White Supremacists

Check out the video above. It’s a Viceland show where a comedian named Jamali Maddix visits a White Supremacist and shows us how they live. It’s very interesting. That first NSM guy actually invited Jamali into his home to have dinner with him. Then you’ve got the wife who wants a Jewish genocide. Then you’ve got the guy who shouts, “Speak English or get out!” followed by “Sieg Heil.” Then there are those crazy dudes by the Klan bar. I’m not a Christian, but I thought the pastor had an interesting perspective. I really liked how he talked about victimization.

I wanted to see the second part that deals with Black Supremacists, but you can’t see it unless you have a cable subscription. If anyone else sees it, let me know how it is.

8 thoughts on “White Supremacists

  1. So I finally finished watching the entire video. My takeaway is this – white nationalism is a complex struggle, with complicated individuals such as Daniel Burnside. It was a humanizing portrayal.

    Humanity is filled with contradictions.

  2. Kobu,

    I agree with that quote.

    I really liked that portrayal too. I liked how Jamali asked him questions and he responded to them. My guess is that Daniel would be the kind of guy who any of us would love to have a beer with, which is why that pastor and Jamali both like him too. I think he and his wife are pretty far off on the political spectrum; it’s just that Daniel had a hard life and needed something to grab onto. He had the misfortune of grabbing onto the wrong ideology, but you can tell he’s got a friendly character that’s just dying to come out.

    You see it a little bit with that one security guard who was telling Jamali to go to the side. He knows his logic isn’t holding up, but you can tell that deep down inside he really harbors no real hatred towards Jamali. It’s almost as if he’s questioning that things that are coming out of his own mouth.

    Now clearly there are some people in the video that have really hatred towards black people. But as you said, it’s complex. As in any organization, people exhibit various degrees of belief and commitment.

  3. By the way, I found that someone ripped the Black Supremacist video and put it on YouTube. I started watching it, but to be honest, I think those kinds of Black Supremacists are so fringy and rare that it’s not even interesting. I think I’m more interested in the prevalent Black Lives Matter types who say they love everyone equally but then demonstrate that they’re just out to murder cops and to get free stuff for black people.

    Even there I think there’s humanity, but it’s quite different since they won the culture war.

  4. Then you’ve got the guy who shouts, “Speak English or get out!” followed by “Sieg Heil.”


  5. Are you sure that wasn’t fake ? Reality TV is all fake. I find it hard to believe.
    I just watched 2 broke girls for the 1st time today. And I can’t believe they’ve been getting away with the racism, and that show is getting more popular. That means the majority think asian men are inferior. Reality Check.

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