Who gave Trump the election?

The Far Left gave Trump the election. They did it with their PC culture that relies on reacting to discussion with accusations of racism or sexism. By stifling discussion, turning the entire world into a “safe space,” and turning our public sphere into the Oppression Olympics, they ushered Trump right into the White House. I’ve been saying it for a long time. But it sounds a lot better with an angry British accent! I don’t think the Left gave the nomination to Clinton over Sanders, but I do think they created the environment that gave us Trump over Clinton.

The question is where they go from here. Will they continue to strangle public discourse in this country? Will they continue their campaign against those who don’t share their religion? Or will they take a step back and finally allow people to talk without their crybulling, cyberbullying, and whining?

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  1. Notice when you ask some liberals why Hillary lost, they will point out the cause to be hate towards women, blacks, hispanics, muslims, brown people.

    Of course, they conveniently exclude Asian males from this racism equation. Perhaps they exclude Asian men because they are in the group of perpetrators of racism against Asian men. Of course, no minority group is capable of being racist right?

    This is proof that they do not strive for equality, but strive for their own entitlement.

    Until the left adhere to true equality instead of entitlement, then Asian men should vote exclusively for the Republicans.

  2. There is a claim that some Bernie supporters might have stayed home, and some voted for Trump. So, I would read it as Democrats not going left enough instead of PC.

    I am old fashioned so I find a 60yr old talking about grabbing women a bit discomforting. Call me PC but I can imagine that there is a section of population that do not like PC culture. They are attracted to this kind of talk. They are attracted to bigotry and xenophobia. I can see how these deplorables would have not liked old fashioned decency.

    It is claimed that Christian evangelicals are hypocrites and voted for Trump. It is claimed that they are willing to justify the means for the end throwing morality and principle to the wind.

    Clinton is claiming Comey changed the outcome of the election. I can see how that can be true for some voters (even women voters) who have a general distrust of Hillary.

    So, given all that is being claimed, and quite plausible, I do not see how the far left gave the election to Trump in a direct way. I hope the Democratic Party take a hard left, and give in to populism instead of pandering to centrist policies because there is no one in the center in this divided states of America.

    In the short term, I hope the Democratic Party leadership is able to take advantage of the fact that the economic power is in the highly populated areas that are mostly liberal. Use it to push their core values instead of letting the Republicans get away with theirs.

  3. It’s the economy, always has been and always will be.

    Watch Michael Moore’s Trumpland and he explains it really well.

  4. Sander’s view on the election makes sense to me. He talks about the working man. There has to be some balance between economic vs cultural liberalism. Young privileged liberals (like the shrieking girl) forgot about the sickle-and-hammer origins of some liberal ideas.



  5. “This is why White SJWs in particular piss me off so much:”

    One silver lining of this election (I am paraphrasing someone else) is that White is an ethnic label now like never before. Earlier, White was the default. Americans meant White, everyone else was a category. Now, when I see a White person, I can be disparaging and ask why they voted Trump just like Whites treats us as a monolith.
    We don’t have to look at Whites as individuals but as another category.

  6. Some of them sure don’t like that, JD. They’re pretty uncomfortable when you turn the tables on them.

    Anyway, re: Trump winning, this lefty progressive gets it, as far as theregressive left’s role in creating Temp goes:


    I think that in addition to the economic effects globalism & the establishment have caused, the regressive left’s overreach is definitely the other big cause (particularly their agressive speech policing that involves targeting people’s safety & livelihood).

  7. I don’t know if things will change, but from what I’ve seen so far, the “progressive” left has doubled-down on their regressive politics.

    Check out the comments on the article that Notty just posted. That’s how the “progressive” left responds to reason.

  8. It’s one thing that seems like a common denominator among the extremists on both sides, believe it or not. I saw that same grumbling about the need to double down on becoming even more conservative among the tea party types.

    This, for example, is a great place to observe them like a silent fly on the wall: http://forums.delphiforums.com/buzzard18

    It seems like every other election cycle, the other side wins the election and these extremist types feel their ideology is vindicated– only to get backlash again. Short collective memory, I guess.

    We really need a third party that occupies the center. Maybe socially liberal with with a common sense “live and let live” attitude, and also with some measure of fiscal conservatism.

  9. @bigwowo, notty,

    “Check out the comments on the article that Notty just posted.”

    Some perspective might help. Like Obama said: “ … we have better ideas …” but “ don’t matter if people don’t hear them”.

    Yes, the shrieking girl got lot of airtime. Yes, all the safe spaces proponents got a lot of air time. But thats not what being on the left is all about. These are voices from some privileged kids/people thats is getting amplified.

    I have mentioned the train wreck Phyllis Wise several times (in my cryptic way). Lets elaborate on this because this is what things are actually in the ivory towers not some dimwit rich undergraduates shouting obscenities. There was once a Professor named Salaita in Virginia. He was of Palestinian decent I believe. He got a tenured position at Univ. of Illinios, Urbana-Champaign in Native American (?) studies. He accepted the offer, and in the intervening summer before he joined UIUC, he wrote a series of tweets criticizing Israeli policies and Netanyahu … he didn’t sugar quote anything but he was not being racist. Under pressure from politicians and donors, Saliata’s job offer was rescinded even though he had accepted the tenured offer. Somehow the complaint was that it will hurt the sensibilities of Jewish students because Saliata criticizes the killing of Palestinian children. BTW Salaita also criticizes Palestinian terrorism.

    Anyhow, not surprisingly to me, the liberal arts and social science faculty were up in arms because this was an infringement on academic freedom. This is what academic freedom is about not what the shrieking girl or Jenn Fang claims. University Chancellor Phyllis Wise used the argument of civility to suppress academic freedom. Lot of STEM faculty sided with the administration … these tools never have to actually discuss anything politically controversial in their class, so they are fine with suppressing academic freedom.

    Look at what Univ. of Chicago told their incoming class. There would be no spaces … you have to be able to hear and debate even ideas you don’t like.

