Listening to the Trump supporters and learning about guns

…because they’re not all crazy, at least not as crazy as some of the Leftist extremists who’ve been crying over their lost sense of entitlement for the past two months. Check out the video above. This guy is a Trump supporter. But if you listen to what he says about defending your home, everything he says is right. Even though he loves guns, he’s not a gun crazy. You can tell because he advises people to just let a home invader steal their VCR–that it’s not worth shooting someone over it. I also like his common sense advice that you need to wear your gun at all times. If someone busts down your door (which usually takes only a few hard kicks) and you’re downstairs while your gun is in your bedroom, you’re much better off NOT having a gun in the first place. Violent criminals will often demand your guns one they have you under their control, and there’s no telling what they’ll do once they have your guns. I think you can somewhat slow down an intruder by fortifying your front door and windows, but your response time in general will be very slow, especially since the criminals have the element of surprise working in their favor.

Anyway, it’s like I’ve been telling everyone. There’s no sense in worrying about what is already done. The guy in the video already knew things that I didn’t know. We need to start doing more listening and less talking, especially since the non-moderate extremists on “our” side have been wrong so often.

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  1. Will give this guy props for saying in as much words that guns are not magic bullets to questions of safety and security.

    An assessment of what measures and steps will be satisfactory will depend on “intel” on patterns of crime in the area, personal vulnerabilities in patterns of day to day living, and what could happen in the future.

    Measures taken to stop burglary rings or lone druggies will fall short the moment a larger syndicate associated with arms and drug smuggling and control or political ptronage sponsors the break-in groups, for example. So people serious about safety should prepare themselves to consider larger questions across the full spectrum of the topic.

    Americans have been psychologically conditioned to “protect their home”, “defend their family”, without understanding what their grandfathers knew in that their home is just a single layer of thin walls, that their family will be hostages if they never watch who is around them or who could approach them at any hour of the day. It isn’t just the home you have to defend. You have to take care of the streets and roads that lead to it.

    Perhaps the most insidious thing Americans will first have to face is to recognize when fears and anxieties are influencing their thoughts on security like a neurotic cat lady fears everything around them, and when they are finally using calculated assessments and practiced preparedness to prepare for contingencies. The safety of individuals to a large part still depends on the communities around them. Criminals congregate to places where communal defense and safety has become dysfunctional.

    Almost everything else you will learn from the minds and the patterns of the criminal.

    Anglo-American race leftists are positioning themselves as the most significant enablers of crime because they imagine that this rhetoric of racial and “privilege” guilting turns the tail of their nemesis of white hierarchy on its own head.

    Crime will be excusable if committed by an “underprivileged” group. That such a strategy hardens racial perceptions of criminality instead of focuses it on criminal behavior and motivations does not matter. The goal of the race leftists is ultimately to split society for a political patron, instead of creating a society where people no longer suffer crime.

    Anglo-American leftists are fully complicit in returning support to defunct “conservative” bases. This is the goal and what they were designed to do in the universities and media.

  2. Sengge,

    I agree. The guy in the video also has another video where he argues against open carry in businesses that don’t like open carry. Even though he’s obsessed with guns, he’s pretty sensible. He realizes that some people are uncomfortable with random dudes strapping firearms, and he understands that it’s not for everyone. He also made an observation that around 10% of people are strongly pro-gun, 10% are strongly anti-gun, and about 80% in the middle don’t really care. While I might challenge the exact numbers, the concept is generally true.

    What you say about neighborhoods is also true, and it’s given me some ideas to consider for my own neighborhood. I see all these CCTV footage of crime scenes, and it seems clear that certain neighborhoods have it worse than others. Some people have been robbed two or three times, and it’s because criminals target certain neighborhoods. A crime in any neighborhood is really a crime against everyone in that neighborhood. If someone commits a crime, it forces you to lock your door or prevents your children from walking to a neighbor or stops you from having Amazon delivered. It also enables other criminal elements who might be emboldened by the first jerk who introduced your neighborhood to crime.

    I also think it’s true that certain neighborhoods tend to have lots of criminal residents. The Far Left liberals, by attacking concepts of personal responsibility, enable this nonsense. One thing that I like about the conservatives that we’ve seen over the years is that few of them make excuses. I think the other side could learn from that. I’m tired of hearing excuses.

  3. I’m very confused. When there is a black victim, the media knows it’s a hate crime right away. Why the big delay with the #BLMKidnapping?

  4. Sam on January 5, 2017 at 12:19 pm said:

    I’m very confused. When there is a black victim, the media knows it’s a hate crime right away. Why the big delay with the #BLMKidnapping?

    Because black lives matter. If you aren’t careful, you could send those innocent black kids to prison for a hate crime they never commit. Plus, hate crime is a serious charge, you need a thorough investigation and abundant evidence.

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