Hope on the horizon?

I hope I didn’t bring anyone down yesterday with my depressing post about lack of hope. Thank you, ChineseMom, for cheering me up with this article: The Model Minority Is Losing Patience. It’s an article about how Asian American children seem to getting the shaft from affirmative action, and how Asian American parents are waking up to the reality of racism in college admissions. I’m not happy about the racism, but I’m happy that young Asian Americans are aware of it.

This is funny in a not-so-funny way:

Many Asian parents think this is wrong. They woke up a long time ago to the need to counter the stereotype of the maths-nerd Asian who does nothing but work, and encouraged their children to diversify—into music, debating, charity work, sports, everything that is supposed to increase students’ chances of admission. But many who have excelled in those areas, including Mr Wang and Irene Liu, a student from Massachusetts with a similarly stellar CV, were rejected by the Ivy League. Ms Liu’s mother, Tricia, says, “I feel angry about it. We came for the American dream: you work hard, you do well. This just doesn’t add up.” Irene has accepted a place at a top Canadian university, and is happy about it. Her mother isn’t: “It breaks my heart that she’s going abroad. If she had gone to Harvard, I could have brought her dumplings.”

Yup, because if you’re Asian, you’re a second class citizen who gets shipped off to Canada. Thank goodness the Economist is helping to tell our stories. You all probably notice the stony silence coming from our liberal ethnic media.

As a side note, I don’t think it’s particularly unusual that most Asians vote Democratic. It’s a choice: Do you support a party that supports racist policies against Asians, or do you go for the other side, which denies global warming, is trying to get rid of a woman’s right to choose, uses government shutdowns to hold the country hostage, discriminates against gay people, is populated by fundamentalist Bible Thumpers, and has Donald Trump as the frontrunner? (Keep in mind that I do not think Hillary would make a good president either.) Asians may be mostly Democratic, but that shouldn’t be an indicator that we support racism against our own.

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  1. Liberal ethnic media have been trying too hard to fit in and to get a seat on the “table”. They are not in touch with their roots and don’t have a sense of self. That’s why they don’t go any where.

  2. Why are Asians so shameless “no faces” (不要臉) that want to give their life-savings (parents save for years to afford Ivy tuitions) to racist institutions?

    And it’s the same for media: why clamor to be part of racist systems and throw money at them?

    Boycott those institutions and give money to support positive APIA endeavors like top state schools who give scholarships and indie APIA media.

    DNC is simply the lesser evil, but hopefully Bernie Sanders gets the nomination.

    GOP more overt about their racism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDrfE9I8_hs

  3. A Brandeis with an Asian twist is what is needed. A place where students can be admitted on quantifiable, and transparent criteria.

  4. “Ms Fisher, who is white, was rejected. She contends that the university’s policy constitutes racial discrimination and is therefore banned by the 14th Amendment. In 2013, after the Fifth Circuit court had rejected Ms Fisher’s claim, the Supreme Court told the lower court to reconsider its ruling. A year ago the Fifth Circuit again upheld the preferences, spurring Ms Fisher’s second petition to the justices. This time, many observers expect the court to rule in her favour and possibly to abandon its decision in Grutter v Bollinger, in 2003, which allowed limited consideration of race in higher education.”

  5. Here is my comment for that The Economist article:
    When my son was in seventh grade, he once told me his Jewish friend said that even if he is the football team captain and the student council president, gets straight A’s and a perfect SAT score, he still won’t be able to get into Harvard, just because he is an Asian. He was the running back of his school football team at the time and a member of school student council. He asked if this is true. It saddened me that I couldn’t simply tell him it is not.

    When my daughter was six, at a Girl Scout meeting, she played a game to learn that they are all equal despite their different skin colors and looks, race doesn’t matter. She was taught so at home and school for seventeen years and she believed in it. I often heard her saying that “race doesn’t matter” when the word “race” mentioned, until the year when she applied for college. When I asked how her friend A was accepted to Harvard, she told me because A’s mother (a Caucasian woman) has some sort of Hispanic lineage, so he is a “Hispanic”.

    And what saddens me the most is my daughter and her other Asian friends have accepted the fact that they are subjected to higher standards, just like most African American slaves accepted that they were born to be slaves before the Civil War. This race based admission process slaps everybody in the face. It tells kids how hypocrite we all are. We LIED to them for seventeen years. Race does matter!!!

  6. No offense, but welcome to reality.

    On a Snoopy Jenkins tangent: race does still matter significantly in USofA, just ask any of the Innocence Project folks.

  7. The Presidential elections are a bit of a trap because you’re caught between two large blocs and the electorate is divided by all these special interests. Then you have only one ultimate winner. The blithe attitude of the liberals on the choices Asians have now is quite demonstrative. They safely assume that they have the Asian vote.

    Asian Americans may be able to exert tremendously more pressure on Congress and the Lower House. There are hundreds of potential winners and losers there, and if neither side wants to budge on affirmative action then it’s time for some coordinated spoilers to shake up and disrupt some of those assumptions they’ve made.

  8. ChineseMom,

    The whole framework rests on the notion that people can say they support equality while practicing inequality. It’s all based on a lie. Thankfully, increased scrutiny has blown this con wide open.

  9. In my opinion the primary problem is that you never develop a proper political theory. That’s why you never get proper actions that makes sense.

    You have traitors in your political coalition that you must marginalize: the two major groups are Asian American liberal scholars, Asian American liberal middle class and prominently Asian American feminists.

    They constantly try to rewrite the past and promote their heroes. The worst of all are Asian American feminist who promote Grace Lee Boggs – married to a black communist.