    There is more to the left than some cultural issues that get amplified. There is something about economic equality and justice too but that requires a little more thought than believing in baby Jesus.

    For a start, academic freedom is not what Jenn Fang claim it is. Academic freedom means I can f#c$ civility and say what is in my mind. But in Trumpland that might turn out to be a dangerous proposition.

  10. Just to add. UIUC got censured by the AAUP, Phyllis was eventually kicked out, lot of visits to UIUC by famous people was cancelled, effecting its future hiring, UIUC had to settle with Saliata … when it actually mattered, the right wing (faculty) were against academic freedom. They wanted to use civility argument to suppress things they didn’t want to hear. Its kinda like the ACLU who will defend the right of Christians under the constitutions even though Christian groups would like to undermine the constitution to their liking.

    The core republican constituency is the business community who only cares about the bottom line, and the Christian right who god knows what they want.

  11. Oh come on, John. I get that you’re a life-long member but it’s a stretch to portray this as some kind of civilizational war against white christians. Where did shrieking girl and Jenn Lamb come from? From what tree this fruit?

    Shrieking girl and Jenn Lamb aren’t anomalies, and they aren’t children who don’t know better. Nothing of what they do is new or unusual. “Liberal” and “progressive” values in America and the UK – the Anglosphere – isn’t about the freedom of speech that you claim Trump will destroy. They’re PROVEN to be just as vociferous and committed to censoring ideas and policing thoughts as your favorite white christian bogeyman. They’re not about creating a more equitable world either. They’ve PROVEN themselves to be all about getting special rights and privileges with Victims statuses.

    Do you think this is all just the work of kids who don’t know better? There is money, a LOT of money flowing into their mouthpieces like Slate and Jezebel. Entire mainstream media organisations exist just to conform public opinion to ideology. James Fang himself let it be leaked that he thought that public policy itself should be coherent with ideology as a key consideration – instead of what would actually work.

    POLITICAL, RICH ELITES are behind all of this money and mobilization. They are behind the relentless identity campaigning of the past decades.

    You may be content to merely complain about some of the things we’ve talked about. Maybe you have some older and more pressing grudges.

    Mine would be the perfidy of the Anglo-American “liberals”. They need to be GUTTED out of America as a matter of urgency, and now, the Supreme Court appointments that Trump can make will give us that chance.

    Fucking liberals were making plots when Scalia passed away. Now, when we get the chance to turn the tables on them there must be no hesitation. We can treat them with as much mercy as the regard they’ve given us. None at all.

  12. “it’s a stretch to portray this as some kind of civilizational war against white christians.”

    I haven’t tallied up the numbers but probably White Christians have killed more as a group than others. All I care about is my reparation check with appropriate interests.

    “Where did shrieking girl and Jenn Lamb come from? From what tree this fruit?”
    From rich parents? Not from sickle and hammer ( or hammer and sickle if you like)

    “thoughts as your favorite white christian bogeyman.”
    I only have to look at what White Christians have done to my parents’ and grandparents’ generation. I hope they were good to your parents and grandparents.

    “Do you think this is all just the work of kids who don’t know better? ” You tell me because I don’t see faculties lining up behind these kids though the administration sure is. Its not hard to imagine why that maybe. I can elaborate but I think it should be clear.

    “Maybe you have some older and more pressing grudges.”
    Yes, I need my reparation checks. Thank you.

    “We can treat them with as much mercy as the regard they’ve given us. ”
    I am not sure who this “we” is but I am sure not White. Are you?

  13. @Sengge Rinchen,

    “Shrieking girl and Jenn Lamb aren’t anomalies”

    I can point to many liberal academics that oppose suppression of academic freedom of the kind demanded by the shrieking girl, and Jenn Fang. How many right wingers do you know that stood up for Saliata?

    Who is more likely to support banning all Muslims from coming into US? Right wingers or the left? Who wants private companies to form death panels as opposed to elected officials deciding what is or isn’t reasonable medical expenses?

    Give me a break. I understand we mostly talk about things we see on the internet but … Watching some girl on the internet shrieking or hashtagging is not all there is to life.

  14. Byron, it will not get any better. These people are predictable. I think it’s because they’ve never had the privilege to seriously ponder and make a choice beyond the “battles” they love to fight. That’s a real privilege: to only have to cry about something you already know is a sure thing, where all the right thoughts have already been decided for you and affirmed by the like-minded.

    This article is illuminating but it pulls it’s punches: http://www.vox.com/2016/4/21/11451378/smug-american-liberalism

    “Ridicule is the most effective political tactic.
    Ridicule is especially effective when it’s personal and about expressing open disdain for stupid, bad people.
    Political legitimacy is granted by the respect of elite liberals.
    You can’t be legitimate if you’re the butt of our jokes.
    If you don’t agree, we can’t work together politically.
    We can’t even be friends, because politics is social.
    Because politics is performative — if we don’t mock together, we aren’t on the same side.”

    Calling it smugness though is the author’s way of pulling his punches. It’s not smugness. It’s something else.

    My first memory of a serious debate was with a better read person who freely employed ridicule and sarcasm. This was not a problem, because whatever we discussed or saw fit to debate, there was always the over-arching goal to discover or learn something, to come to some truth. We came to some level of respect, not just for each other as persons but also for the process of inquiry itself, and why we even bothered in the first place. Why in the world would one question or take the time explaining, or even mock or ridicule something if there wasn’t something you wanted to know or make known? What or why was this so important?

    “Liberals” and self-proclaimed “progressives” in the Anglosphere are no longer liberal or progressive and perhaps they have never been. They act in the service of an ideology and a methodology. That methodology is nothing more than cultural marxism, the ideology is partisan politics to split the voting demographic along lines of identity so that political elites can redistribute the spoils along political lines.

    They have NOTHING to do with progress.

    The guilting and shaming language and the entreaties to unreason and victimhood is designed to harden attitudes and to create a perpetual war between converts and an old guard.

