All kinds of unfortunate craziness

Let me start by saying that this used to be a discussion/current events blog. But if you look at my tagline, it says “common sense,” and as I’m sure you all know, no one is listening. These days, I don’t see the point in trying to communicate common sense. I was going to blog about the terrible killing of Alton Sterling, followed by Philando Castile, but now four cops have been murdered in retaliation. Michael Brown’s mother has aa op-ed piece about the murders in the NY Times, although I don’t know why they would give her that space. Her “good boy” Michael was killed while attempting to violently murder a police officer–quite a different situation from Alton Sterling’s. But emotions are ruling the day. Since this is a common sense blog, feel free to share your views on any of these killings below.

Europe is about to take another hit. The leader of the Brexit movement, Boris Johnson, suddenly quit after winning, effectively “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”There was another British dude who wanted to run the country, but evidently he also went down. It looks like two women are now in the running, which may be a good thing, since men have clearly torched that country, although you can’t assume it’s not possible to sink lower.

In other news, Paul Ryan has formally asked the Director of National Intelligence to block Hillary Clinton’s access to classified info. Apparently Ryan thinks that our national security would be safer in the hands of…Donald Trump? A guy with no political experience who can’t stop tweeting the first thing that comes to his mind? That’s just ridiculous. Ryan is playing politics, and it’s just stupid. Yes, Hillary endangered our country by using a private server. But guess what? She no longer has a private server, and she’s running for president. She needs that information, especially if it’s going to be a fair election. In light of this political play, it seems that Ryan wants anything but a fair election.

The only person who seems to be doing well in politics these days is Donald Trump, who just got Ted Cruz to sell out (surprise, surprise) for a chance to speak at the Republican convention. Today Trump went on a rampage against his own party’s senators, but it seems like the Republicans no longer care. They’ll do anything they can to win, even if it means burning the rest of the country. These days it’s all about winning. Hell, their front-runner knows nothing about foreign policy, domestic policy, or running business without declaring bankruptcy, so what else do they have to talk about besides winning?

I don’t remember when I opted to make “common sense” part of my tagline, but it looks like it’s already outdated and obsolete.

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  1. Sulu was the only notable Asian male on the ship! Well, I guess he won’t be getting any girls now. Oh well…

  2. Alas, there is no good solution. On one hand, young black men are more likely to be profiled as being dangerous by cops who are White, Black, Asian, & Hispanic, and are therefore treated more harshly than other groups, which sometimes leads to excessive force and in rare cases murder. On the other hand, Blacks are 4.46 times more likely than people of other races to kill a police officer:

    It’s unfair that law-abiding Black males are treated with undue suspicion, but police are just people, and without knowledge of those people they encounter stereotype (profile) people they interact with, rather than judge them as individuals.

  3. @The Blah,

    Police brutality and young black male retaliation against “the popo” is a vicious cycle. Cops could definitely do better in terms of not go gun crazy and ameliorate the situation unless it’s an active shooter situation.

    However, what I find disheartening is the SJWs right on cue starts to blame Asians for the US social malaise as if simply by existing we’re contributing to the racist paradigms and don’t face police brutality ourselves and also face systematic discrimination which Jenn Fang and Phil Yu ignores in lieu of their political agendas:

    Where’s Phil Yu’s outrage over the several armed robberies and shootings of Asian store owners on his blog?

    Reddit is far more balanced with the commentaries than any of the SJWs.

  4. “a hypothetical Asian man”

    Fact is not important to ideologues like Phil Yu.

    He said Yanez is Latino and described his participation in activities such as Cinco de Mayo parades.

    Philando Castile was stopped not because his car’s taillight was broken, but because he was an armed robbery suspect. That probably explained the nervousness of Yanez and, after Castile told him he had a gun, Yanez just totally lost his nerve. He was wailing after he shot and killed Castile. He probably realized he fucked up and took a man’s life needlessly.

    Not sure how reliable the stats is. And it doesn’t say anything else beyond the numbers.

    In the U.S. a total of 509 citizens have been killed this year alone by police. 123 of those shot were Black Americans; 238 white.


    I watched a couple of BLM demonstration videos. It is not easy to watch and listening to people yelling “What do we want?” “dead cops” . “What do we want?” “dead cops” “What do we want?” “dead cops”.

  5. I don’t remember ever seeing a situation where just about nobody wanted to run a major country.

    I see lots of people getting worked up on social media. Most of the people I see are supportive of Black Lives Matter. I pretty silent–not because I don’t believe that black lives matter (lowercase), but because I don’t think the lies and calls for violence and actual violence by Black Lives Matter activists are making things better. Not only do I disagree with those tactics, but I also think that the emphasis has to be on discussing both sides. I don’t think it’s sustainable to continue having black people and white people living in separate worlds with different stories, different paths, and different cultures. It doesn’t work.

  6. @bigWOWO,

    Has there been any credible evidence that the Dallas violence was associated with the BLM movement or even “incited” by the BLM leaders?

    There’s a huge difference here, but a very thin line of walking the tight rope between truth and promulgating lies that would lead to even worse social problems.

