This is going to be a long four years

Did anyone else see the inauguration? Did you hear his speech about “American carnage?”

It’s going to be a long four years of gaslighting, lying, scandals, ethics violations, fearmongering, and smearing. How he’ll even have time to deal with policy is anybody’s guess.

I’m watching the commentary on CBS, and the commentator remarked that he didn’t hear the new president ask the American people to do anything. He didn’t ask for unity, and he told a story about an America overrun by drugs, violence, and economic collapse. He slammed Obama, ignoring the data that things aren’t bad. He advocated for economic protectionism.

Well, it’s all in his hands now.

Cheers to President Obama. May you have a long, peaceful break after eight successful years.

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42 thoughts on “This is going to be a long four years

  1. Why would you just listen to the commentary of those liars on CBS? I watched and listened to his actual speech LIVE. And he did call for unity. It was a great speech. Let me know after you actually read or watch President Trump’s speech.

  2. Linda,

    Great to hear from you! It’s been a long time!

    I watched the whole thing live too. My TV is still on right now. I didn’t hear anything about unity. I heard jingoism (both military and economic), but no calls for unity, no requests for people to come together, nothing about how we’re going to heal.

    Compare it to the speech that Obama just gave:

    Now keep in mind that I’m not a liberal. I’m a moderate. I want Trump to succeed. But man, the message is just so far removed from reality. I also think we’re going to have to get used to the new era of the reality TV American presidency.

  3. It’s gonna be the most entertaining best reality show, ever, the best, and believe you me, nobody makes the best like the Donald makes the best.

    Whether we still have a world left after the nuclear winter, nor anybody left around who cares about global warming since there’s no more summers in the nuclear winter is anybody’s guess. Time for me to brush up on survival tactics in Fallout 4. ^_^

    Happy weekend!

  4. @ aardvark

    What are you talking about? The Fallout series doesn’t have a nuclear winter. They have a nuclear summer.

    Also, it’s disturbing how life imitates art as Trump scapegoats China for America’s economic woes and escalates conflict in the Pacific, just like in Fallout.

  5. Every time I want to address the Trump situation I am overwhelmed by what to say. I NEVER liked Donald Trump, from what I knew and heard of him before he became a politician. There are so many negatives that it’s overwhelming. In the end, you just don’t say anything, because most of what you would say would be so painfully obvious.

    On the other hand, the Democrats put up Hillary Clinton as their nominee/Designee and were even willing to screw Bernie Sanders in order to do it.But more than that, I was really tired of getting lied to by the Democrats on certain issues.

    Obama Care: It now seems perfectly clear that the Democrats simply lied though their teeth about National Healthcare.
    1) You can keep your current plan & doctor – LIE
    2) The premiums will go down or at worst remain the same – LIE
    3) The system will be simplified – LIE

    My own plan is now DOUBLE THE COST that it was before Obama Care!
    Almost nobody in my company can afford to keep the plan they had before!
    Our system has become so complicated that even the “experts” can’t explain it!

    And none of this was unforeseeable based on what was in the legislation.
    What they should have said is:

    “We want all Americans to be covered by health insurance. We want to do this by doubling the expense of the average health plan of those who already have them.This may be a great sacrifice to many, but we think it’s worth it.”

    But they didn’t say that because they didn’t think that most people would have gone along with that. So they just lied because the ends justified whatever means…

    That’s just one example. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I didn’t vote for Hillary either. A pox on BOTH their houses!

  6. Hickory Dickory Dock Democrats ran up the clock. The clock stuck 12 and the Democrats ran down. Hickory Dickory Dock.
    “a pox on BOTH their houses!” You live in one of their houses!
    This is going to be the best 4 years the country has ever seen.
    Give the guy a chance! After 8 years of Obama, anything is possible!
    He is the sole reason for this divided nation.

  7. Trump speech: “At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. The Bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity. We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly but always pursue solidarity. When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.”

    you don’t think this calls for unity?

  8. You intolerant hypocrites slam Trump without getting to know him. You prefer the lying politicians instead of Trump? You think Obama is great ? You fools, Obama never gives a shit about America, he only cares about his legacy, he lied, he cheated, he never got anything done. Obama was a demagogue. It is so proven that lying politicians are the worst, why do you still trust them? You say Trump is bad but who is really better than him ? (ok Bernie would have been better). But yeah, Trump is the lesser all of the other devils.
    How many successful business men have been elected president ? and you’re all talking like Trump is gonna be a disaster, like there was another one like Trump president before. You see someone/something different than usual, and you make up excuses to hate, just like how all racists think. You condemn discrimination and prejudice, but you’re all practicing it to Trump.

