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An Asian American FB friend posted this article from the New Yorker: Doomsday Prep For the Super-Rich. Evidently prepping just isn’t for the middle-class anymore. The super-rich are doing it too, which should be scary given that the super-rich now control the country. If they have no faith in their own ability to run it, then how should the rest of us feel? The article talks about rich peoples’ obsession with New Zealand as an escape. Even Peter Thiel, Mr. Trump’s most famous Silicon Valley backer, has invested in New Zealand as an escape destination when The Shit Hits The Fan (TSHTF). If Peter Thiel is hedging, what should the rest of us do?

As the New Yorker article says, lots of rich Asian Americans have already made up their minds. They’re prepping. One rich Asian American dude got LASIK because glasses will be hard to come by if the economy melts down. Another rich Asian American dude is training in archery (although despite the fact that one is far more likely to have an fatal accident than a successful self-defense situation, it’s FAR better to have a gun than a bow if TSHTF.).

Prepping might not be a bad idea these days, with Trump upending everything we’ve known. I’m not worried about our military being weak, but with his senseless attacks on the the CIA, I worry about our intelligence community and whether they will be able to do their jobs. I worry about him (and his Cabinet) being in bed with Putin. I worry about prices shooting through the roof if he upends American trade and replaces it with protectionism. I’m worried MOST about the sea levels rising and more natural catastrophes in a world where the the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t believe in global warming. I’m worried that the media is losing all credibility under the Trump’s lies and attacks. Some of it is the media’s fault, of course–but what kind of world will we live in if people don’t listen to objective people with access to information?

(I’m not worried about race relations. As I’ve said many times, we were on a downward trajectory in race relations with the SJW’s destroying everything. Even though this isn’t ideal, it’s better than what we had. I hate to say it, but it’s also refreshing to see a politician keep his promises, regardless of how despicable and evil his message is. I do think it will be much harder for him to keep his promises with regards to finance–the numbers don’t just add up. Then again, with Trump’s history of bankruptcies, we knew he was never good with the numbers.)

If TSHTF, we’re in trouble no matter what, but it’s always good to be prepared. It’s not the first time we’ve been through this. Kennedy urged people to build fallout shelters, and fear was a pretty common back in the days of the Cold War between Reagan and Gorbachev. Things are looking a lot shakier these days than back in the Cold War, so it may not be a bad time to at least learn survival skills, even if you don’t have a private plane and property in New Zealand.

7 thoughts on “Asian American Preppers

  1. Stupid.

    Have you taken leave of your senses and retreated into a liberal escapist fantasy?

    Does liberal media help you to take these flights?

    In a civilizational collapse scenario the birth rates of the city polities overwhelm the death rates. This means that they will have surplus manpower to push against their periphery and other political centers. Trying to be a “survivalist” in the wilds is a sure method to invite victimisation because nothing you build there will last; it will all be taken.

    What the fuck am I reading about Lasik and New Zealand?

    Are liberals conspiring to make their own believers more craven and stupid?

    They take the most stupid and pathetic example of an Asian American response to civil collapse and disorder, and we’re all supposed to fall in line with mass hysteria?

    Fuck’s sake Byron.

    No hard feelings; this is straight talk from all the New Year drinks.

  2. Really, fuck this.

    Enough with this manufactured liberal mass hysteria.

    That’s the problem with Americans and your “special relationship” with the UK. Your elites have a special view of how the rest of the world works and how it should be treated, such as the pleading to the lowest common denominator, and the catering to biases in order to sell them more consumer stuff via Facebook.

    If you’re going to make a habit to cry like Aardvark then fuck off. Do you want to compare the life of an American to just about any person who lives outside America, and how they cope with less certainty and less civil liberties, and more threat and danger?

    It makes you look like crybabies. Just stop.

  3. I think you get way too much of your information / worldview from the mainstream media. The media creates perception, reality. The mainstream media is a political arm of the democrat party, and has a decidedly globalist orientation which primarily benefits the super rich who control the MSM.

    Studies have shown that the USA is better described as an oligarchy, not a democracy

  4. If you don’t get the news from the mainstream media, where do you get it ? How do you know what’s going on ?
    Why the hate ? Americans aren’t that stupid or that influenced by the media, they voted for Trump, didn’t they, despite all the negative coverage by the media and hatred from the elites from both sides.

  5. The USofA is now a kleptocracy, worse than plutocracy and oligarchy.

    And get your “news” from Al-Jazeera. Most fair and balanced there is about US corruption. ^_^

  6. Why do I having the feeling that this whole prepping phenomenon is just another excuse to go around wielding semi-automatic weapons while wearing fatigue?

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