Affirmative action, and the rift between the Asian American media and the rest of us

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It’s an oft-quoted statistic in the ethnic media that Asian Americans support affirmative action. But those organizations reporting this statistic are mostly liberal-biased organizations that use questionable statistical methods. As we’ve seen from SCA-5 and other popular uprisings among Asian Americans, lots of us, if not most of us, are against affirmative action. Affirmative action discriminates against Asians, but I thought I’d talk a bit more about the rift between the ethnic media and the rest of us.

First, I wanted to direct you all to Jean Kwok’s excellent opinion piece in Time Magazine, where Kwok talks about the specialized tests in New York City’s public schools and how her achievement on the test enabled her to rise from sweatshop work to become a successful bestselling author. Some Democrats in New York City, alarmed by the high enrollment numbers of Asian Americans and low enrollment numbers of “underrepresented minorities” at specialized public schools, have been trying to “diversify” the schools by eliminating or downgrading the test in favor of “holistic” admissions. According to the Wall Street Journal, some people are trying to make the specialized school admissions similar to universities, which often flat-out discriminate against Asian Americans based on “holistic” criteria.

Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers, said a holistic review of a student’s academic career would be akin to the process at top colleges.

“If it’s good enough for Harvard and Yale it should be good enough for the students of New York City,” he said.

He should’ve said: “If it’s racist enough for Harvard and Yale, it’s should be racist enough for us!”

I sometimes wondered why I’m against affirmative action while so many Asian Americans in the media are against it. After reading Jean’s piece, I think I figured it out.

I’ve read tons and tons of opinions by Asian Americans who write about how Asians are privileged, how most of us come to this country educated, and how we need to move aside and let politics selectively “diversify” the workforce. They write about how even though their parents didn’t speak English when immigrating, they automatically had an advantage over underrepresented minorities because of their education. They write about how Asians supposedly mostly come from selective integration which chooses the most educated, and how we now need to give back.

I realized this is probably true for a lot of Asians who write for the ethnic media. Many of their parents probably did come to this country after already being educated elsewhere. Educated people know how education works and understand numbers. It’s not that hard for such people to transition into similar work, even if it’s not at the same level as what you had in the motherland.

My problem (and Jean’s problem) is that I don’t come from that stock. None of my grandparents were college-educated. All of them, with the exception of one grandmother who was born here, were dirt-poor when they immigrated. My other grandmother was a seamstress, like Jean Kwok. She also speaks no English. She worked long, thankless hours for very little money. My paternal grandfather immigrated with no money and was basically homeless the second he set foot on American soil. For my parents and grandparents, the key to their success was the American meritocracy and belief in education. My grandfather achieved his career by passing licensing tests and ascending the ranks of the merchant marine. My father and his brothers attended the specialized NYC schools because they studied and did well on the test. But we come from a working class family history–we don’t come from families who had money and education back in the motherland.

What I’m saying is that I’m happy for these Asian Americans who were born families that were educated and had money in the motherland. But there are tons of other Asian Americans in this country who are working for slave wages and have little access to the privileges that our Asian American media spokespeople have. I wish there were more of us working-class Asian Americans in the ethnic media, but from what I’ve seen so far, there are very few of us. There’s me, there was Ying Ma, and now there’s Jean. I’m not sure I know of any others. Of the three, only one is a bestselling author, and none of us are professional journalists.

Outside of the non-elite people like us who come from a working-class family history, there is also another very large group which opposes the liberal attack on the meritocracy, and that is the educated people from Asia who immigrated to the States. Educated people typically immigrate because they believe there are better opportunities here. They don’t support racial policies that make it harder for their children to succeed. Their activism is what made it possible for California to defeat SCA-5.

I think most of us are against affirmative action. There’s only one group of Asian Americans that overwhelmingly supports affirmative action, and it is comprised of the second and third generation who pursue careers in academia, government, and the media. Even though they’re the most culturally powerful group, they don’t represent the experiences of most Asian Americans. Many have bought into the common liberal narratives. The problem is that the typical liberal narratives don’t include the struggles of the working class or new immigrants.

