been delayed, but at least everyone would be sharing the cost rather than just four “randomly” selected people.

    It looks like this really is a PR nightmare:

    As we saw with Uber, this anger can in fact result in a drop in sales.

  4. Aardvark,

    If that cop had been Asian and the man had been Black, the Far Left would be spinning all sorts of rhetoric about “anti-Blackness” in “our community” and how we Asians support a culture of “White supremacy.” You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

    Even now, I can’t say it was racially motivated because I have no proof.

    But yes, you are totally correct.

  5. At one point “colored people” (mostly Blacks) were only allowed to sit in the back of the bus because it’s the rules. For years nobody challenged such outrage, until one day Rosa Parks came along.

    I’m not saying this incident is anywhere near the Jim Crow rules and everybody need to boycott United. However, what’s more disgusting is the SJW fake outrage crocodile tears about Asian this and Asian that, while completely ignoring the race of the fascist pig where this is INTENTIONAL physical harm and nary any outcries from them.

    The racist Fangs is prime example of the SJW hypocrisy.

  6. @bigWOWO,

    Notice all the racist publications are now wailing against Dao’s painkiller fraud conviction. Are these incidents in anyway related or is it simply because they have to justify anyway they can Dao’s past to smear campaign like the racist media always does for Asians?

    Notice the way the media treats the victims of other police brutality incidents when they’re Black: always some sort of mitigating circumstance and saintly innocents without any faults, not even Akai Gurley’s illicit drug convictions were never constantly circulated and even downplayed:

  7. Even before that, a white girl (22) was taken down harshly by the Fort Collins, Colorado police department. She was wearing high heels and a miniskirt which didn’t matter to them at all. They said she struck a cop. But did she deserved to be manhandled like that? Women burse easier than men.
    These two cases are outrageous!

  8. I also remember there was another one in Florida where the white woman was supposedly shoplifting and the pigs dropped her to the ground and started pounding on her.

    One thing all Americans of all colors can get behind is the fascist pigs are out of control with the DOD 1033 police para-militarization program and needs to be stopped or else the Trump Regime will literally become a police state.

  9. Notice all the racist publications are now wailing against Dao’s painkiller fraud conviction. Are these incidents in anyway related or is it simply because they have to justify anyway they can Dao’s past to smear campaign like the racist media always does for Asians?

    I saw that. It has no relevance to what happened in that plane, but some media outlets sure are racing to assassinate this man’s character. Makes it clear who they work for.

  10. okay, I am not following this story too closely – but my friend used to be a flight attendant and she was talking w/ ppl in the industry about this…and she said they said 3 of the 4 ppl asked to leave the plane were asian. Whether this is accurate or not – I don’t know. But I highly doubt 75% of all the passengers going to kentucky were asian.
    Also, she says that the CEO of UA, even though he “apologized” in the media, he is standing behind all his employees on everything that happened.

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