    Asian American men, being left out of the equation and made patsies and fall guys by the liberal establishment, are in a prime position to observe their hypocrisies and their perfidy.

    Why you turn back to them as if only they deserve your allegiance is a matter I do not understand. Is this a product of indoctrination or Pavlovian programming?

  15. John, sure, I’ll support your reparations cheques, as long as they’re paid directly to you, instead of organisations who claim to speak for you helmed by people like Snoopy and that black writer with the funny name who is in vogue right now as some kind of messiah.

    You’ve got beef with white christians. I’ve got beef with white liberals. You want to know why? Cause I’ve seen how they fucked us all over by peddling their cheap “ideals” on the one hand and then making deals with shitbags with the other, and you know, part of what they do is channel reparations to their favorite shitbags to keep the rest of the world backwards and therefore dependent on their “ideals” as a ray of hope. Then our kids go to their fucking universities and their heads only get filled up with stories, their eyes with tears, their hearts with “righteous indignation”, their brains with garbage. These kids of ours never come closer to understanding the world as it is, they are one more step removed from effecting any change.

    Look at the hero worship of Aung San Suu Kyi. Look at all those tears spilled over the atrocities in Rwanda and the Congo, and the media blackout over the involvement of American and French involvement in the civil war. Look at the elevated rates of murder and homicide in towns next to military bases, look at the blackout over the winter soldier testimonies of the Iraq War, look at the selective reporting of Bradley Manning’s leaks.

    The current generation of American “liberals” have not even TRIED. They kept well away from things they instinctively knew were taboo or sensitive. What have we gotten from them instead? Well we know what we’ve gotten.

    The true liberals – the faculty defending free speech as in your example – have become a MINORITY who are no longer capable of influencing the zeitgeist.

    It has become more crucial and critical than ever to FINISH OFF the extreme left, to pull them out by their roots and crush and burn them before their weeds snuff out the tree that should have thrived in the first place.

  16. “Who wants private companies to form death panels as opposed to elected officials deciding what is or isn’t reasonable medical expenses?”

    If I were you I wouldn’t be so quick to place faith in ethics committees. Very few lay people understand the decisions and processes of how these ethics committees decide what is the right or wrong thing to do. In addition we are seeing a wave of doctors performing experimental surgeries on vulnerable people, effectively repudiating ethical norms just because the need for the science overcomes the lack of public understanding over the ethics. Until this changes, the ethics committees are – just like the private panels – organisations designed to make decisions over our heads. To us the decisions will be binding and inviolate but to members of these committees the decisions will always merely be arbitrations to be changed based on exigent need.

    It’s also not an accident that euthanasia has come in vogue at a time when many welfare states are crumbling over the debt their governments took on when they imagined that government would always be able to keep up with costs… but perhaps the pollution released into the environment has made terminal cancer too prevalent for this to remain true.

    I have some answers to your other questions too but they aren’t important answers.

  17. @Sengge Rinchen,

    “You’ve got beef with white christians. I’ve got beef with white liberals”

    We will have to wait a couple of months to see where things go. But these are the things on the top of my head. I don’t want to fixate on individual politicians because power corrupts people, and at some level the practice of lobbying in US politics makes a mess of everything.

    (1) Who cares about better health care for the average American? To me universal health care, and a single payer system makes sense both from the business and risk management perspective.

    Example: Trump keeping pre-existing condition, but not individual mandate doesn’t make business sense, and I can see the business losses miles away.

    (2) Jobs for Americans? The right or the left is more honest about this. How would reducing taxes on the wealthy bring back jobs that have disappeared due to (a) lower labor cost elsewhere or (b) automation?

    (3) Why not consider the left position on more affordable higher education? Why? Because (a) it will cure some Whites of their Christianity and (b) a more educated population might be able to compete globally for higher paying jobs instead of coal mining, or automation (robots)? See point (2)

    (4) Raise taxes for better primary education. Why? See point (3). You cant expect to fix problems in College by affirmative action. Who is better for this , left or right?

    (5) Do we need better education? How many people here think the jobs you have now would not be obsolete in 10-15 yrs? Do we doubt automation and AI would not be a part of life? Do you seriously think, with automation and AI, most of humanity would be living the life of Star Trek or would the top (whatever percent) not just accumulate more wealth be exploiting the natural resources without needing to deal with most of humanity?

    (6) More immediately, how many people think the banks and financial institutions need better oversight? Who is more likely to address this, left or right?

    (7) Do we need Christianity in deciding govt policies? Who is more likely to oppose religion in govt, left or the right in the US? Abortion right and gay marriages are just the most obvious ones … leave it to the nut jobs to come up with more.

    (8) Climate. Yes, climate change. How do you feel about Myron Ebell? Who is more likely to put regulations on industry that harm the environment? Left or the right?

    Which political party in the US is more likely to question if human activity even impact the environment?

    I don’t know your beef about safe spaces but in the major schemes of things in life, I would worry about any of the number of things I talked about: health care, education, environment in domestic politics ….

    “Aung San Suu Kyi” I washed my hands off her when I heard her talk about all the unity crap. She is no different from the military who is only looking after the interests of the Myanma people.

    From what I see, you are not criticizing the left. The left that stands up against govt that wants to dam rivers no matter how it effects the farmers and the environment, not the left that fights multinational companies over mineral rights in tribal lands, not the left fighting oil companies polluting rice fields. You are talking about some rich elites who are … I don’t know what they are doing … recently, I ran into a White women who hated Tea Party but couldn’t help herself asking me where I was really from, and then writing off an entire population because they are from a culture different than her own White Christian upbringing.

  18. John,

    You still don’t get it. This election isn’t about whose policy is better. It is American version of color revolution. It is a big F-you-all election.

    These are what I wrote back in March:

    I think people vote for Trump because they fed up with years of political correctness and like Trump who speaks their mind. Trump is crazy, but how bad he could be compares to Bush who started the Iraq war or Hillary who further destabilized Middle East? Their war and policies bankrupted the US, destroyed lives of millions people, caused the rise of ISIS and the current refugee crisis.

