“Savage” crime and media bias when it comes to race

I’m trying to do an internet detox, so I’ll keep this short. Instead of getting verbose, I’ll let Colin Flaherty, who is White, and Anthony Brian Logan, who is Black (and whom I found through Oshay Duke Jackson), speak for me. See their videos above, where they talk about a group of Black people torturing and beating on a mentally handicapped White kid while shouting anti-White and anti-Trump rhetoric. They cut him and force him to drink toilet water. I don’t even know how I’m supposed to refer to these four monsters. Logan, who is Black, calls them “savages.” I don’t know if liberals consider that racist, but it seems pretty accurate to me. It was so savage that I couldn’t even watch the whole video. Where do people channel the cruelty to torture a defenseless mentally handicapped man? What kind of savagery encourages the filming and dissemination of such lack of human decency? It’s sickening and despicable. And until yesterday, the story was almost completely ignored by the mainstream media.

But it’s not the worst. Both Flaherty and Logan also refer to the Christian/Newsom murder ten years ago, which was also almost completely ignored by the mainstream media. I remember hearing that story but because I was a Leftist liberal back then, I mostly ignored it. The mainstream media, which is and was also liberal, also ignored it. I can’t afford to ignore it any longer. Neither can you. These two young people, at the very time when their lives should’ve taken off, were murdered, tortured, and raped for days. After having their fun with rape and murder, these violent criminals shot Newsom and suffocated Christian after pouring bleach down her throat. Their families have been destroyed and (it seems) now carry guns. I agree with both Flaherty and Logan that this was the most sickening crime that we’ve seen. Just try to imagine the anguish that these two young people faced in the days leading to their death.

Where was the mainstream media in all of this? Yeah, we know how the mainstream media has historically dealt with personal responsibility when it comes to certain protected minorities, but this is ridiculous. Early in the day yesterday, I had to go to the Chicago police Twitter to confirm that the story was real. It wasn’t until later in the day that CNN and other major news sites jumped on it.

I was having lunch with a friend a couple of days ago, and we were talking about the post-fact era of politics. The news media needs to get us out of the post-fact era. They can start doing that by telling the truth. They probably think they’re doing Protected Minorities a favor by refusing to report on crimes coming from those neighborhoods, but it’s exactly the opposite. Lying to people about their own communities doesn’t help them. Unequal treatment increases racism, not the other way around.

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  1. The media jumped to fit their narrative and lied about the Duke Lacrosse Hoax, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and I could go on and on….

    Here’s another true story that is so horrific it sounds fake:

    “Horrific fate of South Carolina teen who vanished seven years ago: 17-year-old ‘was gang-raped, shot, and fed to alligators'”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3762863/Girl-17-went-missing-Myrtle-Beach-2009-gang-raped-shot-fed-alligators-says-FBI-agent.html#ixzz4V2rrnPEj

    It’s extremely politically incorrect to say this but I will say it anyways: The reason segregation existed in the South was to protect Whites from Blacks.

  2. No, the reason segregation existed in the South was because white Americans in that era only wanted coloured people as slaves, not citizens or equals. They also wanted to preserve the fiction of their egalitarianism. Once it became clear that they could not all be deported back to Africa – the cost alone would bankrupt America – white people settled into an uneasy realisation that black people were a “problem” they would have to live with for an indefinite period of time. So they thought of “segregation”.

  3. She was from South Carolina, so she was probably a racist. The world is a better place with less racism.

  4. The world is a better place with strident idiots too, so you know what to do with yourself “Kyrie”.

  5. This is just out and out racist act committed by a bunch of “savages.” I blame this on the black thugs driven rapp music which is turning Blacks into inhumane lowlifes animals. No other race will ever attack Whites, Seniors , Asians, Middle Eastern and now handicapped people.
    If it was the other way around, they would bitching about racism and Donald Trump is to blame.
    Blacks should look in the mirror eveytme they cry racism because I am SICK of hearing it.

  6. While the media is biased, finding fault in it at this point is like blaming Santa Claus for not looking like the way you want him to. If you really want the truth, you should do your own research.

    The law in both cases thankfully did its job by prosecuting all the perpetrators. The only dislike I had is that one of the Christian/Newsom murderers was sentenced to death, which I oppose on moral grounds. But as history shows, had the juries been mostly Black instead of White, justice may well have not been served. That is the thing that actually scares me, more than whatever the media could possibly spew out.

  7. I think King has been busy with other things. He’s not scared of the trolls here. He enjoyed slapping Siggy around. I’m pretty sure he’d be here if he weren’t busy with other things.