  9. @Kyrie You are so right. Who the hell wants Hillary and her Bill? Back in the White House.

  10. Linda,

    I don’t think that’s a call for unity. At least I don’t see at that way. I see that as a call for “allegiance” and “loyalty” and “patriotism.” Think about how out of place that is. At no time during the last few years has anyone from either party accused anyone from the other party of not being loyal or not having allegiance to or not being patriotic to the country. The only time during the last few years where questions of patriotism have come up was with that Black Lives Matter jerk Colin Kaepernick, but even then, most detractors realized he wasn’t unpatriotic, he was just being a foul-mannered, egotistical narcissist.

    When I think of calls for unity, I think about Kennedy’s request that people ask what they can do for the country. It’s a call for action, which means that people have to come together. It’s a call for selflessness. It’s not questioning or trying to alter other people’s character by telling them what to believe in or what they should emotionally feel (“open your heart to patriotism”), but rather a call for community action that brings people together.

  11. King,

    Those are great points. Actually, my doctor went out of business because of Obamacare. She said that the costs of new regulations were just too high. So after fifteen years in business, she had to let everyone go and close up shop. I lost my doctor AND my premium went up.

    I think I may get tired of the Trump media circus. Actually, I’m already tired of it. Evil Hillary may be nearly as bad as Evil Trump, but at least I wouldn’t have to read about it on every single news website every other hour.

    But maybe that’s a good indication that I already spend too much time following news…

  12. @Kiwi,

    What are you talking about? The Fallout series doesn’t have a nuclear winter. They have a nuclear summer.

    I know you like to harp on semantics, but I don’t think “winter” or “summer” is the key word in those two phrases.

    Putin is definitely pulling the strings now. He wants Trump and China to fight it out and destroy themselves so the USSR can come back with a vengeance. DOn’t forget it was the US that profited from WW2 disasters in Europe and Russia took the brunt of the suffering. Which ironically now Germany is the bastion of liberal democracy and Russia got neo-Nazi skinheads. T_T

    Hoping Germans will stay sane and vote for a rational leader instead of reactionary right-wingnutjob.

  13. @King,

    They fed me the same line of bull at my work, but ultimately it’s about the executives keeping their gaudy and obscene bonuses – of which nobody at my company received any because once again they blamed the politicians for, rightfully this time IMO.

    Saying that Obamacare raised your premiums is a lie your corporate beancounters is trying to weasel out of. I have no questions in my mind it’s the insurance companies colluding with the executives to try to place more of the burden on your wallet rather than pay it themselves.

    What Obama should’ve went after is the insurance companies and corporations to place limits on charges. They do it for utilities and they can do it for health insurance.

    But all that’s moot now with Trump’s reign.

  14. @Linda,

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” – misattributed to Sinclair Lewis when drawing parallels against Nazi Germany.

  15. @Kyrie,

    This is the only time I’ll engage you in a civil debate manner instead of calling you out for the racist troll you are. So bask in it while you can before I go back into attack mode against you.

    That progressives also need to “tolerate intolerance” sounds good in a James Lamb-Fang empty rhetoric kind of way, but “tolerating intolerance” only leads to fascism when “all that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

    I agree that Obama is as bad of a charlatan as any corrupt politician, but to a lesser degree than the Halliburton and Goldman-Sachs gang. Obama has engaged in extra-judicial killings of American citizens and started several cloak-and-dagger shadow wars on Muslim countries with special forces that they hid from the public. Obama is a liar, but that’s all politicians by definition.

    Well, “all politicians” except maybe for Bernie Sanders, but that’s just because the DNC is corrupt as worse as the GOP.

    Next time, vote for independents! ^_^

  16. @bigWOWO,

    I think kids have it much better today that education is more entertaining on youtube nowadays rather than when I went to school and had mean and nasty “teachers” who are only in it for the paycheck and retirement benefits and cared less about “learning.”