Anyway, I have no idea if we’ll ever have any kind of resolution on the affirmative action/testing issue. I just hope that people will read this and hear the voices of those Asian Americans who have a smaller voice in the ethnic media. People like me, Jean, and Ying Ma are no longer working class, but there are hundreds of thousands of new Asian Americans who are where we were just one or two generations ago. There are hundreds of thousands of new immigrants who came here for better opportunities, not to fight racist laws like SCA-5. I hope the world will think about these hard-working individuals and their children before advocating for racist laws. These are the people who will face the greatest hurdles if we kill the American meritocracy.

51 thoughts on “Affirmative action, and the rift between the Asian American media and the rest of us

  1. My impression of people who support affirmative action that discriminates against Asians because they supposedly have too much privilege is that these are worthless pundits who have, or have a great need to, grow fat and comfortable sucking on the fat teats of largess from ideological patronage and then shitting it right back out for the rest of us to eat. Their whole existence is dedicated to ensuring we will have no other food to nourish us BUT THEIR CRAP.

  2. It’s going to be hard to do away with AA completely because poor whites outperform rich blacks on tests like the SAT. I believe I saw stats showing that poor Asians outperform rich blacks even more:

    So unless this trend gets turned around, and liberals have been controlling the education system for the past 50-60 years or so, there’s going to be a lot of push back against any significant changes to AA…

  3. Because of what I noted I support some affirmative action, but maybe based on socioeconomics, which would still help black and Hispanic people.

  4. There are hundreds of thousands of new immigrants who came here for better opportunities, not to fight racist laws like SCA-5. I hope the world will think about these hard-working individuals and their children before advocating for racist laws. – See more at:

    I really feel with you on this one, bigWOWO. Many Asian immigrants like my parents came from their motherland to a foreign country like America in part to seek better economic opportunities for themselves and their kids (but that’s definitely not the only reason(s)). They didn’t come here so that one day their kids could grow up to become “social justice warriors” (if they did, they could have just stayed back in the motherland, there’s plenty of social (in)justice over there to go around). Even if Asian Americans are part of some privileged group, they worked hard – very hard – to reach this so-called “economic privilege”, in spite of the anti-Asian discrimination that no one takes seriously.

    Sometimes I think that Asian Americans just don’t appreciate Asian Americans. It’s sad.

  5. Not to mention that it’s faulty “social justice warrior”-ology. The immigrants know how it is for most people. Most people have to work hard to make a dollar. Most people deal with bs just to make a living. People know they can get fired, people know they have to provide value to either their employers or customers.

    Social justice shouldn’t be about doling out resources to some races while withholding from others. It should be about providing equal opportunity, fixing educational gaps, and creating a place where people can become who they want to be.

  6. Blah,

    I think there are a certain subsets who are “outperformed.” If you look at Nigerian immigrants, they outperform or tie with just about everyone in academics.

    The problem with the liberal approach is that they think big institutions like schools can fix everything. It’s the wrong focus. Asian kids do better because of family and culture.

  7. Education in many foreign countries is not formally recognized here, so educated immigrants do not get that benefit, but have to start at the bottom and work their way up again. Claims of some sort of dubious “Asian privilege” need to met with the reality of overwhelming anti-Asian discrimination, such as the bamboo ceiling, the income gap in favour of white men etc. Seriously, Asian people need to cut it out with the Confucian humility BS. That can come much later after achieving basic equity.

  8. It would be a great idea to no longer exoticise the discrimination and your existence in America with cringe-worthy phrases like “bamboo ceiling” and to just cease all references to rice, bamboo, kimchi, bibimbap etc. Quite frankly the corniness makes it difficult to adopt a serious frame of mind.

  9. This is one of those issues that hits very close to home. It’s a question that revolves around the main question of why we immigrate and how we define ourselves through career.

    I probably need to work harder to understand why the “elites” think that it’s okay or productive to puppeteer their own quotas on race.

  10. It probably has something to do with not experiencing poverty in recent generations. It probably also has something to do with not being exposed to people struggling with poverty or joblessness.

    I might have to do a follow-up post on this.

  11. @everybody

    You guys are following the same path to adapting and fitting into society as the southern and eastern Europeans and Irish (who were not yet fully accepted as “white”) when they first arrived in the US. Your views and attitudes are developing in a similar manner and are much alike with theirs — increasingly reflecting the views and attitudes of the dominate white society. It seems likely that similar actions based on those attitudes will continue to become more frequent from certain parts of some groups.