    Also, there’s been known agent provocateurs by the government in the past and the BLM people should do serious vetting of their people to be known as a direct non-violent legacy of the civil rights era.

  7. Has there been any credible evidence that the Dallas violence was associated with the BLM movement or even “incited” by the BLM leaders?

    There’s a huge difference here, but a very thin line of walking the tight rope between truth and promulgating lies that would lead to even worse social problems.

    No, not that I know of. Is anyone saying that Dallas specifically was incited by BLM?

    I was just talking about violence in general, as in the chants for “dead cops.”

  8. @Pat,

    I’m also sure in large part the media is just eating this up to promote and amp up the animosity for ratings.

    Most people are still good and kind, but it’s the media that loves to sensationalize everything for the ratings.

  9. @bigWOWO,

    I think most everybody can agree that police tactics and training need some drastic changes in this country – starting with the DOD1033 program that’s making this country into a literal police state…

  10. @aardvark

    Not just the media. People promote it for political power and/or financial gains.

    “racism” “racism” we hear it all the time. “sexism” is another one. “discrimination against the LBGT community”, sure. creating jobs with livable wage for the economic underclass in this country? fuhgeddaboudit.

    Just another weekend in Chicago.

    Weekend gun violence in Chicago pushed the number of people shot in the city this year to around 2,100 — about 700 more than this time last year.

    A total of 43 people were shot in the city over the weekend, four of them fatally. Nineteen of those were shot during an 11-hour stretch Friday night into Saturday morning, including two men wounded on a crowded sidewalk outside a taco restaurant in Wicker Park, according to police.

  11. Yes, I’d agree with that. My point though is that activism can use some drastic changes as well. We all now know that Michael Brown was shot while trying to kill a cop, so why won’t activists speak up about that and acknowledge that he basically caused his own death? Why won’t they acknowledge that Eric Garner was breaking the law, supposed “chokehold” or not? Why didn’t they speak out loudly about the murders of Officers Liu and Ramos? Why aren’t they tamping down the anti-cop violence by speaking out? Why are they misleading the public on the details of the crimes that they’re complaining about?

    What I’m saying is that the dialogue has to go both ways–even if one side carries the blame more than another. It still has to go both ways, otherwise good luck trying to make any kind of change.

  12. And I’ll even say this: Giuliani is 100% right. Even though his rhetoric is also probably not helpful (it’s just the other side of the debate), it’s hard to argue with the facts. He saved far more lives than any of these Black Lives Matter activists.

    And yes, before anyone jumps on me here, I realize that my rhetoric probably isn’t helpful either, which is why I pretty much just keep it on this blog. I’m just saying that we need to focus on facts here. Forget the emotional pleas, let’s just focus on facts and see where people are willing to build from there. We might not agree on how we should feel about things, but at least we should make an effort to discuss facts.

  13. @bigWOWO,

    Things aren’t exactly that simplistic in any of the aforementioned incidents, but we certainly have to keep some perspective: Tamir Rice was shot for simply playing around with a toy gun, albeit without the orange tip. He’s just a little kid, whereas mass shooters who are on active rampage have been apprehended without “mad cop disease” – guess what ethnicity they are?

  14. Just saw this gem of an article in my email:

    I think somebody did a google search for separate terms “three white teenagers” and mostly stock photos of smiling kids and skaters, whereas “three black teenagers” on google came up with arrest photos.

    I guess now we can add something extra to break up the stereotype of the Asian model minority too. lol

    What would Jenn Fang say?


    A new study confirms that black men and women are treated differently in the hands of law enforcement. They are more likely to be touched, handcuffed, pushed to the ground or pepper-sprayed by a police officer, even after accounting for how, where and when they encounter the police.

    But when it comes to the most lethal form of force — police shootings — the study finds no racial bias.

    “It is the most surprising result of my career,” said Roland G. Fryer Jr., the author of the study and a professor of economics at Harvard. The study examined more than 1,000 shootings in 10 major police departments, in Texas, Florida and California.

  16. Ha! Can you imagine the uproar if the situation were reversed and Michelle Obama had half-naked photos of herself all over the internet, then plagiarized Melania Trump’s speech? If Melania gets a pass it will be the very definition of “White Privilege.”

  17. Even though it should matter, one would have to be tone deaf to think it does. Just go and read the original post. These are not usual times. In the past week we had Nice, Turkey, and Baton Rouge. Trump doing well by playing with a completely different play book. His main message isn’t to establish his credibility, it is to question the credibility of the people with credibility. He’s broken a lot of the standard rules, and this is just another one.

  18. I wonder if this is a big joke on all of us that was designed to keep Trump in the headlines. Melania could’ve stolen words from Barbara Bush, but no, she chose to steal from Michelle Obama, almost as if to give the finger to the Democrats, as if to say, “I can steal from you and you can’t do anything about it.” People might be angry if she plagiarized from someone from the same party.

    I mean, we even got Rick Rolled last night. It’s gotta be just one big joke concocted by Trump. He may be smarter than we think he is (when it comes to staying in the spotlight, not on actual governance). He’s laughing all the way to the White House.

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