Kasparov at SLU: “Hard work is a talent.”

Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov gave a great commencement speech at St. Louis University. You can click the video above (speech starts at around 1 hour and six minutes). See the full transcript at chess.com. My two favorite parts:

1. The story about Tigran Petrosian’s wife. You always have to have a new dream. I wish someone had told me this when I was young.

2. This quote:

You often hear in chess and other sports that “this player is more talented” but “that player works harder.” This is a fallacy. Hard work is a talent. The ability to keep trying when others quit is a talent. And hard work is never wasted. No matter what career you end up in, or even if you have a dozen different careers, the hard work represented here today will never be wasted. Your being here shows that you have that talent and it will serve you well no matter how you decide to make a difference in this world. Human beings cannot upgrade our hardware, that’s our DNA. But with hard work we can definitely upgrade our mental software.

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