    Also, democracy, human rights and all the political correctness craps that preached by the Western elites only work when people have good lives. Now the economics is not good for ordinary people anymore and middle class is disappearing, then the political correctness craps become too expensive for ordinary citizens. Trump phenomenon is just Western values showing it true face.
    I said here a couple of years ago that the demographic change and the division between the rich and poor would cause problems in this country. Thirty years from now, non-Hispanic white will become the racial minority of this country. The “equality” pursued by the liberal needs money – which is disappearing fast- and common cultural values- which we never had. This demographic change will further bankrupt this country and cause chaos – because the democracy system and the sense of equality in people.

    Mark my word, Trump phenomenon is just the beginning of the acceleration of this downward spiral. Those good values of democracy, human rights and political correctness which made this country great in the past will destroy it in the future – we call it in Chinese “成也萧何败也萧何” (success because of Xiao He, failure because of Xiao He too)

    In the current European refugee crisis, the dilemma for European leaders is that they have to choose between the death of their countries or the death of their values of humanity and political correctness. Those values have become not only part of western identity, but also the best weapons which have long been used by western governments against other countries like China, Iraq and etc. Now many people in European countries choose the death of the values, but elites don’t get it and don’t want to give those values up easily. That’s why we see the division between people and the governments in Europe.

    It is the same in this country, only it is not as obvious as in Europe yet. Trump supporters say death to political correctness and etc. They choose their livelihood over those sound good values. Elites just can’t get it.

  19. I also posted several links to articles by Charles Murray, Peggy Noonan which really make sense and can help people to understand Trump voters.

    I think the radicals on the left also helped in creating the Trumpism.


    I close with a thought about an aspect of modern leftism that is part of the context here.

    There is something increasingly unappeasable in the left. This is something conservatives and others have come to fear, that progressives now accept no limits. We can’t just have court-ordered legalized abortion across the land, we have to have it up to the point of birth, and taxpayers have to pay for it. It’s not enough to win same-sex marriage, you’ve got to personally approve of it and if you publicly resist you’ll be ruined. It’s not enough that we have publicly funded contraceptives, the nuns have to provide them.

    This unappeasable spirit always turns to the courts to have its way.

    If progressives were wise they would step back, accept their victories, take a breath and turn to the idea of solidifying gains, of heroic patience, of being peaceable.

    Don’t make them bake the cake. Don’t make them accept the progressive replacement for Scalia. Leave the nuns alone.

    Progressives have no idea how fragile it all is. That’s why they feel free to be unappeasable. They don’t know what they’re grinding down.

    They think America has endless give. But America is composed of humans, and they do not have endless give.

    Isn’t that what we’re seeing this year in the political realm? That they don’t have endless give? And we’ll be seeing more of it.
    —-by Peggy Noonan


  20. @ Chinesemom
    “I think people vote for Trump because they fed up with years of political correctness and like Trump who speaks their mind ”

    I understand that Trump speak THEIR mind but what I don’t get it is why people claim he is a straight shooter. Usually, it means who speaks the truth no matter how unpalatable. It DOES NOT mean someone why lies loudly. Example: Trump claimed loudly Obama was insulting some elderly protestor in a rally. I went and watch the video, it was the complete opposite. And this happened so often that Trump can be called a bold faced liar, not a straight shooter.

    So, tough I understand that Trump speaks THEIR mind filled with bigotry and xenophobia. I don’t understand how he is anti-PC straight shooter. He is just a liar.

    “This election isn’t about whose policy is better.”
    So, whose policy is better you think?

    “It is a big F-you-all election.”
    Maybe, only if you are a White, especially White evangelical. Not if you are a Hispanic or Black or even Asian. So, your explanation is not very satisfying. Its White thang.

  21. The best explanation is Trump just got more votes in enough states to give me the advantage in the Electoral College. After that, every voter, over 120 million of them, had his or her own reasoning. Some might have thought Clinton didn’t go Left enough, while others think she didn’t go Right enough. I doubt the reasoning people used to decide their vote will be that applicable for the next election.

    I also seriously doubt any grand theories on the election hold up. It is easy to listen to different narratives, find the one that most match what you thought, and hold it up as correct. For instance if you want to talk about white Evangelicals, I have an idea that that their leadership has been discredited. They are more reactionary than principled. They rallied to Trump to stop the bleeding, and to get someone less adversarial on the Supreme Court. Also after being called derogatory names, Trumps rhetoric, which would have been a liability a decade ago, really isn’t nearly as problematic. Also they were more likely to find Clinton’s corruption more problematic. Now, am I right, who knows? There were millions of them, each making their own decision.

  22. You could also go off the analysis who my wife thought was right, that all the people who voted for Trump didn’t like the immigrants, due to the racial divide in the voting exit polls. Is that right? Like I said, who knows.

    What I find is that there is a tenancy to understand certain groups better than others. Things always look different from the inside than they do the outside. There is a tendency towards finding logical explanations, but they can be subject to motivated reasoning. What sounds great to one side, can sound threatening to another. If your side win, calls for unity sounds great, but there is suspicion on the other side.

    As far as the election went Trump just won on a razor thin margin. After 8 years of Obama, it seems like it would be hard for the Democrats to win again. Clinton had been around for a long time, and she had many scandals. That might have made it harder. Demographics seem to also favor the Clinton. It seems like Trump due to his conduct should have lost by a landslide, but he didn’t. If Clinton would have won, it would have been one set of narratives, but it Trump did so we have our current set of narratives.

    To me, the results are what they are, which are very close. Every narrative you hear, likely has some truth to it, but is also not quite correct. It would be better if you just pile all of them on top of one another.

  23. “Every narrative you hear, likely has some truth to it,”

    I agree to this general feeling. I wrote something similar … Lot of White Republicans have a visceral reaction to Hillary Clinton, immigration is another big issue, abortion rights is another wedge issue for many Christians. Politics is always strange … the core constituencies for Republications have been business class and the religious rights, seeming two different groups with different agendas.