  8. King is a wonderful contributor to this blog. His inputs are always well considered and insightful. I always learn a lot from the discussions he participates in.

    He certainly would not be afraid of anonymous internet cravens.

  9. Interesting that he’s going all Jack Thompson on this. While I agree with him that blaming BLM is bogus, I think it’s bogus of him to say this is getting too much attention. To suggest that shootings of black people are not getting enough attention by the media rings false.

    Instead of doing this, and criticizing the nation for not caring about the disabled, why doesn’t he take this opportunity to talk about their problems? How many times has he done that? Once or twice?

  10. The high crime rate in black population have everything to do with black culture. This denial of the culture problem is one of the main obstacles that prevents black race from progress, and this is also how liberals crewed black people — make then incapable to do self-reflection and self-examination so that they can’t improve themselves besides crying ‘racism’.

  11. There definitely is media bias and propaganda. But to blame the actions of a few deranged individuals unto a whole group of people and attributing it to some sort of “cultural malaise” smacks of racism.

    Meanwhile, Haolewood has certainly “normalized” portrayals of African Americans in recent years. Now can the Asians demand the same, or otherwise boycott Haolewood racism instead of constantly promoting it like the SJWs?


  12. Ignoring the facts and logic and labeling every uncomfortable idea as ‘racism’ are also how liberals crewed black people.

  13. Did the white dude who stuck a hanger up the ass of a special needs black kid’s do it because of ‘white culture’? Or does ‘white culture’ get a pass ‘because reasons’?

  14. Guys, please go back to read what I’ve said once again, make sure you understand me correctly.

  15. This why I said that liberal education on race screwed people. Once a discussion involves race, a lot of people will lose their basic reading and comprehension abilities.

  16. @Bryon King couldn’t slap around his dead granny nevertheless me. I could knock King down to size without a problem.

    Now, there are blacks that are smart and are not liberal. Ben Carson is great. Trump gave him a good position. But those young thugs are beyond society control and must be dealt with. They are danger to the stability of this country. I’m speaking out as a concerned American. Black Lives Matters only Care about police shootings. They caused riots and moorings. We have a right to protect ourselves against thugs and inhumane acts of violence committed by these thugs. Quit blaming race all the time and go out and do something with their lives.

  17. Why isn’t Siegfried the racist 400# basement troll more concerned about Mexicans and Muslims with guns? The recent news should make any racist like him head for the hills. ^_^

  18. Because Mexicans and Muslims are not committing crimes, like you know who. Thugs are target all races. Whites, Hispanic Mid eastern and Asians are picked on, bullied and robbed. Anyone who looks weak are subject to their terror. Now just because I hate black thugs. Does not make me a racist.
    They tormented this kid with special needs. Where is Black Lie Matters? Not one black person spoke against this brutal attack on this poor kid, not even Aardvark. The only way you’ll wake up if it happen to your brother, mother or sister gets rape. Then what will you say.

  19. I’ve already “condemned” those filthy scum excuse for human beings on the other thread. Why are you, Siegfiend, “speaking out against” the racist white kids?

  20. Okay , I speaking out against all forms of racism no matter who cause it. This was clearly a handicap and racist act. Now I want the Black Lives Not Matter to come forward to admit this was wrong. They won’t do it.

  21. Siegfiend the 400# basement racist: call out the racist white cops and the KKK first!

  22. I know Siegfiend the 400# racist basement dwelling loser likes to clump all people of color together, but what does black organizations has to do with an Asian American blog?

    I’m not a James Lamb-Fang racist who tells other communities what to do. Siegfiend, the Haole 400# racist on the other hand though, constantly spews off vile racist rhetoric…

  23. Hey Byron – off topic but have you seen what Steve Harvey said and did on his show regarding Asian men and dating? It’s pretty infuriating and I’d be curious to hear your thoughts

  24. I’ll actually give Reappropriate and the Fangs credit where credit is due, this is one of the very few incidences where they actually “gets it” and not promoting Haolewood propaganda:


    However, why is the Asian “blogosphere” always reactionary and never proactive in promoting POSITIVE depictions of Asian men and calling out the racist shtick that is Haolewood and Marvel where AMs are slaughtered with impunity? Instead of constantly promoting Maurissa Tancharoen-Whedon and Ming Na and Chloe Bennet Wang, call out the racist tropes of killing off tons of AMs every chance they can.

