Is Boxing over?

There’s a good article in the NY Times about how boxing may be done. Pacquiao-Mayweather my be a billion dollar event, but after that, there’s not much else on the horizon. As they mention in the article, Wladimir Klitschko is the heavyweight champion, and he couldn’t sell out MSG.

I have to disagree with the idea that MMA is doing a great job. I think they’re doing a good job for what it is, but with the drugs, low pay, and questionable business decisions, it’s become more entertainment than sport. Jonny Bones just got stripped of his title–I had no idea that he was still around. Velasquez is the UFC Heavyweight Champion, and he hasn’t fought in two years.

But I do think that pay-per-view is getting out of hand. $90 for one event on TV? That’s crazy. There’s no way that that pricing model will ever work in the long-term. They really have to go back to free–at least for most of their fights. It’s hard to get people to talk about your sport if people can’t afford to watch your sport.

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  1. I think that this might only be true in the U.S. As far as other countries go, I think boxing is still relatively popular. I’m pretty sure that they’ll find a way to build marketing and hype around someone soon enough. Boxing is also easier for the casual fan to digest, as opposed to MMA where you have to be somewhat conversant with grappling or you’ll find it “boring.”

    I also think that the problem with Klitchscko is that he is European, and that his fights are borefests of clinching (though B-Hop does the same crap, and people think he’s a genius). You could also make an argument that the heavyweight division doesn’t really have talent at the moment. Either that, or Klitschko is that good.

    The exciting stuff right now, other than Pacman/Bradley/Mayweather/Canelo is at the lower weights. You have Walters, Rigondeaux, Lomachenko, Gamboa, Crawford (really interesting fighter), Mathysse, Garcia, etc. In particular, I think that the flyweight classes are STACKED with talent right now, with guys like Estrada, Gonzales, Ruenroeng, Ioka, Viloria (though he’s pretty old for a flyweight), and Arroyo. But no one cares about the small weights outside of latin America and Asia it seems.

  2. Good points.

    Yeah, past a certain point it’s hard for me to get into the little guys. With MMA, I cap out at 145 lbs.–bring in dudes smaller than that, and it is hard for me to take the contest seriously (even if these small dudes could kick my ass). Funny thing though is that there’s no cap on women–even in judo, I was always a Yawara fan.

  3. They had a great Super Flyweight card last Saturday night. That division is stacked and the best continue to face the best.

    Brian Viloria is fighting at 115 now and he still looks pretty good despite going up and being a little old for this weight:

    Estrada vs Cuadras:

    There’s this guy Inoue who looks like a monster. They gave him an easy match for his American debut, but you can tell he has crazy power for this division. He’s expected to dominate everyone:

    Finally, though, they stopped Chocolatito by KO. He’d been in the poundxpound lists for a while, but I think 115 is just too big for him with the aggressive style he has. That’s considering that he’s beat Viloria and Estrada at lower weights. Cuadras was the only one he decisioned at 115, and he received a lot of punishment. You could also argue he should have gotten the nod in the first one with Rungvisai, but on this second one the Thai did not leave any doubts:

    Runvinsai vs Gonzales II

  4. Oh, very interesting. Thank goodness the fans are keeping boxing alive!

    (Also, I reread my old post. Funny how I talked about Jon Jones. Some things don’t change.)

  5. Now that the B sample tested positive, I think they should ban Jones for life.

    I just watched his last fight against DC. That was a brutal, absolutely brutal, PED-assisted knockout of a guy who had never been KO’ed before. I wonder if DC will ever be the same. Because it’s now a NC, the fight never happened according to the record books, but I’m not sure DC’s body and head would agree.

    Seriously, look at how much money and time people lose when Jon Jones cheats or messes up. He’s not worth it.

  6. I really was pulling for DC to win. He’s such a standup guy and talented. I also mourn for Jon Jones, because he was incredible to watch, but now with the PED issue, it casts a shadow over his whole career.

    And this doesn’t sound like one of those cases where it’s a substance they recently added to the list that’s included in some GNC supplement. THese sounded like actual illegal steroids. What a damn shame.

  7. I think this was actually the first DC fight I’ve seen. I saw it yesterday, knowing that Jones was juiced. It looked pretty darn even for most of the fight, but after Jones landed that kick, it was just brutal. All those PED-enhanced punches landing right on DC’s head. I laughed at first when I heard that some were suggesting that DC sue Jones for battery–because DC never consented to being in the ring with a roid user–but after seeing that beatdown, I think it’s fair. DC may be the “new” champion, but Jones may have destroyed DC’s career in part because he juiced.

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