    My only surprise is that a lot of White women voted for Trump in urban areas … close to 50% give or take some. I was also convinced Trump would lose big when he was not committing to the election results if he lost. And then there is the Comey and Clinton trust issues.

  24. >So, tough I understand that Trump speaks THEIR mind filled with bigotry >and xenophobia. I don’t understand how he is anti-PC straight shooter. He >is just a liar.

    I agree with this, anyone with half a brain should see that coming as the sole MO of most to all politicians is to gain power at almost any cost regardless of whatever ideology they fall under. The banner and the flags may change but power will always remain a corrupting influence.

    Aung suu kyi as youve astutely highlighted is exactly such a case, if she a nobel prize winner falls then Trump is….

  25. Hilary Clinton did not campaign on education, health care, and the environment.

    She campaigned on only two things:

    1. Trump will be worse
    2. She deserves to be President because she is a woman

    Oh yes she also campaigned on a third point:

    3. Vote for her if you’re a woman, a person of color, or a non-heterosexual, because this is how you show that you hate White men

    Can Hilary supporters here tell me off hand what specific policies she proposed to fix healthcare, to improve education, and to strengthen environmental protection? Don’t cheat and refer to the internet. If these policies mattered, you would have remembered them.

    What Hilary’s supporters remembered is only three things, because that was also how her campaign was run, and how her media allies ran it.

    Don’t blame people for not turning up to vote for Hilary because they just couldn’t get excited enough.

    Sure, Trump was a bald faced liar. I wanted to palm my face on the many occasions he spoke on serious matters. With regards to the attack on Mosul for example, HE KNOWS NOTHING. As a potential President, he should not need to read a newspaper to tell him that details of the operation are told to the press in order to create a timetable and therefore public pressure on the other players to achieve what they need to do within the time frame. How can a person of his stature not know this? And what’s up with all those other outright lies that indicates he’s catering to nothing else but the lowest common denominator of stupidity and rancor?

    He’s forgiven for his lying thanks to “public and private face” Hilary. Nobody in America expects anything said during the campaign to matter anymore. The elections are like a protracted night in Vegas where whatever is said or has happened there stays there, NEVER TO BE SPOKEN ABOUT AGAIN AFTER.

    Has any American media followed up on campaign promises? Does anybody ever follow up on the extra-marital affairs and sex assault allegations that tar various candidates during their campaigns? As soon as the campaign is over, all of it is forgotten. Obama calls it “realities” re-asserting themselves. Which means that the elections are make believe, and it is make believe, why not dream big? That’s your stupid fucking elections.

    Trump won because the media allowed it to become this way, including the liberal media. The elections are just an excuse to smear your opponents, make promises you intend to never follow up on, and cater to the lowest common denominator of stupidity and rancor. So you say Obama was hated because he was black, and that White Christians need to thump their chest. The other side wants to vote Hilary just because they hate heterosexual White men and women. Same difference.

    Do you think “safe space” activism has no effect on public life and policy? James Fang let it be known that he didn’t even understand what was Wahhabism when he spuriously linked it to the Orlando nightclub massacre. Wahhabism had nothing to do with that shooting. It was not even remotely linked. This is what happens when people are not allowed to discuss or enquire on things based on ideological grounds and poorly justified taboos. You create an ignorance in people and society that can barely be cured. How is reparations flowing into Ta Nehisi Coates pocket going to fix this? How will censorship, intellectual dishonesty and shaming in all aspects of public life improve education no matter how much taxes you collect?

    This is a fucking tool. It’s meant to occupy and divide the public with manufactured controversies endlessly, so that Deal Makers like Hilary can decide what’s best for America by pandering to business, the banks and the moguls.

    The left trying to create a better America has been made invisible just like how radicals hijacked the Algerian nationalist movement and started bloodshed in the second civil war. The radical fringe has grown into a power to set the agenda. Just like the “moderate rebels” in Syria that do not exist – nobody can tell you who they are and what their numbers are compared to Ahrar al-Sham, Nour ad Din al Zinki (the group that sawed off the head of a captured child soldier while chanting the usual stuff) and the armed wing of Al-Qaeda in Syria – nobody can name the actual liberals and progressives in America anymore because they have been completely wiped out and made irrelevant by more organised and powerful radicals and fundamentalists.

    If you want to serve liberal and progressive ideals, then it is imperative that you support the annihilation of these usurpers by any and all means necessary. You must act without mercy.

  26. “So you say Obama was hated because he was black, and that White Christians need to thump their chest. The other side wants to vote Hilary just because they hate heterosexual White men and women. Same difference.”

    Lot to unpack. Let me start from here. You are conflating several issues here.

    Though many on the right hated Obama because he is Black and many Blacks voted for Obama because he is Black, the reverse doesn’t work. Lot of minority didn’t vote for Trump because he represented the crazy bigots on the right not because he represented heterosexual White men. Heck lot of Chinese American women can’t seem to get enough White men to date. Lot of Blacks voted against Trump for the same reason. What about the White men and women that voted for Clinton? I would presume they were not against Trump because of his race or gender but they were voting against what he stood for.

    Before I can even begin to compare how crooked Hillary is compared to Trump, I have to know more such as Trump’s tax returns. This much should be easy.

  27. “Can Hilary supporters here tell me off hand what specific policies she proposed to fix healthcare, to improve education, and to strengthen environmental protection? ”

    The question was which left or right you think has better ideas about these. No matter, I will answer your question because I have been up all night reading on the internet. No! I didn’t. I will answer you off hand as if you are asking me personally.

    First, off I was bummed that out 17 (?) candidates, Trump was the chosen best … that tells you a lot about the quality of republican leadership. I was bummed that the democratic party had just one candidate until Sanders showed up a little late. Apparently, he was not even a registered democrat but an independent.

    Second, until very late (but before Comey happened) I was bummed by the two choices I had until I realized that I actually had two real choices. Then the choice was clear.