  12. “Developing in a similar matter?” We were already on this “path” before our families immigrated. Meritocracy is the reason most families–Asian, European, Irish, Nigerian, whatever–immigrate. That’s why the ethnic media don’t seem to get Asian Americans.

  13. @BigWOWO

    That’s correct, acting in a similar manner.

    Meritocracy? What is your definition of meritocracy? Do you really believe that or do you think I’m that clueless? Haven’t you been paying attention? Haven’t white people shown you clearly enough that merit is not the top deciding factor? Regardless of the merits of Asian Americans (in education, employment, etc.) white people decide who gets in and who moves to what position. White people are showing you what they think about Asian American merits. That will happen with or without affirmative action.

    The way you oppose affirmative action is like saying you are fighting “terrorism”. Who is “terrorism”? Who is affirmative action? Shouldn’t the question be: Who is the most responsible for the problem?

    Exactly who is the ethnic media? I want to look them up. Who do you consider ethnic/not ethnic?

    Actually, since you already admitted to being on that “path”, that pretty much answers my questions.

  14. Where did ypu get the name “Rashnu” from, EPAcalypse? Spent too much time playing Diablo on your Playstation?

    Take some more of your meds, it’ll help you with your mania.

  15. @Sengge Rinchen

    No, it’s the name of the Zoroastrian divinity of justice and that is similar to my real name.

    Could you define my “mania”? In your view, what is supposed to be the constructive result of me taking the “meds” of which you mentioned? Why don’t you go ahead and give your answer to my previous questions or try to refute my earlier statements? I’d like to see your response. My guess is that you don’t have any constructive input, or else you would have given it instead of those silly gamer remarks. You usually don’t have any constructive input about anything.

    So, let’s hear it Sengge (or anybody else). Enlighten me.

  16. Rashnu,

    I think Sengge was referring to the fact that you seem to be rambling incoherently on god knows what.

    Who are your friends and what do they do? I know lots of Asian Americans who are doing fine, making lots of money, working as MANAGERS (something that affirmative action proponents believe never happen), and living life without this pathological fear of oppression. I’m not sure what your phantom white people are supposed to be showing me.

  17. No, it’s the name of the Zoroastrian divinity of justice and that is similar to my real name.

    Zoroastrian god of justice? Megalomania, check.

    Could you define my “mania”?

    That is a question you should ask your doctor.

    In your view, what is supposed to be the constructive result of me taking the “meds” of which you mentioned?

    That is also a question you should ask your doctor.

    Why don’t you go ahead and give your answer to my previous questions or try to refute my earlier statements?

    It’s not actually desirable to respond to insane diatribes and manifestos.

    I’d like to see your response. My guess is that you don’t have any constructive input, or else you would have given it instead of those silly gamer remarks. You usually don’t have any constructive input about anything.

    Asking you to get mental help, take your medicine regularly and to ban yourself from the internet IS constructive input. Or else you will remain a pariah everywhere. You will remain extreme “fringe”.

    So, let’s hear it Sengge (or anybody else). Enlighten me.

    Maybe you talk like this because nobody ever takes you seriously. ROFLMAO!

  18. @BigWOWO:

    Rambling incoherently? I’m not buying that coming from you guys. I think you all understand what I’m talking about. I don’t think you are that uninformed.

    My friends? A few are in school. A few have graduated and are doing alright (Nurse, military officer, on government projects abroad). Overall, not many doing exceptionally well. I can’t say I know lots if people “doing fine” and making lots of money like you said. I can’t say much for sure, I haven’t been in frequent contact with many people recently. I had been abroad for several years and haven’t yet resumed many contacts. Why do you ask?

    Do those Asian Americans that you said are living life without a “pathological fear of oppression” have the same views and attitudes as you?

    What do you mean by “phantom white people”? I suspect you do understand what white people are showing you.

  19. @Sengge Rinchen:

    That wasn’t constructive. I was asking you to share constructive information. Evidently, you don’t have any. No surprise there.


    You dodged my questions, as usual. How about some more answers?

