Moderating changes in 2014

Hey All,

So we have a little less than two weeks before the new year.

As most of you know, I was somewhat burned out earlier this year. I was angry at the tech at our old hosting company who erased our work, and it was quite demoralizing. For a while, I was unable to really read or write anything. Plus, I was addicted to chess! (I still am.) Fortunately, time heals most wounds, so I’ll be back in early 2014. I’m not sure if it will all be gone by January, but it will be better.

I’ve been fielding numerous complaints about how the Bottom Tier has hijacked the comment section of this blog. There are about four of you, along with one regular who sometimes trolls in those waters. 🙂 I myself used to say that the best part of this blog were the comments, but with so much Bottom Tier nonsense infecting our posts, I can no longer say that that is true. I’d like to return to our roots.

So after the new year, I’m going to moderate. My main pet peeves are:

1) Cowardice. In the past year, we’ve seen one commenter anonymously attack a woman for her looks. We saw a jock challenger repeatedly challenge people to podcasts, only to dodge and hide when it was time for him to do it. Such comments will be deleted, and such commenters will be on alert.

2) Outlandish claims. Someone else claimed that he was a “national level” fighter in a martial arts league that had no weight classes, and that he could beat us up. Then the story changed–there were two weight classes, 220 lbs and below (Mike Tyson would be a lightweight!) and over 220. He wouldn’t tell us the name of the organization, and according to him, they don’t have a website, even though they’re national.

3) Broken record-ism. “I’m gonna go to Asia! I’m gonna do it! Women there are more likely to date me! F#$k Western hegemony!” If you’re going to do it, do it. Do it and tell us about it. Nobody wants to hear how you’re going to do it, and then watch you do nothing and tell us about it over and over. Be a man of action. This is an activist site.

4) Excess negativity. If you see a smart Asian person, and all you can see is a nerd stereotype, you need to recalibrate your lenses. Too many people here are excessively negative, nitpicking nonsense when seeing Asian people (but not when seeing non-Asian people) and basically reinforcing old stereotypes. This has to stop.

In the spirit of the season, everyone is going to start the new year with a blank slate. I need you all to participate in this–no grudges. But we will need to start moderating. I wish it hadn’t come to this, but we need to get back on track.

53 thoughts on “Moderating changes in 2014

  1. Thanks for reading, indieking. Sengge has agreed to be civil. I hope you’ll do the same. He’s mostly “top tier” because he’s got positive posts that counterbalance the trolling. That’s not true of others.

    I should’ve probably added “excess negativity” to my list of pet peeves. I think I will.

  2. THANK YOU!!!

    It was becoming seriously annoying that I could guess who posted what just by looking for key words (ie western hegemony, Columbia study etc.). I get it. Damn. Leave the dead horse alone!

  3. USA is still freaking evil though. What did China do to hurt the USA? Nothing. USA gunning for China because of greed. And don’t give me that whole anti-Communist bullshit excuse.

  4. Anna:

    THANK YOU!!!

    It was becoming seriously annoying that I could guess who posted what just by looking for key words (ie western hegemony, Columbia study etc.). I get it. Damn. Leave the dead horse alone!

    – See more at:

    HAHA! I know! Maybe that “broken record” thing is the worst crime of all. They beat those dead horses till the cows come home. I’m looking forward to the new year when we don’t have to deal with this.


    Knock yourself out, you have another week. Maybe. If it gets too bad, we may have to push the date ahead of schedule.

    I think this thread shows why Sengge isn’t bottom tier. Notice that he’s got the ability to rein in his emotions and knows how to behave, while other commenters…well…”HEGEMONY!”

  5. @BigWOWO

    Asia is already losing the geopolitical war. America and the EU just underwent their third round of trade talks, nearly completing the largest Free trade zone over the Atlantic. If they sync their economies, they will be unstoppable. Meanwhile, over on the Pacific, America is putting together the TPP, which was essentially created to isolate China. The West keeps Asia divided, keeps the Middle East divided (facilitates the undemocratic deposition of Morsi and the mass murder of Egyptians) through coups and bombings, while meanwhile unifying their own societies.

    Power dictates policy. You can pine all you want for change, but if you don’t have any backing you won’t get it. Asian women have been commodified, and there are real benefits for white men to keep them in their current place. No matter what you say, the current racial hierarchy will continue, and both your daughter and son, Byron, will remain marginalized, as it has been for more than 50 years, perhaps more. You yourself said you recognize the same kind of activism taking place currently, that occurred decades ago.

    If you don’t consider what I have to say, you will be powerless when the time comes when you or your loved ones get stepped on.

  6. We need intelligent, ambitious young AA to go back to their home societies and bolster their ethnic homelands. It is an imperative.