    I don’t need the internet to recall every policy details or lack thereof. I watched the debates, and recall some of the things that was written by the candidates themselves. Trump claimed climate science is hoax invented by the Chinese. Even without the internet I am old enough to recall, US beating up on China on human rights and climate. So, that answered by climate question.

    Health care. I would support a single payer system with universal coverage. Its like the postal service. You can use UPS but if you have the money and can afford it, no one is stopping you from using FedEx and UPS. Lot of what Obama proposed was gutted when going through Congress. Still, I think the pre-existing clause is something that people don’t realize how wonderful it is … as well as the lifetime limit . I heard what Clinton said about health care. Trump only said he will repeal it and replace it with something better. I can tell you that keeping the pre-existing clause (as Trump hinted after the election) and not the individual mandate (deafening silence from Trump but this is what riles the right) is a business train rack I can see for miles…. of course Trump knows better about failed businesses.

    Education. Clinton talked about raising taxes on the wealthy. How else are you going to do it?

  28. More unpacking because hey I am not supposed to use the internet for research.

    “He’s forgiven for his lying thanks to “public and private face” Hilary. ”

    Really? I can’t use the internet for research but whats stopping you? I have not read the wikileaks but from what I read this was in reference to President Lincoln. Am I wrong? What does your internet research tell you?

    “Which means that the elections are make believe, and it is make believe, why not dream big? That’s your stupid fucking elections.”

    No. Democracy is about compromises not making tall promises as an election device. Leaders make promises that they will work on, and might or might not get passed through the Congress like the time in 90s Hillary worked on health care reform. So, I understand if leaders can’t deliver because of the legislative process. However, its not a license to just lie.

    Best case scenario as Byron puts it, Trump doesn’t believe half the things he talks about (thats lying) or he actually believes he will build a wall paid by Mexico, ban Muslims, have a registry for Muslims, punish women for abortion, climate science is a hoax, global warming is a hoax created by and for China, etc.

    “nobody can tell you who they are and what their numbers are compared to Ahrar al-Sham, Nour ad Din al Zinki ”

    We were talking the US election. However, you are welcome to talk about Singapore. I have been told the Chinese have built a great place there with the sexpats on top, Chinese in the middle (nice visual there), and the dark skinned Malays and Tamils at the bottom. I have heard from sexpats that Chinese landlords are reluctant to rent to some dark skinned constituents of their country in Singapore.

  29. “We were talking the US election. However, you are welcome to talk about Singapore. I have been told the Chinese have built a great place there with the sexpats on top, Chinese in the middle (nice visual there), and the dark skinned Malays and Tamils at the bottom. I have heard from sexpats that Chinese landlords are reluctant to rent to some dark skinned constituents of their country in Singapore.”

    What does that have to do with anything? I mean both you and Senge voted in the U.S elections right?

    I mean unless…. oh nevermind lol

  30. 1. Oh really? People voted for Hilary because they did not mind that Trump represented what they hated about the heterosexual White male? You wouldn’t know that from their rhetoric. I could add in “Christian” to heterosexual White male and some people would begin singing a different tune too.

    I really don’t care about Trump’s tax returns. Is he guilty of anything criminal or shady? Maybe you can tell me what the irregularities are, even before the federal agencies have said anything.

    On the other hand, I would really love to know who the donors for Hilary’s foundations are. I really want to examine the money trail to see if the people funding her are in any way linked to personalities that engineered the murder of your ambassador to Libya, or who are also channeling money to open up Aloha Snackbar Hawaiian franchises all over the world in the craze for the latest fad for imposing Shariah law and punishments like whipping and stoning to death on minorities, women and gays, something that liberals in America claim they’re very protective of the rights thereof. Because do you know, the shitstorm in Syria happened because some people decided to over-reach, and then tried to get America to do the heavy work and absorb the casualties while they get a free pass with their schemes in the region. When Trump said he wouldn’t get pulled into that shitstorm so that rich oil money freeloaders who donate to foundations and using other people’s populations as cannon fodder get free passes, he said something well and right.

    2. What example was Abe Lincoln’s story supposed to illustrate? Could Abe Lincoln for example, throw weight behind the TPPA, then after observing white lower income demographics were extremely skeptical of it, make a 180% U-turn and say that it sucks and would not be signed? Which position is public? Which position is private? Which position is the truth and which is a lie? How would the public and private position apply to something like the TPPA and every other election promise Hilary made?

    It’s easy to tell when the Trump is lying. But perhaps people voted for him because they understood that Hilary would be a more accomplished liar with the entire mainstream media machinery and the lobbies behind her. With Hilary, you would never know which promise was a lie until the last minute, after you voted for her, and you get disappointed because “realities” are asserting themselves… “realities” she and all her cronies never saw fit to lay it straight to you about in the election in the rush to get your legitimizing vote.

    Do you still think this is a democracy even when your better choice is doing everything they can except making sure you cast an informed vote?

    3. So Bernie had to campaign as an independent? Aww, sad face. Where are all the liberals and the progressives? Where are they? Who are they? Can you name them? There’s one guy named Bernie Sanders… and… Lindsay Graham? Two people in the whole US of Aye?

    This is sad, just like the “moderate rebels” that have become the stuff of myth and legends like Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis being sighted long after they were presumed dead.

    4. So what are Hilary’s specific fixes for the pressing problems of healthcare, education and the environment? What’s specifically wrong with Obama’s healthcare initiative? What specific things can be done to fix it? Perhaps you know more about this past the mainstream media blackout on the details. I’m ignorant and my internet research is not up to par. Perhaps you could enlighten me.

    How will raising taxes fix education? Will it happen by magic? You know James Fang was pretty much proposing the same thing a while back then. According to him if you only SPEND MORE on selectively chosen underprivileged schools, everything will become better. Weren’t you singing a different tune then? I can’t remember all the details. Maybe it was other people.

