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I like Trump’s first pick for the Supreme Court, and I have to admit that I’m surprised Trump picked him. From everything I’ve read about Neil Gorsuch, he seems like a judge who puts lots of time into thinking about the decisions he makes. I don’t know as much about Merrick Garland, but my gut is telling me that Gorsuch provides much needed balance to the court. He doesn’t sit on the bench, say nothing, and then always vote conservative (Thomas). Nor does he scream like a wounded chicken, talk about victimization, and always vote liberal (Sotomayor). He’s an outdoorsman, which I hope means that he will be able to hear environmental arguments, should environmental cases ever reach the high court. He’s also mostly conservative and seems to employ common sense, which I hope means that he’ll see through the illogical arguments from all the affirmative action proponents.

I think the Democrats should raise hell over certain issues, but this nominee shouldn’t be one of them. As with all nominees, they should thoroughly examine him before making a decision. But let’s hope he’s confirmed.

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  1. This is one of the major reasons that so many Chinese immigrants voted for Trump, and they are very happy with this pick now.

    As I said a couple of time before here, I don’t think Trump will be worse than his two predecessors. His rhetorics and mannerism are often stupid, childish, bullying, offensive, and unpresidential, but he is very real and with good common sense that most career politician lack. This could be the reasons that he gets so many die hard fans who ignore all his obvious flaws. Watching his two weeks on the job, how clueless the Democrats and media elites are, and the craziness of the left wing nuts like this ( and this (, I believe there is a good chance that the Dems will lose more in 2018 and he will be elected for the second term. If that happens, SCOTUS will lose the balance and be very conservative for the next 20 years. I hope the Democrats can wise up soon.

  2. Those stupid and crazy nuts in Berkeley celebrated their “victory” in preventing Milo from speaking there, but unaware that they created the chance for him to get on all the national news outlets and speak to millions of people, and also showed Americans how crazy and intolerant the leftist are.

  3. The buffoon nutjob far-right extremists are as fake as their ignorant mouth pieces. A lot of those protesters breaking havoc are from the Left, but some are also from the Right. Yes, there are some Righ-wingers mixed themselves in there with the marchers, a lot them are fake protesters from the right wing clan, some of them are white guys masqueraded to pretend like they’re liberals and breaking havoc to make the scenes look as worse as possible.

    An example for proof is that nutjob who shot up the Muslim mosque in Quebec Canada, he yelled out “Allahu akbar!” to pretend like a fake Muslim, but it turned out he’s just another white supremacist KKK member who worshipped Hitler’s Nazi.

  4. Yeah, the Dems and the left are pushing more and more moderate people to the buffoon’s side, this is how stupid and crazy they are.

    You can accuse all these violence were done by the Right pretend to be the Left:
    but do you think majority of American people are that stupid to believe that?
    Nonetheless, the protest organizers and protesters were there to shut down freedom of speech. Yiannopoulos has attacked the Left for this for a long time. Last night, those crazy nut in Berkeley played right into Yiannopoulos’ hand and proved to millions of American that the Left is the real dangerous and intolerant fascists. How more stupid the left could be?!

  5. We could also say Trump and their loony supporters push the moderates to the buffoon side. That guy who sprayed the Trump supporter girl looks awfully like a white guy to me, nice acting job pretending to be a liberal. There’s plenty of that evidence online, white guys pretend to be Asians, pretend to be muslims, pretend to be liberals, but they’re all fakes.

    Idiots always get brainwashed by the media and right wing rhetoric to blame everything on the Left, blamed Trump’s win on the far Left, but they’re too ignorant to know the history of voting in this country. Even before the Trump win, before BLM even existed, the history of voting patterns proved them wrong. I hate the Far Left SJWs as much as you guys, but come on don’t be foolish sheeps to believe everything the media feeds us, Trump’s win had very little to do with the far left or BLM.

    When I have more time, I’ll prove it if you guys don’t believe me. Bye

  6. I happen to know Trump supporters. They don’t like Trump, but they voted for him because of Far Left overreach. I don’t have any numbers, but I think this guy has it right:

    I don’t think there’s that much of a Far Right. Most Trump voters were close to the middle, but they voted because they didn’t like what was happening with the country. Granted, a lot of people voted Trump because of economic issues–they wanted to bring back manufacturing, which probably can’t be done. But a lot of other people were tired of the fake news, hateful rhetoric, and nonsensical hissy fits coming from the Left. It wasn’t an endorsement of right wing values; it was a repudiation of extreme leftist values.

  7. Kobruh Kai,

    It looks like he hung out with Asians in high school. That’s great. Maybe he was able to see how colleges discriminate against his high school friends and their progeny.

    But seriously, that’s high school. I did some pretty extreme stuff in high school too.

  8. Trump is what America deserves and he is what’s great about America. The people have the power to change things and they did it. If Hillary was elected, BLM would run the cities and they’d be above the law. We’d have to press 2 for English. Men would have to work twice as hard for half the pay. And asians, well, asians would continue to suck it.
    There is really no win for asians. Stop complaining and start appreciating what you have. America, even with all its flaws, is the best country on Earth. You’d all be stuck in China right now if America hadn’t opened the door for yall. You’re living the life that many Asians in Asia can only dream of.

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