Petition against ethnic scapegoating

Thank, WH, for sending info about the petition protesting the treatment of Xiaoxing Xi and Sherry Chen. I just signed it here. You can too.

Just wanted to also give everyone a quick apology if this blog has been lacking fire recently. I’ve been feeling powerless. I feel like our politics have been dominated by the fringes, where both extreme liberals and extreme conservatives make no sense. In the case of Xiaoxing Xi and Sherry Chen, of course it’s wrong to ethnically scapegoat these two innocent people. But the predominantly liberal ethnic media is collapsing under its own contradictions. They support racial profiling when it comes to affirmative action in college admissions, but they’re against it when it comes to stripping innocent people of their jobs. Logically, it makes no sense. The extremists will deny the existence of this contradiction over and over, but denials don’t make illogical positions easier to accept. You can’t build a movement if you require people to close their minds to logic. If you want others to treat Asian Americans as human beings, then treat us as human beings. You can’t just do so only if it fits the liberal narrative.

The campaign for POTUS is the worst it’s ever been. There is literally no one who I want to vote for. In the last two elections, I would’ve been fine with the war hero McCain (though maybe not with Palin), and I thought Romney would’ve been fine as President. Of course I voted for Obama twice. But this year, there are no good candidates. None.

Anyway, we need to keep hoping. I just paid my internet domain registration bill (which has gone way up in recent years. It’s no longer for hobbyists.). I haven’t given up hope yet.

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