    But perhaps you could tell me your opinion on which factors have a greater impact on a child’s education: social, environmental and economic stability and familial attitudes to learning, or just more spending on schools, teachers, and the education infrastructure.

    The environment. Who is more “likely” to have better policies on this? That’s a question that caters to belief. What are the facts? What is the record of the Democrats and Hilary in particular in standing up to the lobbies and businessmen that have their lackeys in the Senate and House of Representatives?

    Could you enlighten me about what inroads the Democrats and Hilary – if she cared about this topic at all – has achieved in the methodology of determining if a new pesticide or novel consumer product or drug will be safe for people or the environment?

    5. Am I supposed to shit on Trump and “go Democrats and Hilary!” based entirely on group identity and the belief in magic?

    6. I understand that you might think people voted for Trump because they are the deplorables – White Christians and all – but could you also explain why White people didn’t vote for Hilary? Could you explain why just enough Mexicans, black people, Asians, women and guys did not vote for Hilary?

    On the balance of things which is more probable? That White Christians suddenly became more organized and coherent in their voting choices – voting as a monolithic block, or that “just enough” people treated this as a “Fuck you!” election because of the way it was set up?

    Yes, that was a question to the belief.

  31. “What does that have to do with anything? I mean both you and Senge voted in the U.S elections right?

    I mean unless…. oh nevermind lol”

    Oh but there are some similarities. Both polities believe that pre-selected choices must be made for the masses and that the role of the public is only to legitimize pre-approved selections.

    One polity is moving towards a more careful guiding role in massaging choices though, while the other still treats the voting public as jackasses and captive votes that can be appealed to entirely based on identity cleavages. Christian, white, gay, man or woman Asian, not enough pussy etc.

  32. @Raguel,

    “On the other hand, I would really love to know who the donors for Hilary’s foundations are.”

    You are cracking me up. Maybe you should use the internet to do some research after all. You know that Trump foundation took money from outside donors but forgot to properly register their foundation which would have required them to keep a better book keeping and report it to govt. Of course we wouldn’t know what money now because records were not kept. NY city has served Trump foundation a cease and desist until they file the proper paper work.

    On the other hand, I would just clap so hard my hands would hurt if Trump foundation took money from Saudi Arabia and used it to fund girls education.

  33. “What example was Abe Lincoln’s story supposed to illustrate?”
    Tsk, tsk, tsk. I expected better from a Singaporean education given that I am not allowed to internet research.

    Was the public and private face in reference to Lincoln or not? Thanks you.

  34. “And why was she discussing Lincoln?”

    Was the public and private face in the context of Lincoln or not? That should be easy enough to answer for a Singaporean with access to the internet.

    Do you guys have elected representative in your city state or is it a direct democracy? Because you seem to be confused about how representative democracy works.

    Now, why would Trump Foundation take money from outside sources and not report to the govt in detail. Oh, yeah so that he can use the foundation money to pay a court fine payable to a charity.

    BTW, since you have internet access, you can find out how the Clinton Foundation uses its money and compare with Trump Foundation. Oh right, like his taxes Trum Foundation doesn’t make these available because they were not operating under NY law. Trump must be more honest than Clinton because we didn’t see anything wrong in his taxes or foundation reports. Yup, thats it.

  35. You’re not going to begin myopic contextualizing are you? Were you talking about White Christians for its own sake? Ditto Lincoln.

    If the Trump Foundation broke any laws then punish it. It’s as simple as that. What’s the controversy?

    Channeling money to women’s education is exactly the kind of thing the Aloha Snackbar franchisers and their “Liberal” allies will do to put a friendly face on imposing Shariah law and stoning of gays and thousand blow whippings on other parts of the world. Liberal values are only for rich and educated Americans. Black and brown people do not deserve them. This way the Enlightened White Liberal gets to look like the White Savior while the Franchisers get to beat people over the head about White Christian values being incompatible with not just “the religion” but the entire way of life.

    Why don’t you write a long and ranting article telling me what a farce the Singaporean elections are?

  36. If you don’t buy the strange going ons at the Trump Foundation, why do you buy the Liberal media’s assertion that Hilary’s unauthorized distribution of classified emails to her own servers was a “mistake”?

    Do you mean somebody who has worked at the highest levels of government handling state secrets does not know the value of information security? That they do not know how electronic networks can be compromised?

    Oh yeah, it was “just a mistake”, and not something more serious like say, getting plausible deniability for trafficking classified information.

  37. @senge

    A little off topic, the last singaporean girl I met was boasting about how they worked extra hard, like 7 days a week, took studying seriously, and how their nation was rich blah blah blah…

    She came off sounding almost condescendingly, I got the feeling this person may have been sizing me up and judging me based on my relative wealth, socuo economic status etc despite not knowing shit about true background or situation.I dont want to think that all singaporeans are this way, but is there something in the culture im not aware of or is this something you may consider typical behavior?

    Even in my entire life ive never met a single asian american girl that came off that way.

  38. If you want to make her head explode, just tell her how amazing Singapore is because of how serious and disciplined Singaporeans are with their work, and how this attitude is inculcated in them when they are young.

    Tell her you were at the museum or browsed a coffee table book and saw how fifty years ago Singapore looked like how Cambodia is today, and today it’s not just the amazing skyline that rivals Hong Kong and New York but also how orderly everything is compared to every other country in the region, that has garbage everywhere and has filthy toilets. Tell her Singapore is really a place where you could build a life.

    If you want to be controversial then express doubts about the modernization. Say that there are so many shopping malls and everybody is glued to their smartphones, and the architecture is generic. Suggest that you wonder if Singapore is still Singapore anymore.


  39. @Deus ex,

    Even in my entire life ive never met a single asian american girl that came off that way.

    No offense, BUT how many Asian American girls do you know? lol I’ve seen plenty that are just as materialistic, if not worse than the Asia counter-parts. The cultures are very material driven because of the 20th century wars.

    There’s nothing wrong with it, but at the same time it’s just shallow and money for money’s sake rather than as a means to achieve something more. And I would argue why Asian Americans are much more willing to play the racist minstrels for money.