  20. @Sengge Rinchen:

    That wasn’t constructive. I was asking you to share constructive information. Evidently, you don’t have any. No surprise there.


    Sit still for a moment, I gave you constructive input here:

    Asking you to get mental help, take your medicine regularly and to ban yourself from the internet IS constructive input. Or else you will remain a pariah everywhere. You will remain extreme “fringe”.

    That is all you need to do: banning yourself from the internet to cure your messiah complex. As you can see you will be treated the same everywhere you go because of your untreated mental illness. 😀

  21. @Sengge Rinchen:

    I can reflect one of your earlier comments: Apparently you talk like that because you don’t intend to be taken seriously.

    You obviously can’t refute anything I’m saying; you quickly resort to clowning and belittling. Do you think you can? I don’t think so. I think the best you could do is crack some more jokes — and not very good ones, you’re corny.

  22. You sure you got your moniker from Zoroastrianism and not from playing too much Diablo 2? Because there is a goblin in there who is a boss, his name is Rakanishu, and on higher difficulty levels he moves like he’s on crack cocaine and farts out lightning every time he is hit. That reminds me a lot of everything you have posted here, actually. 😀

  23. @Sengge Rinchen:

    Yes, I’m sure. I have never played Diablo 2. I don’t game much.

    Why don’t you look it up yourself?

  24. Rashnu,

    As always, I ignore the questions which I think you can figure out yourself.

    “My friends? A few are in school. A few have graduated and are doing alright (Nurse, military officer, on government projects abroad). Overall, not many doing exceptionally well. I can’t say I know lots if people “doing fine” and making lots of money like you said. I can’t say much for sure, I haven’t been in frequent contact with many people recently. I had been abroad for several years and haven’t yet resumed many contacts. Why do you ask? – See more at:

    I ask because that’s the point of this entire post: our belief system comes from our experiences.

    Are you a millennial? It sounds like it. If so, that too determines your outlook. Unfortunately for you, you graduated into one of the worst job markets ever. It’s not race; white kids are suffering just as much from this job market as you are.

    But even then, I imagine that it’s the same among millennials. If you come from a family that has experienced the ups and downs of the market, you’re more likely to be against racial handouts because you don’t see the world as a place where success depends on handouts.

  25. Also, I say that with empathy. It’s a tough market out there. But again, success doesn’t depend on handouts in most jobs. In the case of actually getting a job in the private sector, it depends a lot on presentation and communication.

  26. @BigWOWO:

    Yes, I fall in the millennial category (barely), but I can’t say that I share much of what are presented as millennial views.

    The most significant problem is still the race (white supremacy) problem. I haven’t seen where white kids are suffering as much as I am. White people still own the most and control the most and still practice injustice, so what you refer to as white kids “suffering” doesn’t amount to much.

    You say the problem is not race. In your opinion, when was the race problem solved? How was it solved? What/who is the main problem now?

    What do you mean success doesn’t depend on handouts? How do you think white people gained and maintain what they have now? They have received more racial handouts than anybody.

    If you don’t have a problem with racism, if you are not subject to it and it doesn’t affect your life then good for you. Some people are not as fortunate.

    Based your own admission of the “path” that you are on (same as the southern and eastern Europeans assimilation into white culture) and the views and attitudes that I have seen you express here and in the other posts, I have concluded that you basically already function as “white” — though you may not accepted as/classified as “white”. Of course the definition of who is “white” changes over time and will continue to change as needed for the purpose of maintaining white supremacy.

  27. This is the reason why it’s hard for people to have an intelligent conversation with you. You’ve accepted these nonsensical premises that put you in a strange position where no matter what happens, you see yourself as victim. You’ve presented ZERO evidence–not even anecdotal evidence–of why you’re a victim, but you expect people to accept your world view prima facie. Anyone who disagrees with you, in your opinion, is functioning as white.

  28. @BigWOWO:

    On the contrary, it’s not hard to have an intelligent conversation with me, but I do make it difficult for you to practice deception. You just don’t want to admit that I’m correct. All you can do is dodge my questions.