    Anyhow, TED-ED is much better than TED Talks, and other youtube channels are definitely very engaging and “paradigm-shifts” to your thinking about the world:

  17. @ aardvark
    There is no way that they doubled everyone’s premiums, and then forced people to buy insurance or be fined, and that this money is mostly going into executive bonuses. You are missing the fact that there are now many more people who have insurance that did not have it before. How is that being paid for????

    On one hand, you have added millions of previously uninsured people to the insurance rolls, and these people are paying very little and in many cases, nothing at all for that coverage. THAT is why you are paying more. It’s simple math. Executive bonuses is another can or worms, in which a very small group of executives gets paid large amounts of money, but their pay could not nearly account for all the extra money being sucked out of people’s pockets.

    The fact is that a scheme to insure everybody ALWAYS meant much higher prices and much lower service for those who were insured before. They just lied about the consequences.

  18. @King,

    There’s no way you tell me before Obamacare that Insurance Companies were having record profit years and not being able to divert some of that funds to those without coverage.

    The problem with UNREGULATED healthcare is like you paying $10/KW electricity if it’s unregulated.

    There’s maybe 30million new insured? Most of that 30million are healthy young adults so barely use any money. You can’t convince me that there’s 10million new people all getting open heart surgeries and brain operations.

    I’m willing to look at the numbers if there are reputable data out there. But from what I’ve heard in the news (NPR oftentimes is also “fake”), the plan was to get those healthy young people in that 30million to help pay for the ailing (make it up) ~1million that needs long term coverage.

    The mandate increased the size and diversity of the insured population, including more young and healthy participants to broaden the risk pool, spreading costs.

    It’s exactly because Obamacare was mandatory or penalties the Insurance and your company used that excuse to cut benefits and raised prices. Obama should’ve went after the Insurance companies, but that’s political suicide with the lobbies.

    We’re talking about the same thing: Obama’s failures, but from slightly different POV.

  19. That thing was Sean Spicer’s “alternative facts” was really bizarre. I expect that sort of thing from Trump and Conway, but Spicer has been Director of Communications for the RNC for a pretty long time. It’s strange that someone so high up for so long has fallen to Trump’s level so quickly.

  20. The whole thing about the inauguration pictures is bizarre and petty on both sides, to be honest. The press wasn’t even showing pictures that were taken at the same hour (Obama’s was taken at 11:30am, and this one at 11am). I have no problem believing that Obama drew a larger crowd, but if you’re going to make a claim (“you” meaning the media), you need to compare apples to apples and not open yourself up to the kind of criticism about bias that has already been haunting you for a while.

    The mainstream media has brought this on themselves in many ways, with stuff like GamerGate (small potatoes) and the way they skewed their reporting during the race and the debates (which is really a big deal). They really need to be working hard to turn around their reputation.

  21. Byron,

    FYI He was referring the carnage to the high murder rate in Chicago.
    Not to mention the terrorist Islamic extremist attributed to the Orlando
    and San Bernadino gun men. And during his last term Obama focused to much
    in giving favoritism to illegal alien hispanics with his DACA and other
    pro-amnesty executive orders. Tired of this favoritism. He did not do
    sh*t to help the inner city blacks. You totally ignore this the past
    few years unless you favor illegal immigration and liberal sanctuary cities.
    This is the part where I agree with Trump.

  22. Don,

    Sure, but he said, “American carnage,” not “Chicagoan carnage.” To take one city and to extrapolate to the rest of the country is not accurate. Yes, Chicago is crime-ridden, thanks in large part to the Black Lives Matter “to hell with personal responsibility for URMs” movement that Obama did nothing fight (and even encouraged). But most Americans don’t live in Chicago. Even counting the mass Islamic shootings, the murder rate is down.


    To be fair to the media on this one (and this one only!), I don’t think they typically plan pictures to be taken at the exact same time, unless they’re trying to compare (which they probably weren’t when they took the picture). Even now, I don’t think there is an 11:30 picture for the Trump rally. Those were just the pictures they had, and they were taken during a similar time frame. I’m guessing that the crowd typically doesn’t change much between 11 and 11:30. Most people, given the size of the crowds and the hassle of getting there, probably showed up early.

    I do agree with you that they really have to work hard to build up some credibility in general. News is supposed to be just news. There shouldn’t be Far Left news and Far Right news.