    It reminds me of that saying: if you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything (that’s money related).

  40. Dumb opinions as always. You fall for the elite’s trap when you support Obama. Liberal imperialist domination strategy was to partner with minority elites to secure votes. The task of the minority elites was to gather votes and campaign contribution with cost-efficient empty, pan-ethnic identity talk. Offering a symbolic identification cost nothing and gain votes and donation for empty promises. The minority elites deliver the votes and donations to white liberals.

    The treason of Asian American liberal elites that the donations are lost for building a lasting political infrastructure for the professional and proletarian parts of Asian America. There was an intersection of interests between the Asian American liberals and white liberals who love free trade. White liberals wanted to build a economic weapon with TPP and TTIP to counter Chinese and Russian rise. The Chinese refuse to participate in the TPP, and the TPP was clearly directed at controlling the European vassals with bribing the export sectors in these countries. Greedy Asian American liberals simply want to make money out of TPP. Many countries of origin of Asian American liberals are located in the TPP.

    Don’t understand me wrong, identity politic is necessary to get swing vote power. But you must have a clear democratic leadership selection procedure to avoid outsiders hijacking your political rhetoric.

    American economists observed that the total sum of migrant remittances, oil export receipts, commodity receipts und air ticket receipts is the cause for the Dutch Disease of many emigration countries. Dutch disease destroyed the manufacturing sectors in the emigration countries. Without manufacturing sector you cannot become a strong nation, because you must import weapons. It is rational for imperialism to fight racism a little bit to enhance the remittance percentage, but of course they don’t want ending racism. They need you as scapegoat.

    Donald Trump made an end to liberal imperialism with the stop of TPP and TTIP. That will enable hegemonic alliance in the EU to buid an own army to counter Russian aggression. In the end the European Power will declare a “Monroe Doctrine” and make an attempt to drive the American out of Europe.

    Think a little bit who finance the jihadist in West Africa and the Arabian world. The overlords are the CIA, the Pentagon and the British government. They give terrorists access to offshore finance to hide money in order to carry out attacks. After the attack the anglo-western government get an excuse for a law and order rhetoric. The citizen lost civil rights in the name of security. Read some history books to understand the connection betweenthe jihadist and the US and British government. Politics is about power and interests and not about hurting feelings.

  41. *senge I pretty much agree with you, that theres alot of good things about the country and the people that you say who have built the nation. My only quibble was with her attitude, she was judging me based on external appearance without actually knowing anything about me. Would it have killed her just to have a tiny bit of humility? Ive met people in much higher standing, such as the president USAID, well known political figures in the region that dont exude this kind of snobbery.

    But shes just one person, and I think that maybe there are singaporeans out there who are great people minus the shitty attitude?

  42. @advark

    I guess not as many as I should meet I guess… im sure there are many shallow ones, but even the shallow asian americans never really make such an issue to point out their educational attainment etc.. how exceptionally privileged they are as a result blah blah, but then again im also american so maybe thats why there wasnt such a need to posture. Who knows?

    Of course the whole af/wm is something as well, but that is separate from this issue.

  43. Even if I heard an american, bragging about how the u.s is a superpower, largest gdp, harvard, yale, stanford blah blah. I’d still want to slap them in the face.

    Anyone that uses their national affiliation or race or religion, to butress themselves are imo a waste of time.

  44. Deus, I would say your experience is pretty mild. She was bragging about herself and doing the talking, that means she has a need to say or prove something to you or to the world. You didn’t mention what kind of questions she asked you. That’s the true rub, the questions, the interrogations, subtle or overt. LOL

    I never assume that somebody needs to be more humble. It could be, in any particular part of the world, being humble will get you eaten up alive. I never have any expectation of how somebody should behave, unless they step on my toes. Moreover it is better for me if I get as close as possible to their true natures. I do not want or need anything from these people, so this leaves me with a great deal of freedom of action when it comes to what I decide to indulge or put up with.

    You could ask me what’s up with Singaporean women… and I could tell you, but you could also just interact with more of them, and that would give you a better, more nuanced picture of what is going on than if I just told you.

    For what it’s worth I do not find your experience to be too different from what you would find in the typical high flying London, New York or Los Angeles social club. Bearing in mind of course, that Singapore is a TINY nation and you have more of them concentrated in a small geographic area, packed on top of each other in dozens of floors.


  45. After reading all the discussions, I do wonder if the Left will begin soul-searching. Or if they’ll just dig their heels deeper with their identity politics.

  46. They will not.

    Trump needs to FINISH the job and GUT them out so that liberalism can begin anew.

  47. @Sengge yeah it is mild, sorry if I came off a little intense over the issue, its got nothing to do with you, but this girl had done something else to me that showed a lack of integrity which is why I was upset about it, and when examining this previous behavior it kind of makes sense now.

    You do bring up a good point about high flyers among asian americans, Ive also met this one young indian american who graduated from cornell university, biotech major and like this girl, in true fashion like a dumb giant prick kept asking me a rhetorical question saying “do you know how important or famous cornell university is?”.

    He was exhibiting pride and trying to emphasize how great he was as an individual and trying to compare himself to me to show me that he was a “superior” ubermensch?

    I didnt want to mention that last part because I dont want pple to believe that all asian americans will turn out to be like this, but I think it is actually mosf difficult thing in the world for people to control their pride than it is to accomplish anything else in life. So maybe as you were saying, expecting as much is setting expectations too high.

  48. Why do you speak as if this behavior is unique to Asians? You’ve never met any white or black people who show off and size up others before?


  49. @senge no, I have not met a white or black person who has done a similar thing, in real life…. Online? not naming names but I think you may find a similar example of a “non asian” floating around these parts.

    That doent mean though that ive endured worse, when I was living in a white suburban area full of rednecks…. usually white people will insult or posture and belittle you usually around your race, social life, sex life. Typical crap you find on the internet, found in real life as well. No surprise here.

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