White supremacists, Asian women, and Asian men


(pic of Tila Tequila of the alt-right here.) Interesting article that I saw on FB: Meet the White Nationalist Trying to Ride The Trump Train to Lasting Power. It’s about a White Nationalist named Richard Spencer, and it was written before the election. Spencer was the person who coined the term “alt-right,” and he is widely seen as the founder of the movement. The article describes Spencer’s adulation of Donald Trump before the election. Now that the election is over and Trump has won, Spencer is flying high, talking about ending non-White immigration and turning this country into a European state. But what the people on my FB feed found interesting was that in the recent past, Richard Spencer was into Asian women:

But Spencer’s evolution into a hardcore ethno-nationalist was perhaps not as seamless as he makes it seem. In late 2007, he dated a woman who is Asian American. The two met when she was working for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.


I am not the only Asian girl he has dated,” says Spencer’s ex, who spoke to me on the condition that her name not be disclosed. She said she’d initially been turned off by his talk of race-based behavioral differences, but she eventually softened to the idea. They dated for four months, including a trip she took with him to Texas to attend his high school reunion. She says she eventually broke up with him, but not because he was too politically radical. “We all have inconsistencies,” she said. “Especially with love. How can you control your heart?”

Seriously, how can you control your heart? That’s going to be my mantra for the day.

Now we’ve talked about white nationalists, white supremacists, etc. who’ve got the Yellow Fever. For example, we posted about John Derbyshire and what he tells his half-Asian kids. I personally am not getting emotional about anything going on right now. My trust for the mainstream media is currently at an all-time low, and I’m mostly just sitting back to see what happens. But I was somewhat surprised by the Mother Jones article to read that some of the biggest names in the surging White power movement have an Asian connection. For example:

Jared Taylor and William Johnson, the leader of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, both speak fluent Japanese. “There is something about the Asian girls,” Spencer said. “They are cute. They are smart. They have a kind of thing going on. If I am looking at my own life objectively, it really doesn’t surprise me that much.”

I had to google that. According to Wiki, Jared Taylor, who used to teach Japanese at Harvard, was born and raised in Japan, having been the son of Christian missionaries. Wiki says that William Johnson majored in Japanese at Brigham Young and then wound up doing his two year Mormon mission in Japan. From the original article, it seems that Richard Spencer still vacations in Tokyo. So why does this Asian connection exist?

I think you all know the answer. I think if any of these guys had spent time with cultures less ingratiating towards White people (i.e. just about anyone other than us!), they’d probably develop differently. If our culture were different from what it currently is, I think it’s fairly safe to say that these guys would find it much more difficult to find validation. If Extreme Leftists weren’t tripping over their own glaring contradictions or anti-White/anti-Asian racism (though anti-White with glaring exceptions), we might see racial progress instead of racial progressivism.

But it is what it is. Trump has won the election, largely because of the Extreme Leftists. We’ve got Steve Bannon, former editor of Breitbart, who will be Trump’s chief strategist. I’m not as worried as some of the people I know, but I do think it’s something we need to watch and monitor. I think that Trump himself has been drumming up attention by appointing guys like Bannon–it’s what carnival barkers like Trump always do. Too many people are falling for it. But what will happen in the end? If you look at this description of Jared Taylor from the Southern Poverty Law Center, it’s possible that the White Supremacists will just end up fighting among each other and dismantling their own movement, the same way the Extreme Left declared war on logic and allowed Trump to win. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

As for Asians practicing the same silly akogare that breeds White supremacists, I’ve been railing about that for years. Continuing to complain isn’t going to do much. We just have to be the best we can be as individuals, and we need to inspire those around us to do the same. It’s not going to be easy with all the irrational emotion going around these days, but we have to continue to do our best.

36 thoughts on “White supremacists, Asian women, and Asian men

  1. It sucks when everyone ignores Asian Men in America. However, it’s not entirely their fault. The lack of masculinity and the lack of initiative coming from Asian men are to be blamed.

  2. Yes, just because a few White losers who live in their parents’ basement are rallying the demise of White America and White men, doesn’t speak for White guys in general. The same holds true for AMs who cry about society ignoring them, when I see Asian guys walking their dogs with their White girlfriends/wives in New York City.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3aFv8IQb4s

    Is America’s greatest Asian fetishist a member of the Ku Klux Klan?

