Team Isaac


Saw this on Jenn’s blog. A baby named Isaac Heyman was diagnosed at 6 months old with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. He was originally brought to the hospital because of cold-like symptoms, and after a blood test, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Chemo started two days after that. The parents and Isaac now practically live at the hospital. This has to be painful for Isaac, heartbreaking for the parents and family.

Learn more here. He will eventually need a transplant. Please consider registering or donating money.

2 thoughts on “Team Isaac

  1. Just saw this again on my facebook feed from a post I had shared on my timeline. I went to check since I hadn’t kept up and was hoping for good news. But baby Isaac had passed away in 2014.

    I feel like an uncaring human right now for not checking in during 3 or so years, but mostly just sad about the news even though I don’t have any sort of personal connection to the baby or his family. It’s just very sad to see kids suffer, especially after I became a dad.

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