Jake Shields defends Trump supporter

Anyone see the video of the aftermath? These weren’t the guys beating on the Trump supporter, assuming that’s what happened. But still. Why is the Left instigating violence? What did the Left gain when they killed the two NYPD cops? Do they really believe violence will help things? And why are UC Berkeley kids following in the footsteps of violent goons?

Two things occurred to me:

  1. A “middleweight” MMA fighter looks huge when he stands next to normal people. I think I had the same impression when I saw Anderson Silva with Dan Inosanto.
  2. Shields is totally right–what kind of protesters cover their faces? If you really believe in what you do, you shouldn’t be ashamed of your participation in the protest.

He says he’s a moderate. As a moderate myself, I can sympathize. I have no idea how the Left (and the Right) got so crazy.

4 thoughts on “Jake Shields defends Trump supporter

  1. This is quite similar to how those beatings and killings happened during the Cultural Revolution in China. The political atmosphere now makes the Progressive Left thinks they are morally righteous, so they can do this to the “bad” guys. The ruling elites created this atmosphere, are protective, tolerative and sympathized with the perpetrators. Just look at Berkeley mayor’s tweets, and how CNN and NYT reported the Berkeley riot. If you don’t understand or don’t know the craziness of the Culture Revolution, the Berkeley riot will give you a little taste of it. (And don’t take me wrong here, I don’t think the Cultural Revolution was all bad for China, just many crazy things happened during that period.)

  2. @bigWOWO,

    Fake agitators who are paid plants by the right wing! Breitbart is not above these false flag operations. haha

    In all fairness, both the regressive left and the racist alt-right have had a history of violence for many things in US history, and world history. What’s stupid is smashing Berkeley and destroying their own city. They should do it in DC. >.<


    My parents were actually in the cultural revolution and were those "sent downs" I'm really curious on your age and your experiences if you're really part of that generation. My impression is you're early 50s and nowhere old enough for the Cultural Revolution.

    I'm genuinely curious because I'm writing a script about it right now.

  3. They cover their faces for fear of retaliation. They don’t want the police to identify their face beating up people. They think they’re doing the wrong thing for the right reason. They hate and think Trump supporters are inferior, which gives them the right to assault. The police are scared of them of course, because no politician stands up for the them no more.
    And you’re still complaining about Trump !!?? Imagine what it would be like if Hillary had been elected instead. Like I said, Trump is the lesser evil, unless you really prefer BLM to run the cities, pay much much more for welfare, have your kids slave themselves over long work hours to pay for welfare because they can’t find better jobs, cuz top schools don’t take them.
    With the democrats, everybody is better off except asians. With Trump, everybody is worse off including asians, but non-asians have more to lose.
    Of course, you can continue to root for the democrats for the greater good of everyone but yourselves. Be the unsung heroes everyone despises, be the model minority working your ass off so other races can feed on you. Asians are the modern slaves, hard-working loyal servants. Half worship white, half worship regressive left.

  4. Aardvark,

    I suggest you not to waste your time on the script. You still full of hatred towards communist and mao, I don’t see that you can write anything new or insightful except repeating what others have said, regardless what your parents experienced. If one day you break away from western liberal molding, get some understanding about Chinese history, understand Lu Xun, Mao and Chinese Communist, then you may give it a try.

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