  25. Eh – I think it was such an indisputable, blatant and public display of black on Asian racism that for the Fangs to ignore it would undermine the credibility of their site. You’ll notice Mrs or mr fang never calls it “racism”. Meanwhile they are quick to cry apparent “anti blackness” in the Asian community

  26. Reappropriate has always covered these types of incidences. Sure it’s low-hanging fruit but Jenn does deserve credit for spending the energy.

    I’m actually more interested in whether those tools at 18 million rising are offended. I’m sure there are at least 9 million in the USofA who are actually pissed off. If memory serves, they were all over Eddie Huang over a twitter kerfuffle he had with a Black feminist. This time, it is more blatant and right on national television.
    Or do they get triggered only if one or more Black persons are targeted?

  27. I recently met an asian dude who totally denies any discrimination against asians. At first I thought he was ignorant of his situation, but he went out of his way to bury the topic. He is a successful, smart, young employee. Maybe he is too proud to admit the problem ? I don’t know what to think of it.

  28. @Aardvark
    What did I say that was vile racist? Is it because I dare to criticize Blacks? All I pointed out was the apathy of Blacks when it comes to crime. I believe because of thugs and rap music, the black culture is reduced to criminal. No one is speaking out against it when they do they are label racist. To me the real racist are those who ignore it.

  29. Yeah, I think Jenn often talks about stuff like that. As mmjames said, it’s low-hanging fruit. It’s not nearly as difficult as taking a stand against macro-racism like SJW anti-Asian racism or affirmative racism. But let’s give credit where credit is due. These micro-aggressions really do matter, and Jenn has always been on our side for these.

    As for me, these days I’m trying not to expend energy over stuff like this. We all know that Black celebrities are no better than White celebrities, and Asian celebrities are often the worst. Most of them say whatever they need to say to make a buck. As aardvark says, it’s always reactive. But equally as important, I try not to get dragged down by their negativity. I’ve worked with Snoopy to overcome his negativity, and it’s very hard. We can fight to be a Protected Class, but at what cost? It’s clearly a hole that’s very hard to dig one’s way out of.

  30. I have to admit I’m a bit surprised and disappointed by the second paragraph of your response Byron. To each his own I suppose

  31. Enuff,

    I probably need to ask a question to clarify my position: Given the choice, would you switch places with Snoopy? If you were Snoopy, you’d be a Protected Minority, and no one would ever say anything about your race similar to what Steve Harvey said about Asian men.

    But would you trade places?

    If you did, your people would be Willie Lynched into poverty by racial hucksters perpetuating nonsense for their own personal gain. Your people’s progress would be constantly derailed by the Al Charlatan’s in one generation, followed by the Deray McKessons in another. It would be an oppression merry-go-round.

    Going back to the OP, we can’t even discuss crime in the Black community because it’s not a PC topic to discuss.

    We Asians have our own hucksters, but at least they have relatively less power.

    So I ask again: would you trade places with Snoopy?

    At least with us, we can actively concentrate on building stuff. Isn’t this something to be happy about?

  32. I don’t know Mr. Fang or what he does, what positions he hold, how much money he has, etc:.. I guess what you’re really asking is would I rather be a black man or Asian man in the US. That is not a black and white question, no pun intended, Black Americans face discrimination in different spheres than Asian Americans. For example, if I was an actor, yes, I’d rather be a black man. If I was a doctor, I’d rather be an Asian man. It goes both ways. While Asian Americans have overall greater success in the corporate world, we have little to no (even negative) social capital. A lot of apologists like to downplay this but perception and soft media power have immense effects on Asian Americans, both growing up and in their adult lives. I don’t think it’s a fair question to ask because you can never realistically ask that question without qualifying all else being equal, which is not a realistic scenario. All else being equal, who cares what color anyone is

  33. Byron,

    There are many wise black folks, like the person in this video:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddy4jSG8I54. What depressing is that the current liberal environment and mentality of majority black people (including James) make that only people like Al Sharpton and Deray McKessons can become the leader and voice for black people. I think majority black elites want their race to be in this environment (they helped create this). So majority black folks may not like to be in their position, but probably for different reasons.

  34. @Enuff,

    While Asian Americans have overall greater success in the corporate world, we have little to no (even negative) social capital.

    I would argue against this, not only simply because of the bamboo ceiling and micro-aggression racism by white managers, but threats of lawsuits for discrimination from certain demographics. I’ve seen it firsthand in companies I worked at in STEM.

    Personally, compared to SJW protected URMs, I’m making far less than what they are in terms of experience and skills. >.<

  35. Siegfiend is a 400# basement dwelling racist troll.

    I believe because of thugs and rap music, the black culture is reduced to criminal. No one is speaking out against it when they do they are label racist. To me the real racist are those who ignore it.