  23. To be fair to the media on this one (and this one only!), I don’t think they typically plan pictures to be taken at the exact same time, unless they’re trying to compare (which they probably weren’t when they took the picture). Even now, I don’t think there is an 11:30 picture for the Trump rally. Those were just the pictures they had, and they were taken during a similar time frame. I’m guessing that the crowd typically doesn’t change much between 11 and 11:30. Most people, given the size of the crowds and the hassle of getting there, probably showed up early.

    Good point, but I think it’s really anyone’s guess as to how many people may have moved in in that 30 minute timeframe. I mean, if you show up at 11am, you’ll be standing up for an hour, so I don’t know that many people wouldn’t wait until a time closer to the start to get there.
    CNN’s gigapixel picture seems to vindicate that point of view, if you zoom all the way to the back near the Washington monument:

    I do agree with you that they really have to work hard to build up some credibility in general. News is supposed to be just news. There shouldn’t be Far Left news and Far Right news.

    That’s the whole thing about this. Even as a non-fan of Trump, I can see how they are trying to spin even those pictures into a narrative about Trump’s unpopularity. But if they’re going to do that, they better be as factual as possible, and make sure they cross all their t’s.

    As it is, this whole inauguration picture thing just gave the pro-Trump crowd more ammunition. What they should have done is focus on the Women’s march all over the country. THAT was a thousand times more relevant than the whole pettiness of the inauguration pictures.

    What you say about Far Left news vs Far Right news is so true. I’ve basically watched publications that used to be reliable turn into the mirror image of Fox News. Salon, which is a joke now, actually used to be a decent source of liberal news. Now even the Washington Post sounds like Salon. That’s messed up!

  24. 30min isn’t enough time to move 10,000 people around, let alone 100,000. If you been to events like sports and music concerts of just a few thousand; you know this is a fact. It takes hours and nobody’s leaving for hours afterwards.

  25. As I understand it, there were only security check points on the ticketed areas of the national mall. It appears that areas west of 4th st were open, so it’s not like being at a sports arena with a small number of tightly controlled gates.


    Tickets are not required for viewing the festivities from the Mall west of Fourth Street NW.
    Tickets are only required for special viewing areas located east of Fourth Street NW.–411222675.html


    If you look at a google map of the area you can see that there are many entry points. I did myself when I was in DC a number of years ago, so it’s not nearly the equivalent of a sports arena.

    Have you compared the 11:00am picture with CNN’s gigapixel?

    You can see how empty it is near that structure at the end of the original pictures (, yet the gigapixel shows it to be significantly more packed later in CNN’s gigapixel. The crowd for Trump was at least as far back as the white structure near the Smithsonian Castle.

  26. As I understand it, there were only security check points on the ticketed areas of the national mall. It appears that areas west of 4th st were open, so it’s not like being at a sports arena with a small number of tightly controlled gates.

    If this is the case, I question the Secret Service’s competency and also the DC police.

  27. Well, that might be, but their own senate website shows that only part of the inauguration space is checked for tickets.

  28. I’m wondering how long he can surprise us every single day. He’s going to send feds into Chicago? I hate to say it, but Jesse Jackson is somewhat right:

    Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson said in a Twitter post: “We need a plan, not a threat. We need jobs, not jails.”

    Of course Jesse Jackson’s “plan,” historically, has always been to redistribute wealth and jobs to people who haven’t earned it. It’s a bit ironic coming from someone who has always lobbed threats rather than creating plans. To this day, as far as I know, Jackson hasn’t had a plan to deal with the major cause of violence, which is a broken family structure.

    But we should see how this plays out. Now that the threats are going both ways, maybe they’ll come up with a plan.

  29. Byron,

    It amazes me that you completely ignore an issue that is a slap
    in the face of law abiding people and that is illegal immigration.
    Dumb *ss liberal bleeding media like to tie it as Trump against
    immigration period. Wrong! Law abiding people have go through the
    process of applying and waiting for green card and waiting their
    turn to enter this country. I had my wife waited a long time for
    her green card. Obama and other liberal retarted politicians made
    it their agenda promote illegal alien preferential treatment like
    DACA while others who apply with the USCIS has to wait their turn
    like everyone else. Tired of the racist (only preferential to
    hispanic illegals) unfair favortism by the bleeding heart sanctuary
    cities mayors. That goes for the mothers from China giving birth to babies
    so their child gets US citizenship. They are gaming the system
    and you fail to address it. (Anchor babies) See this report.