    Why I’m a victim? Evidence? My experience with white people in school (both white faculty and students), mistreatment and exclusion in employment, and lack of information and resources where I live has shown me more than enough evidence. The evidence is all around you. How about you tell me how you came to the conclusion that racism isn’t a problem?

    I don’t expect you to accept my views prima facie, but since you portray yourself as an intellectual I expect you not to dodge and run from my questions so much. I expect you to admit that you align your thoughts, speech, and actions with white interests, views and attitudes and you basically function as a “white” person.

  29. It’s also annoying that you go ad hominem (“function as a white person”) for no reason. Yet another reason it’s hard to have an intelligent conversation with you. I’m not saying you’re unintelligent, but it’s impossible to talk reasonably with you.

  30. @BigWOWO:

    A little ad hominem was necessary.

    You’re the one not being reasonable. You’re the one that says things like racism isn’t a problem while white people practice racism everywhere all day, everyday. What kind of reasoning is that?

  31. Why I’m a victim? Evidence? My experience with white people in school (both white faculty and students), mistreatment and exclusion in employment, and lack of information and resources where I live has shown me more than enough evidence.

    Hold on a minute. If you get rejected because of crippling mental illness, such as your extreme bouts of mania, does that make it a racial problem? Or does it make it a mental illness problem, specifically yours? My condolences on the lack of information and resources on treating mental illness, but there is no cure for you, so you know what you should do.

  32. @BigWOWO:

    So, you’re in agreement with Sengge after he/she implied that my mistreatment was justified and I should be killed? I see…

  33. It MIGHT not be mental illness. It might also be because people found you sneaky and untrustworthy. It’s really easy to spot a pathological liar playing up the victim complex you know. The shifty eyed look, the fake chumminess masking deep hostility and entitlement. 😀

  34. @BigWOWO:

    So, you’re in agreement with Sengge after he/she implied that my mistreatment was justified and I should be killed? I see…

    Oh goody, it’s my turn to ask some questions to make it hard for Rakanishu to practise deception. 😀

    1. Can you show where in my text did I mention anything about killing?

    2. Can you explain why you think I “justified” your travails, as opposed to just offering an alternative points of view? ( 😀 😀 😀 )

    3. Could you cite date, time, names of perpetrators and other evidence in incidences of your alleged mistreatment? 😀

  35. @Singge Rinchen:

    Don’t pretend. You can read your own text.

    Your “alternate point of view” is called scientific racism. In white psychology white people actually had a name for the “mental illness” you are talking about — to address those who insisted on escaping mistreatment. Today it is considered an example of a false science, as it was overtly a tool for practicing racism/white supremacy. Your offer of an “alternate point of view” is a white point of view. Textbook racism.

    Yes, I can still remember some details of those incidents. What do you find so amusing about mistreatment? You sure are tickled about it.

  36. @bigWOWO:

    Whatever. I’m not buying that. I know you can see that, you’re just not admitting it. As usual.

  37. If he said you should be killed, it would be easy to point it out. I think you’re ill-equipped to participate in debate.

  38. @bigWOWO:

    Sell that to someone else. I know you can easily point it out.

    I’m equipped enough to keep you running and dodging.

  39. Every single Asian I’ve met who supported AA is either not East Asian or did so out of resentment for whites, however well they try to mask it. These people support AA because their views are centered around whites. White people oppose AA, so I should support it.

    Whether or not that’s morally justified is irrelevant, unless one considers equality a virtue. Which I don’t. To believe that people are equals is the whitest thing of all, ironically. My purpose is to elevate my race above others, not to be merely “equals” with non-Asians. AA is in the way of that goal.

  40. Rashnu,

    I can’t point it out because it ain’t there. There aren’t that many posts on this thread. You can read it yourself. I read all of them.


    With all due respect, if you’re only trying to “elevate” your race, you’re just on the opposite side of the same coin as the AA supporters. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant, but that’s how I read it. I could be reading it wrong though.

    It shouldn’t be about elevating one race or another. It should be about making things equal so that we can all do our best as Americans, regardless of race.

    I also don’t know what percentage of white people oppose AA. I’m guessing most don’t support it, but there are many who do. I have a feeling most AA support comes from the fact that the Asian narrative still rarely enters the public discussion.