    Please, these people are relics.

    Who is responsible for contemporary, modern day akogare and Asian fetish?

    (White Anglo-American “liberals”)


    I find it harder and harder to get excited over topics like “Asian fetish” and celebrity club nowadays.

    Maybe the secret is just as you’ve said: do the best that we can with our own abilities, to inspire others to do the same for their own lives and ideals.

    It’s a marked change. Compared to all the other “influencers” out there that essentially only want to manipulate thought and behavior, at least you’d be doing something that helps to empower others by helping them believe in themselves, and therefore try for their dreams.

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iObS_Rz-kH0

    This fucking work of the American liberals is more gratuituous than what IS propagandists can cook up.

    Hollywood and people like Quentin Tarantino are trendsetters. Once upon a time, our worst fears and obsessions were merely objects for spectacle.

    Now, it has become a methodology and come to life as an ideal of its own; a testament of the reach of the world’s greatest superpower on the minds of the global provincials.

  5. Both the Right and Left are not allies of Asians.

    America has no place for Asians. It appears that most Asians here think Blacks are racist towards them, but Whites aren’t any better. They hide it better, people with money and privilege hide their racism better, plain and simple.

  6. I’m not surprised that bitch is an East Asian woman. People of all races from all walks of life are capable of white-worshiping, but East asian women are especially prone to it. They want to be white, they want white babies, they hope their babies would look like Kanu Reeves. They are more racist to minorities than white supremacists, partly to prove that they are 100% white inside, to seek approvals from white people.
    White men also have yellow fever because the media has always portrayed east asian women as easy for white men, promiscuous, needed to be rescued from east Asian culture, etc.
    So whenever you see east asian female white male couples, they aren’t progressive, they are very likely fetish couples. Asian male white female couples could sometimes be fetish couples, but not anywhere as often as AFWM.
    Their kids, aka happas, will grow up to be as racist. Female happas are the luckiest breed in the US, but not male happas because society doesn’t discriminate when it comes to discriminating between full east asian males and happas. They hate themselves, their parents hate east asian males, society hates east asian males. They have no support system.
    South Asian is a different race than East Asian. South Asians are more accepted in the US due to their numbers, but they are also racist towards East Asians. South Asians are not part of our team, but systematic racism keeps lumping them in with us, so we’re extra screwed.
    Asian culture is also to be blamed. Confucianism and Taoism are the culprits. They were created to keep the peasants from rising up to the emperors by telling them to be submissive and letting people disrespect them.
    Asian men need to be more aggressive, do not hold back, go wild, follow your instincts, do what you want to do, say what you want to say, be confident, do not hesitate to stand up and fight, even when you can’t win.
    Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I want to thank Byron for this wonderful blog. His blog opened my eyes to the subtle racism against east asians, now I can’t even enjoy mainstream movies or shows anymore. I’ve learned new things everyday from this blog too, even through the heated comments. But thats what this blog is for right, a platform to exchange thoughts and differences.

  7. This a good time to pounce on asian and hapa issues and letting it hit the mainstream. I mean issues that aren’t wrapped in co-opting white liberalism like mainstream AA activism. How can be make it hit the mainstream

  8. What do the #BLM SJWs say/think about this especially when so many of them are in AFWM relationships themselves? “Toxic Hyper-masculine AMs” “anti-black complicit racism” is only a cover for their own racist-love relationships afterall…

  9. Do you know how fucking humiliating it feels as an Asian women, to know that white nationalists like fucking Richard spencer can date us? That we’re appearently THAT easy? Do you know how deeply humiliating it feels?

  10. “Confucianism and Taoism are the culprits. They were created to keep the peasants from rising up to the emperors by telling them to be submissive and letting people disrespect them.”

    Could you pinpoint the specific teachings of Confucianism and Taoism that tells adherents to be submissive and to let people disrespect them?


  11. When I saw Tila dressed that way, I thought WTF. She must not know anything about the NAZI party.
    I read on Stormfront where indeed two of their members liked Asian females. I doubt if it’s bad as you guys thin. I have a hard time believing there all this White on Asian racism. I don’t consider me dating Asian women as a racist act toward Asians.