    (CBS) It was 5 a.m. and CBS News national correspondent Byron Pitts is with
    a woman who is nine months pregnant. She’s rushed to a south Texas hospital
    to undergo a C-section – a $4,700 medical procedure that won’t cost her a
    dime. She qualifies for emergency Medicaid.

    She gave birth to a healthy, 8 1/2 pound baby boy – born in America. His
    Mexican mother gave him an American name: Eliot.

    Eliot is one of an estimated 300,000 children of illegal immigrants born in
    the United States every year, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. They’re
    given instant citizenship because they are born on U.S. soil, which makes it
    easier for their parents to become U.S. citizens.

    That’s because those babies can eventually sponsor their parents – when they
    turn 21 years old.

    As for Eliot’s mother, no longer as fearful of deportation, she told CBS
    News her name, Fabiola, and her story.

    “So your son is an American citizen. What does that mean to you?” Pitts

    “I am very glad that he was born. That’s why I came here – so my children,
    my husband and I could have a better life,” she said through a translator.

  30. Don’t like the constitution laws? Get 2/3 majority to change it. They’ve done it for slavery and women suffrage, see if you can do it for the US citizenship by birth clause that might be outdated from when they first wrote it.

  31. Don,

    I haven’t ignored it. I’ve got my feelings on the issue, and I think they’re probably somewhat similar to yours:

    The reason I haven’t posted it in this thread is a matter of importance. We have laws with regards to immigration, and Trump is just enforcing it. If you’re here legally, it’s not such a big deal (which may explain why Trump had decent Hispanic support). It IS is a big deal that he’s kissing up to Putin, denying climate change, playing with the One China Policy, and threatening to send the feds into Chicago.

  32. Ask the Native Americans who are here legally…

    Laws exist, but is constantly changed and broken according to the zeitgeist.

  33. By the way, I’m not sure why the President of Mexico is complaining. He’s the one who legitimized Trump by agreeing to meet with him during the campaign. He helped get Trump elected.

  34. It was probably a good idea for him to hedge. As far as I can tell most Mexican consider him an idiot, but Mexico is dependent on the US. Right now Trump is floating not only pulling out of NAFTA, but imposing a tariff. He is between a rock and a hard place. Can he afford to be righteous?

  35. Maybe you’re right–it doesn’t look like anyone seems to respect Nieto. I’m guessing it may have been similar before that whole Trump campaign fiasco.

    Interesting article on the Mexican ramifications of Trump’s enforcing border control:

    The Mexicans aren’t going to be paying for the wall, but maybe the increased enforcement on our end will encourage them to fix their own issues. (I’m assuming they have the structure and manpower to do so…)

  36. This has got to be the stupidest action by an American president that I’ve seen in my lifetime. Never had a single act of domestic terrorism from immigrants from these countries, but he’s banning them anyway.

  37. From what I’ve read, there are more Mexicans moving to Mexico than to the US. Many people are in the US illegally by overstaying visas. The wall is a stupid idea. Immigrants, both those here legally and illegally, actually commit less crime than citizens. Mass deportation is another stupid idea. Although they do sponge off the system through public services like education and health care, that pales in comparison to their contribution to GDP growth through consumer spending. Getting rid of immigrants will drive up food costs and the cost of just about everything. Protectionism, like tariffs, is also stupid because the cost of manufacturing in the US is so unreasonably high and those jobs are never coming back, anyway, due to automation. That will jack up prices, too. Advancing oil pipelines and investing in coal is also stupid when renewable energy jobs already outnumber all fossil fuel jobs combined, while the former field has massive growth and the latter is in decline. And the Muslim immigration ban doesn’t even tackle terrorism like it claims, while it does block the international flow of human capital.

    None of Trump’s policies make sense or even have a silver lining. And the sad part is I think he is the true face of this country. Most racial/religious minorities would’ve voted for him, too, if they were White.

  38. Kiwi,

    I agree with you. Part of the problem is perception, and sometimes real on a local scale. If you take trade, part of the problem is that you put in free trade deals, the outcome is everyone is helped. But not all are helped, many are harmed. A groups of people will lose some pretty stable jobs. Thriving towns die off. Now other towns spring up. Many find new opportunities. On a net the area is better off, but some are worse off. These people might think it is a great idea.

    I can only imagine that it is a very hard thing to balance out their needs, and the needs of everyone else. The risk is if you ignore these people, one day you’ll get someone like Trump.

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