  41. “My purpose is to elevate my race above others, not to be merely “equals” with non-Asians. AA is in the way of that goal.”

    What “race?”

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  46. Meritocracy myth is indeed fabricated by conservatives and liberals. Labour markets in reality do not follow the supply and demand in microeconomics textbook. Labour markets are geographically fragmented and socially regulated. Minorities and women indeed have great problems to enter leadership positions in a vast amounts of occupation groups, because there is an role expectation for leaders which is normally a mix of conversation styles, habitus, cultural taste and leisure activities. Normally recruitment looks for talents in the internal labour market first before they announce job announcements. So it matters a lot how many of one social category is already present in the internal labour market of a firm, an industrial sector or a region. Labour market are search market and a great social network of associates and member of the same social categories in school and universities help a lot in labour market competition. The right qualification is only the basic requirement.

    Because labour market are socially regulated and the meritocracy myth is actually wrong, you should not perpetuate the meritocracy myth. But of course you should not help the liberals, blacks and Latinos do get away with affirmative action which diminish your numbers in school, college, universities, professional associations and internships and percentage of job occupations, because this result will weaken the causal relationship between individual effort and market outcome. That shoud not happen because it destroy individual incentives and work motivation. If too many of your social category loose the motivation recruitment officers and employers can develop a risk averse attitude in taking you in, because the average candidate perform worse than the average white male candidate.

    So defend your partisans and those who belong to your poltical identity or social category at all cost against the danger of affirmative action.

    Argument taken from Identity economics:

    So let me teach you how to defend yourself against coalitin with scientific arguments which support your already right observation that the education outcome has something to do with work ethic and family type.

    Education happens in social setting with households and schools as interacting institutions. Students have identities in households (son, daughter) and schools (jocks, burners, freak, clown). The migration between households and schools cause code switching and role switchung between the identities constantly. Education investments are modified with identities because there is an identity utility which is a function of peers, teachers and parents. The race of parents, teachers and peers alters the identity utility and the return on investment of learning.

    Reading list:

    The authors are economist who test their theory in the economic lab. Here is a very introductory book. There are also several talks on youtube on identity economics. Read the economic papers of these authors, if you are an economist.

    Rachel E. Kranton, George A. Akerlof: Identity Economics: How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages, and Well-Being

    The altering of identity utility of the work ethic and attitude towards education are externalities and it is possible to hurt other students if the population of one identity group falls under a certain point to hold the return on investment on learning high. Strict parents and teachers of your race does not compensate the effect of lazy peers.

    Avoid race rhetorics because it can benefit liberal discourse instead use culturalist rhetorcis and you the example of Nigerian immigrants to get an counter-example the race card. Look also for outlier groups among the Hispanic ethnic groups to add credibility to your political narrative. Do not hesitate to intrumentalize the poverty culture argument of conservatives and mix it with scientific proofs of identity economics.

    Gather enough journalists to write reportages about sucessful Asian immigrants and their kids and fund investigative journalism in inner-city schools with bad performing black and latino kids at the same time to polarize the media narrative. You have to do it this way because only simple narratives really stick in the heads.

    Argument: Affirmative Action hurts all taken from market design on inequality

    Admission procedures are basically two-sided markets which match preferences of schools and students with given preferences. Other example of two-sided matching markets are kidney exchanges, dating sites and labour markets. The outcome depends on the market institutions and the transaction rules.

    The economists observe that they actually miss the point all the years what affirmative action actually does – but they find out that affirmative action hurts everybody and after this discover they start to use market engineering to design a matching market that help correct the evil of affirmative action. Read this stuff to find out how the matching market institution should look like to help you and not other categories of people.

    You find many scientific backed arguments against the liberals in experimental economists writings.


    SD Kominers, T Sönmez: Designing for diversity in matching

    Scott Kominers, Market Design Approaches to Inequality I,

    Scott Kominers, Market Design Approaches to Inequality I,

    Diversity Visa Lottery

    In anglophone nations there are diversity lotteries to randomize the immigrants selection. They use a lottery to take people in and you should look for the education and occupation success of these people to get proofs for your claims that the education and income status of immigrants is not the most influencial factor in immigrant success in comparison to blacks and latinos. This is a randomized natural experiment to isolate the effect of culture and migration of families and individuals on the outcomes.