    To feed the troll: the white culture of country music and guns is reduced to criminal. You don’t call out the KKK because you’re part of that racist society.

    There are good white folks out there, like anybody, but you’re perpetuating the racist propaganda of Fox and is nothing new nor interesting. *YAWN*

  36. @Aardvark
    When does Country music promote violence against the police? Calling women whores and bitches. Ta!k about shooting people. Rappers killing each other. Guns and rapp goes together like butter and toast.

    Bleeding heart liberal. Those black thugs will shoot you in a heart beat without carrying. That’s fact. Or do you want me to say blacks are like Asians working hard and have less crime rate than Asian. Next time you are in the hood I hope you feel right at home.

  37. I try not to get dragged down by their negativity. I’ve worked with Snoopy to overcome his negativity, and it’s very hard.
    – bigwowo
    I can definitely see where you are coming from. If interacting with Snoopy frustrates you, then I think it would be better to cut back. I believe most of the posters here are wired for “problem solving” where as Snoopy is wired for “complaining”. There are natural incompatibilities.

  38. I’m sick and tired of this boring discussion about Blacks. Blacks do what they do because they want to blame racism for their actions. It make no since. Jews have been discriminated against and almost destroyed. Yet we don’t see Jews or Hispanic rioting or crying racism this or that.
    I have one focus. Asian women. You or Byron don’t care about them. Since you never talk about them.😕 hmm. No matter my bed is ready for them.

  39. King,

    What’s up? Long time no see. Siggy just dropped a brick in his pants!


    No matter my bed is ready for them.

    Your bed has been waiting for fifteen years. Your bed is getting cold. I think your bed wants you to keep it warm…by yourself.

  40. The thing I find most frightening is that there are many people who share Siegfried’s views out there who do end up raising families. Knowing that, it doesn’t seem like just a joke.

  41. ChineseMom:

    Agreed. And that’s the difficulty. If you’re just a normal Black person, you’ve got these annoying mouthpieces like Al Charlatan speaking for you.


    Sorry for the slow response. We’ve been snowed in for four days straight. It sucks.

    I don’t think it’s a fair question to ask because you can never realistically ask that question without qualifying all else being equal, which is not a realistic scenario.

    Are you madly in love with your job, Enuff? If not, you’re like most people. If you’re not madly in love with your job, you’re also probably not a doctor or an actor–jobs that people do for love. Snoopy isn’t a doctor either, and though his theatrical screams when faced with oppression (real or imagined) are Oscar-worthy, he’s not a professional actor. So although you, Snoopy, and I are individuals, our differences really are negligible. We’re probably all just middle-class regular people just scraping by. More to the point, our real lives take place outside of our careers.

    I think that’s what I’m really asking about–our lives outside of our careers.

    My point is that being a Protected Minority isn’t what it’s cracked out to be. Snoopy spends a good portion of his day looking for racism, trying to find a reason to complain (as mmjames points out) and be angry. He knows that if he finds it, the SJWs will come running to his aid. There’s a payoff. Because you don’t have that privilege as an Asian man, it forces you to work harder and earn your keep.

    Now that’s not to say that there aren’t Black men who work hard and earn their keep. There are lots of hard-working, respectable, educated Black men who are real leaders. BUT because of liberal extremism, there are also lots of Professional Blacks who get rewarded based on how loudly they express their liberal victimology and theatrics. While it would seem that all this free stuff would make a person happy, it actually makes most people miserable. Show me a Social Justice Warrior, and I’ll show you a person who spends his life looking for microaggressions and using his mouth mostly to complain about how bad life is.

  42. Hey Byron. Last I was here, I was knee deep in a Blacks & Asians discussion, but I also had a stack of homework from work. You know me. I can’t help myself, if I allow myself to get into a debate, I will let it take all of my time arguing and researching.

    I had to step completely away in order to get my work done. I was working on a project in Washington D.C. but working from LA. A lot of very early mornings. Anyway, it had to be done. I had to cut the cord for a little while. Then the holidays came. I’m just catching up now.

    @ Kiwit

    Geez, I hope you are wrong! Try to imagine that imbecile actually raising kids! No child deserves to have Siggy as a daddy!

  43. King,

    Awesome that you’re doing well! It’s also awesome that you’re doing work on a national level!