  12. We need to care about who Richard Spencer dates, because we need to care about irrelevant personalities on the fringe who will function well as the next bogeymen, especially since the last bogeyman nominee ended up triumphant.

    We need to care about these irrelevant and pathetic human beings because only then can the Democrats and liberals, once again lock in your votes just because the other side is so deplorable.

    This way, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten, because that’s the only thing you deserve, because of your #AsianMalePrivilege and #ToxicMisolinsanity.

    Remember, it is very important for you to continue believing in White Anglo-Liberalism. The Anglo-Liberal mouthpieces can use your vote to legitimize their choices at the right moment, including choices like using the Asian guy as the scapegoat, and making it fashionable for your sisters to shit on and deny you places in university because #AsianAmericanFeminism.

  13. Roland Martin vs. Richard Spencer:

    I think it would’ve been more interesting to see Richard Spencer debate someone closer to the middle, but it was entertaining nonetheless. It’s funny because it’s quite clear that despite his criticism of liberals, Spencer doesn’t spend much time with liberals. I was surprised by how underprepared he was.

    When they were discussing Asians and limiting Asian immigration, Roland Martin should’ve thrown in, “Well then who are you gonna date?”

  14. Also, I think that that question would’ve been perfectly justified. It would’ve been funny. “So you’re okay dating the women…but you want to limit immigration because the men are taking too many of your jobs?”

  15. I honestly prefer AF like Tila Tequila, who are at least genuine in their disdain for their own race/culture/people, unlike people like Jenn Fang and Constance Wu, who talk a good talk, but can’t give 2 shits about Asian people or culture.

  16. About the Spencer video….

    He has a kid with a white woman, supposedly, but is it just me, or does he come across as veeery effeminate. He *sounds* gay.

    It wasn’t really much of a debate. It was more of a lecture with Roland doing 90% of the talking.

    Off topic but I am out of my relationship with the Asian girl.

  17. Blah,

    Sorry to hear about your relationship.

    He didn’t seem effeminate to me. He just seemed a bit underprepared for the interview–no command of numbers and no solutions for what seemed like obvious topics of debate. It’s hard to push your point if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  18. Thoughts: Taliban are regaining ground in Afghanistan at a rate that is close to its original capture of the country, and we are to care about Mariah Carey’s dating choices?

  19. Asia has a way of radicalizing white people who live there for any length of time, and i believe it does so in two ways.

    1) Contrary to what you are saying, whites are exposed to a lot of racism in Asia. At the same time, they are also give far more positive attention then they would be back home. This creates an unbalanced inferiority/superiority complex. But the racism directed at whites in Asia – which is “soft”, but pervasive and widespread – should not be underestimated as a factor in the radicalization of whites who have lived in Asia. For the first time, whites begin to see, even if in subtle ways, what being a minority *really* means.

    2) Secondly, whites who live in Asia get to see first hand what it means to live in a mono-cultural society that retains traditional virtues and positive social attitudes long vanished from multi-cultural white societies – and they love it, and it evokes in them nostalgia for 1950s America.

  20. Greg,

    I actually agree with you that whites are exposed to racism in Asia. But the type of racism is different. As you mentioned, it’s “soft” racism. People look at them, stare at them, say annoying things to them (“Herrro…you speak Engrish?”), over and over. Yes, it’s real. Yes, it’s annoying. But no, it’s not like getting threatened, getting your ass kicked, or having people shout at you. Plus, it’s counterbalanced by akogare.

    So while I agree with you, I don’t think I’m that far off the mark. The next question would be why whites don’t tend to radicalize in Africa or South America or even India where they also face racism. I think it’s the akogare that makes all the difference.

  21. Yes, I’d agree with you that racism against Asians – not to mention blacks and latinos – is of a much worse kind than what whites experience in Asia. No question about that.

    My purpose here is not to compare who has it worse – Asians clearly do, I won’t contest that. I’m simply trying to shed some light on this based on my own experiences.

    Whites experience a subtle kind of racism that over time can add up. There’s a a certain percentage of Asians who are uncomfortable around whites and clearly exude negative vibes, there’s a fair amount of passive aggressive behavior – more than you’d imagine, if you haven’t experienced it – and there’s a certain amount of subtle behavior intended to degrade.

    Have you read Jared Taylor’s book on Japan? He is quite candid that the subtle but grating racism he experienced in Japan informs his own desire for ethnic segregation in the US.