    Geographic distributions of jobs

    High admission numbers of API students actually benefits the US economy the most, because they are the driver of job creations along the job chain. High-skilled occupations normally creates a number of low-skilled service job with a multiplicator factor dependend on geography of the local labour market. API graduates actually do not get the entire social return of their individual education investments and the parental sacrifices for them. The entire local working class of their cities of residence actually are the top beneficiaries.

    The local authorities who are collecting tax for the provision of local public goods get taxes from the API graduates and the lower-skilled jobs along the job chain. The local public goods are additional income subsidies for the black poor, Latinos and women. If the education quality fall because of affirmative action the entire local population suffers because the underqualified blacks, latinos and women cannot produce the same amount of tax generating jobs along the job chain. This hurts everybody even these blacks, latinos and women who cannot get in with affirmative action.

    Local labour markets have to be thicken with high-skilled graduates to motivate firms to come into the region. High-payed jobs depend on the localization decision and normally firms of the same industry sector tends to cluster with each other and the financial institutions, business consultants, advertising firms, lawyers, accountants etc.

    If the amount of graduates are too low to substitute the high-skilled pensioners and the local labour market loose its thickness and it become very difficult to recruit qualified professionals of API descent. The employers will locate otherwise with thicker high-skilled labour markets. Cheap energy and low realestate prices does not compensate the loosing of a thick labour market of high-skilled professionals.

    The isolation of blacks and latino students prevent them to generate meaningful professional associates social networks and because of there family backgrounds they never internalize the habits of the white collar middle class which is required in the occupation groups.

    Only the suddenly death of a vast amount of working professionals will put enough blacks and latinos in the position to redefine the work culture of white collar jobs to make positive discrimination works.


    Enrico Moretti: The New Geography of Jobs

    Jamie Peck: Work-Place: The Social Regulation of Labor Markets

    Counter the Managing Diversity arguments

    Managing Diversity is an ideology with very weak scientific support. The experimental setting works with tasks and different information distribution amng the diverse participants to show that diverse workforce is actually more efficient than homogenous workforce.

    But they forget to control for homogenous work ethics and values. Actually only homogenous work ethics and values really make diverse groups work effectively together. Gender and racial diversity do not help very much. In reality they hurt the work outcome, because there is a vast amount of evidence that there are a stereotype threat which influence the performance of minority groups and women negatively. Even if women and darker minorities are equally qualified they cannot perform with their full potential like API men.

    The most disturbing thing is that employer assume automatically that women have a low attachment to the workforce because they can marry and get pregnant. An employer can assume with a quite good accuracy that women do the bulk of homework and have less time to invest in advanced vocational training. Employers have always an incentive to get high numbers of men to have a staff who have enough time budgets to invest in advanced vocational training. High numbers of women prevent the employer invest in the advanced vocational training of all employees because the return is low with the lower amount of time investment of women in advanced vocational training. This hurts the men who are forced to work in the same firm with the high numbers of women. High numbers of women can push the men out of a occupation group.

    The alliance between Latinos and Blacks are artificial

    The similarity in political interest are fabricated in liberal media. In reality black poor and poor Latinos crash very often because they compete for housing and low skilled jobs. Low skilled labour markets behave like the microeconomic supply and demand mechanism unlike the internal labour market of big cooperations which are bureaucracies and value seniorship and experiences.

    Blacks are considered natives even if there are actually a significant amount of Haitian, Jamaican blacks,… who do not identity with Blacks from the former slave cohorts. They are the least vulnerable groups who are threaten with deportation.

    On the contrary, Latinos are transnational minorities and especially Mexican immigrants and Mexican-American as border minorities are viewe with disgust because they settle in former areas of historical Mexico.

    Affirmative Action help blacks and Latinos in different ways, because middle class blacks who made it with affirmative action normally got control of black organization and white hegemony coopt them into their power system. Black leaders are instrumentalize to appease black grief about injustice.

    On the contrary, Latinos can be deported easily. Even if they are American citizen they know with high certainty someone in their communities who are an undocumented immigrant. Their leaders have a very different view on immigration and naturalization. White hegemony have a very hard time to coopt them because the power sharing means a liberal approach to more permeable borders.

