Wesley So’s Revenge

Those chess fans on this blog will remember the disastrous ruling by Tony Rich last year that gave Varuzhan Akobian a forfeit win over Wesley So in the 2015 U.S. Chess Championship. Well today, Wesley got his revenge in the 2016 U.S. Chess Championship. He demolished Akobian by sac’ing a rook and a minor. See the finish and interview either above or here.

Wesley had a great quote on chess.com.

“I did some critical preparation today,” So said. “I decided to play more safely but then I couldn’t control myself.”

By the way, this championship has been the most exciting in recent memory. Wesley So has been on fire. Fabiano Caruana has been playing super solid (although his games are not nearly as fun as So’s!). The kids have been playing well too. 12-year-old Carissa Yip was leading in the women’s section for a while. 15-year-old Jeffrey Xiong beat Gata Kamsky today. We’re definitely living in the second golden age of chess. You can check out the matches here.

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