    There’s also the whole “white guys get the ugly girls meme” – which is absolutely true, at least in Asia, as I’m sure you know. Every time I would go out literally the ugliest Asian girls would throw themselves at me, and you’d see way uglier Asian guys with way hotter girls. It hardly makes you feel like you’re high on the totem pole. I’m not in the least complaining about that – I completely understand and support why its that way and think its a sign of a healthy culture, and I also get that Asians have it way worse in white countries. Don’t get me wrong.

    But after a while, all this stuff begins to rub you the wrong way and you begin to think you might be better off among people who look like you.

    In the end, living as a white person in Asia can be confusing and disorienting, and as the bloom begins to fade, it can be emotionally challenging. To add to this, the positive aspects of Asian society can be powerfully appealing to people from chaotic and culturally disintegrating countries, and its natural to admire this and want to reproduce this among your own people.

    So again – NOT trying to suggest whites have it worse or compare the racism experiences of whites vs Asians. The stuff I mentioned may seem trivial to you, but over time it becomes psychologically significant.

    I am just trying to describe what I think is the mechanism of radicalization for whites living in Asia.

    Interesting blog, otherwise.

  22. @ bigWOWO

    The next question would be why whites don’t tend to radicalize in Africa

    You haven’t met a lot of White South Africans, have you?

    @ Greg

    A lot of the racism exhibited by Asians in countries like China, Korea, and Japan actually originates from ethnic nationalist ideologies that the West spread to East Asia during the 1800s. So the supposed racial “awakening” that Whites undergo when they live in Asia is not really a discovery of something Asians invented but rather a rediscovery of an Asianized version of White supremacy.

    Not saying it’s the White man’s fault Asians are racist but in light of world history and the influence of Western racial ideology in non-White countries, it’s a fascinating topic in its own right.

  23. Kiwi:

    You haven’t met a lot of White South Africans, have you?

    Actually I have. That’s why I brought it up. You would think that a lot of South White Africans would radicalize along lines of race, but they don’t. At least very few of them do. I don’t think that’s true among most White expats in Asia.


    Hey, thanks, and thanks for your insightful comments.

    I’m sure that what I’m writing probably doesn’t come out as it should, but I agree with you. Actually, when I was over there, I didn’t think much about racism against Whites, but recently after watching some YouTube videos, it’s all starting to make a bit more sense. I was particularly intrigued by this one dude who is around the same age as me. It looks like we went to Japan at around the same time as I did, right after college. The two key differences between us are:

    1. He’s White, and
    2. I came back home.

    Seeing some of Ryan’s other videos, he’s no angel. But I can easily see how the English thing would become annoying as hell after the first month. I can imagine how annoying it must be after twenty years. In my time there, I only encountered one such person. I can only imagine how bad it would be if it happened all the time. Every point that you bring up is very interesting.

    I haven’t read Jared Taylor’s book on Japan, but it sounds like he has a lot of good things to share.

  24. @Greg,

    Do you even speak the local language, or even attempt to learn the language? Or just another run-of-the-mill “English teacher” partying it up after school and showing up drunk in the morning to ramble at the kids?

  25. @ bigWOWO

    You would think that a lot of South White Africans would radicalize along lines of race, but they don’t.

    They do. Even the most liberal ones who opposed apartheid are exceedingly so, at least compared to White Americans and Europeans. Whereas White Americans and Europeans are at least open to the idea of interracial marriage and many actually do it, the idea is almost taboo for White South Africans. Even Whites in Asia go there often specifically for interracial experiences.

    I would argue that as of 2017, opposition to interracial marriage is a radical position in Western society, so in that respect White Africans are relatively radical.

  26. When I lived in China I’ve personally seen and heard dozens of “laowai” who got propositioned on a weekly basis from the Chinese elderly to marry off their daughters…

  27. Why did they invite all these lao wai and not you?

    Is it because you’re short, have a high pitched voice and your shoulders are hunched to match your simpering behavior?

  28. Even gweilo Quasimodo got Desdemona. There’s no hope for the Chinese in China, they’re a lost cause lapdogs. T_T

    And Sengee Rinchen is a 400# basement welfare collecting diabetic rotten cheese smelling troll. Sad!

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