    Latinos and blacks are natural enemies whereas Latino immigration experiences are very similar to Asian immigration experiences. The only dividing factor are liberal Asian American leaders who dominate Asian American organization. If the immigrant and working class push these people away it is possible to work together with Latinos in a more profound way. You need a new political identity to include API identities and Latino identities. Let call them anti-communist and patriotic Pacific Rim identity which exclude white liberals and blacks.

    The remittance factor

    Asian and Latino immigrants are transnational minorities. On the contrary blacks are an inner minority. Transnational minorities send remittances back that are the most single reliable resource stream after Foreign direct investment. The country of origin needs the remittances to pay back their debts to the World Bank and the IMF. Both supranational institutions are capitalized by Western nations with the USA as the biggest conributor.

    The USA have an interest to raise the amount of remittances as creditor to his allies in the Pacific Rim. The major source of remittances of his Pacific Rim allies in Asia and Latin America are US based diasporas. Check the monthly time series of the World Bank to get a sense of the order of the amount

    Migration and Remittances, World Bank,,,contentMDK:21121930~menuPK:3145470~pagePK:64165401~piPK:64165026~theSitePK:476883,00.html

    It is possible to do currency policy with remittances. Currency policy are the short term instrument to influence the job creation in the Pacific Rim. The US announce the “Pivot to Asia” with the relocation of the bulk of the US military to Pacific Asia and back this policy with bargaining the TPP free trade zone. It is obviously insane to destroy the reliability of remittances if Affirmative Action hurts its Pacific Asian allies in Vietnam, Taiwan, Phillipines, Indonesia,…

    Remittances get obviously more stable and less volatile if the API students get more qualified and influence their entire community as role model. Remittances generate tax and help the participant nations and US allies in the TPP to adjust in a free trade zone. It is insane for the continuation of the liberal global order to hurt API students with Affirmative Action.

    Robotic, uncreative Asian hordes

    Check the papers of William Kerr about the ethnic ccomposition of ethnic inventors. He wrote many good empirical sound stuff about ethnic inventors. He extract patent datas to show that Chinese, Taiwanese, Indians and others hva e high shares of inventors and commerical useful patents. Why are there no equal high shares of women, black and Latino inventors.

    Silicon Valley is the breeding places of the Indian software industry in Bangalore. Taiwan is a manufacturing hub and take in many US educated Taiwanese inventors.

    Anti-communist Overseas Chinese return with their inventions to ASEAN allies of the USA and develop the economy there.

    The USA overstrech its fiscal power with military adventurism and the USA want the Pacific Asian allies to share higher cost of the US base and stop plundering the US tax payer. But how it is possible if the Pacific Asian allies cannot get enough remittances and technology from there corresponding US scientific diasporas. The raise of the military budget of the Pacific Asian allies means technological upgrading to get a tax base to sustain high level of defense spending to support US containment strategy against Red China.

    How can the liberals explain to us how the Pacific Rim diasporas and US allies should produce the same amount of patents and transnatinal ventures to defend liberal order with higher efficiency in the TPP free trade zone.

    How can blacks, Latino and women can substitute the role of Pacific Asian diasporas ?

    The US foreign policy have a public private partnership with US-based diasporas to flank US foreign interest with diaspora philantropy, entrepreneurship, volunteerism and innovation.

    How the hell do the liberals think that the USA can broaden this approach to influence allied goverments if the API diasporas loose its shares of high-skilled graduate to less qualified blacks, Latinos and women ?

    The American tax payer already have invest high amounts of USD in the military and civil society campaigns to influence Pacific Asian allies to align closer with the American interest.

    The collapse of diaspora organization because of Affirmative Action dimish the return of investment of US efforts at the military and civil society frontlines.

    It is unpatriotic of the Latino immigrants to align themselves with liberals, women and blacks to fight API communities and related Pacific Asian allies of their new homeland and stabbed the entire American people in the back, whereas we – anti-communist, hard-working and loyal American and aspiring American citizen – mobilize everyone to make liberal American order works for the Pacific Rim.

    It is very selfish of female and black takers to exploit the makers of API and Pacific Asian diasporas who have it very hard already.


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