    It’s been the exact opposite here. Portland has had record snow. I don’t remember there ever being more than two or three school snow days in a year. Tomorrow will be the eighth school snow day of the year. We’ve been snowed in since Tuesday night–but before that, we were snowed in Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, plus we were snowed in at least four days in December. I’m going crazy here. I fought the ice to walk to the supermarket today, and there was almost nothing on the shelves.

  44. @ Byron

    Ah, I’ve been watching you guys up there! I’m sorry about all the snow, but I’m afraid Southern California needs it! My apologies for getting you stuck in pur weather system, but Northern California just came out of our 7-year drought! I’m crossing my fingers tat Southern CA will make it out as well.

    I trust that Mrs. WOWO and the little wowosters are all flourishing, even in your so recently inclement climes?

  45. Haha! We’re all driving each other crazy! I’ve had a ton of work to do, but it’s been hard to catch up with all the screaming in the background. And because I’m a tiger dad, everyone’s gotta do work.

    Actually, the biggest beneficiary is the dog. Because the streets have a foot of solid snow on them and no one wants to drive, they get free run of the land. All the neighborhood dogs have been playing like crazy.

    I’m really happy for California. Congratulations for getting out of the drought. That drought had been going on for way too long. I have family there, so I know what it’s like with the rationing and stuff. I remember reading something about some families being completely dry–they were having to truck in bottled water, which is way less efficient than just getting the stuff from the sky. So if it helps California, this short little stay at home will be worth it! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that SoCal gets out too.

  46. Geez, I hope you are wrong! Try to imagine that imbecile actually raising kids! No child deserves to have Siggy as a daddy!

    If I read right on the 44s, he’s already a baby daddy to a hapa kid. He was looking for advice on how to raise him right. If the Sigfrida we see here is the same his kid sees, poor kid will have a lot of baggage.

  47. @siggy ok im gonna catch some flak for this so dont take it personally, but what is tje big deal? Ive had sex with asian women, and honestly when you have a big penis, it fucking sucks because the majority of asian women have very small vaginas and sexual intercourse is not as fun when u have a big dick and cant really well.. have fun. its come to the point where I have to move on to caucasian girls, simply because of a size mismatch, if I were you id stick with white girls, that is unpess your penis is smaller than most white guys or you enjoy only getting 50% of the way there. .

    Kudos to you if u enjoy small beavers.

  48. Notty,

    I think that was someone else. I thought Siggy was still waiting for his Asian woman…any Asian woman.

    I was going to create a thread where Siggy and the rest of the White trolls could compare dick sizes, but I’m sure there are other websites where y’all would get more participants.

  49. @ NOTTY

    OMG! Can you imagine how much Siggy could screw up a Hapa kid??? Talk about self loathing!!! I very much hope that was just a joke or trolling by Siggy!!

  50. @ M

    Well… is your dick bigger than an Asian baby? I know it’s not exactly the same process, but I imagine that lubrication and dilation would solve most of that problem.

  51. Notty,

    I think that was someone else. I thought Siggy was still waiting for his Asian woman…any Asian woman.

    I thought this Sigfrida was the same one that had a surreal meltdown at the 44s after he got a verbal lash by the women there.

    OMG! Can you imagine how much Siggy could screw up a Hapa kid??? Talk about self loathing!!! I very much hope that was just a joke or trolling by Siggy!!

    Hopefully Byron is right. Sounds like you remember it the way I do, though!

  52. Kudos to you if u enjoy small beavers.

    Wow, to go so low as to give a two thumbs up to ‘enjoying’ small rodents…ew.

  53. I wonder how Asian women feel about being described as “tight”, knowing that this is a juvenile fantasy born of Mary Palm and her five sisters’s death grip on said fantasist’s member. That you are a masturbation tool because these juvenile white males have not gotten properly acquainted with actual pussy (and actual women for that matter), and that they are by and large rejects because even white women don’t want them.

  54. @Sengge You’re absolutely right, it’s a bullshit myth perpetrated by white men and they don’t talk about the disadvantages of what actually happens in the bedroom. Almost all of the times Asian men, have a pretty big advantage when it comes to pretty Asian women, and actually the whole size myth really hurts Asian guys who have big penises but get passed over by women because they are perceived to have small penises.

    You guys have perceived Mr. M as a white troll, but you guys are missing the nuance here, that’s not the case he is probably an Asian-american trying to point out sarcastically that Siggy is a retarded idiot who is splashing around like a kid in a small swimming pool.

    I mean really who gives a fuck about penis size in the end? The reality out there when you meet and talk to women, is so much more different than what people imagine it to be. You guys need to grow up and stop thinking in terms of black and white, in American culture penis size is everything but that’s all bullshit if you ask me.

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