    You need a Big Picture to understand American Policy that should include help to understand the nexus between foreign policy, domestic policy, political geography, cultural politics and various political ideologies. Otherwise you cannot predict the intentions of enemies, allies, neutrals and temporary adversaries.

    The election of Obama was a big political mistake, because he carry a big stick and he is soft-spoken that demobilize the old guards of the 1960s – 1970s in the Asian American political community who are now scholars, journalist, teachers and professionals. These groups want white respect and inclusion in white circles after a decade of political activism during the Cold War – they do not want actual political progress for the majority Asian American and Asian immigrant population who are now about two third of the Asian American community. These groups represent a minority.

    The Obama election is a sign that a coalition of special interest group of financial industry, free trade fundamentalist, liberal internationalists, war mongers, indiviudal billionaires, white women, black women, blacks, Hispanics and Asian American liberals are driving the USA in permanent wars in Eurasia and endless expansion of free trade agreements.

    The free trade agreements are a real threat to white labour and additionaly white middle class because nowadays it is possible to outsource manufacturing and various back office occupations to non-white countries.

    The rapid expansion of outsourcing create a mass of angry white men who will fight back with racism. History prove that a labour party in the form of a social democratic party or a communist party is not possible in the USA to absorb the anger of white labour.

    The outsourcing of backoffice jobs to India destroy traditional white female occupations and create a permanent rival for affirmative action benefits. Of course white women will deny racism against Asian Americans in education and the labour market.

    The fiscal cliff situation help the white supremacists more than you. They could constantly blame multiculturalism, feminism and affirmative action for the ills of White America.

    A fiscal cliff is actually useful to prevent special interest group like the military-industry complex, Wall Street,… to escalate the preventive wars in Eurasia against the EU, China, Russia, Iran,…BUT you need the fiscal cliff situation flipped with a GOP President and a Democratic majority in the Congress.

    The GOP President must give you an exploitable series of small conflicts to unite the API political coalition among several political issues that helps you to build a lasting political identity and he must be weak enough in the Congress to make the probability of approachement more likely.

    Now the Asian Pacific Islanders are only left with a single issue – Affirmative Action – that partition the Asian Pacific Islander between two third foreign born and one third native born Asian American.

    Your enemies are getting constantly stronger and interior traitors – Asian American feminists – are getting support from adversary coalitions. Meanwhile the China Threat discourse nourish the budget expansion of the military industrial complex and build consent for free trade agreements for the containment policy – that actually result in a further weakening of white labour and the white middle class.

    You desperately need a reorganization of your force to avoid a crushing defeat. Your old way of doing politics after the model of black politics simply do not work, because you are a Pacific Rim people.

    You must include the insights of various diaspora politics as a three-level game between US hegemon and various influencial immigrant sending countries like Israel, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Cuba, Mexico, Taiwan and corresponding diasporas Jewish America, Greek-American, Irish-American, Cubanian American, Mexican American and Taiwanese American to influence foreign policy.

    You must find a way to work with various anti-globalist movement like the World Social Forum, Global Labour Unions, Tax Justice movement to fight back US corporation who outsource white jobs and create permanent white anger in the US among the white labour class and the white middle class who could unite in a white racist coalitions.

    How should you organize foreign policy as a combination of old-style diaspora policy and new transnationalist social movement. Well, you need something like the rules of Unrepresented Nations and People Organizations to unite your heterogenous political landscape of various language groups, ethnic groups, class and gender groups with defined decision rules and voting procedures.

    For domestic policy it is obvious that you need to redefine the old-style community politics and upgrade it along the lines of a Parliament of Diaspora Cities with defined labour division and monetary contributions. Otherwise you will never get a coherent campaign organization that can fight political conflicts in various cities. The EU have several models of rules to organize Cities and regions – that are below the autonomy of classic City Leagues and above the submission under the nation state. You should think about models beyond the Twin Towns , Economic and Social Councils and Labour Councils.

    The central group in fighting back Free Trade agreements are seafarers, transport worker, dock workers and warehouse workers. Trade do not work without transport workers. You have to build a coalition of vulnerable seafarers offshore and warehouse and transport workers offshore in combination with human rights and religious organization for moral politics.

    The case of affirmative action is not winnable. The financial industry is in trouble because of the suprime crisis and the trouble will continue with the indebted fracking industry. That’s why they need federal educational loan and further credit expansion with low quality MOOCs to get diversified portfolios. There is a small possibility that the loan repayment help the more affluent Nothern Asian American middle class America more than their white counterparts in white households, but because of their sheer numbers white women will build a coalition with black women to discriminate against Asian American.

    So I think you should fight with tax policy along the lines of a Tobin Tax that should finance gender budgeting and minority houseownership to create a conflict between white women, black women and the finance industry. The financial instability has its roots in derivative trading and US currency war tactics.

    You should make a deal with Singapore Global Schoolhouse agenda and get access to free MOOCs and VOOCs that are recognized in US academia and labour markets. Remember Singapore is one of the Pacific Rim financial hubs. It lacks human resources and desperately need high-skilled immigration from Asian-looking persons. Japanese companies have to use Singaporean strawmen to get business in PR China because Japanese people are hated. Singapore also need the protection of US navy to defend itself against a muslim environment and the growing threat of Chinese navy. You should exploit Singaporean-US relations in your diaporean lobby works in exchange for educational priviledge that hedge against white-black backlash in academia.

  10. ^
    I can’t keep a straight face anymore. Who is “you” and what have YOU done lately?
    Winning a local election would be a good start for YOU.

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