  7. Such an awesome story. What have you YOURSELF done about it?

    – See more at:

    eric was meant to be more than an activist. He is an “inspirationalist”. As an activist, you are limited by your own time and energy. you can only do so much. As an inspirationalist, you inspire others to be activists. now the end result is you have many more people who will do things. You are not limited by your own time anymore. Now 24 hours x the number of activists is the amount of time that can be dedicated to “doing”. that is much more effective than “doing”. You inspire others to “do”.

    Eric also has chosen to “inspirationalize” on an asian american activist blog where many “activists” (commentators) congregate. That is very effective to market to the people who are most likely to take action and “do”. Eric has contributed to the asian american cause via his strength of “inspirationalizing”. Now it’s your turn to be an “activist” and start doing.

    eric has inspired our imaginations to imagine what is possible before we imagined it ourselves.

  8. There’s no need to explain anything to sengge, the turd-tier clown.

    WHAT HAVE YOU, sengge rinchen/richard parker/raguel the sufferer, DONE?

    -dodge all invitations to help
    -derail conversations with personal attacks
    -call people self-hating manchurian candidates who should kill themselves when their opinions differ from yours
    -tell Chinesemom to fuck off after she called you out for trolling
    -posting pictures of feces
    -changing avatars and changing usernames to hide your history from newcomers
    -putting words inside of other people’s mouths

  9. Ooops, did I just delete your personal attack on me, Indie? I guess we’re celebrating the New Year early!

    It looks like we’ve got a number of people here who all agree on where this blog should go, but it doesn’t coincide with where the important people think it should go.

    If you’d all like my help in setting up your own blog where I don’t pay the bills and where I don’t have to delete garbage comments, I’d be more than willing to help. You could call it, if it’s not already taken. Shit, the time I spend helping segue y’all into a place where I don’t have to deal with you would be well worth my time!

  10. By the way, I’m totally serious. I would LOVE for the bottom tier to find their own space. Y’all could start a Twitter revolution just like Suey Park. #bottomtierandproud! #bottomofthebarrelcommentsforever!

  11. eric is a motivational inspirationalist that recruits activists to fight against western hegemony while contributing to asian supranationalist ideals so that we may benefit from hypergamy.

    I inspire people to watch youtube videos of Simple Pickup. Asian, indian and hapa representation to da fullest.

  12. BigWOWO

    That wasn’t a personal attack. It was calling for a fairness of moderation , just used a shock tactic because when the same point is brought up, it never seems to gets addressed, hence the ‘bottom tier’ comments from some of the above. Sure I’ll donate to the cause, I think that would make activist commenting here to be taken more seriously. Do you need help with a paypal button?

  13. @Bryon

    “…agree on where this blog should go, but it doesn’t coincide with…”

    What are those two directions?

  14. Hey guys,

    Byron is the owner of this blog. He puts a lot of effort and time into building it so now we have this place to voice our opinions. If we can not help, at least we should respect him, his wish and not make his work harder.

  15. @Byron,

    Good list of resolution. Though I’ve been busy with my own life lately, I do remember to check out your site occasionally.


    Some of your views (albeit controversial and tiptoeing on what portion of your general audience lie, i.e., layman or fairly educated), I can feel it. To be brutally honest, after consuming all of your thoughts during your epiphany in the last couple of months, it really wrecked my balls even to stand up as an Asian. I feel like I’m losing my confidence, my self-worthiness, self-esteem, after all, I realize I’m entering into “vicious cycle” of losery images – stereotypes – consumption – perpetuation – loser.

    Asia is already losing the geopolitical war. America and the EU just underwent their third round of trade talks, nearly completing the largest Free trade zone over the Atlantic. If they sync their economies, they will be unstoppable. Meanwhile, over on the Pacific, America is putting together the TPP, which was essentially created to isolate China.

    If America and EU managed to finalized the FTZ, I can foresee America just got another creditor. America has been borrowing money around the World. If EU can withstand just like Japan and China trillions debt, I’d say “Go For it, EU!” How many bloc in EU has been doing so well so far? The only countries that been sustaining their economy well above their counterparts also have to deal with Asia, especially China.

    France set up the off-shore trading center in Paris, to become the leading off-shore trading center for yuan. That irks their rival British. What happened? Now the British salesman David Cameron, wondering around Beijing, playing ping pong with pedestrians, aiming to ramp up the bilateral trade with China. Just last month, Chinese Yuan just passed in the names of the 2nd most trading currency in the world, surpassing euro.

    All I’m saying is trading nowadays is internationally linked. US setting up FTZ with Europe is nothing to do with maintaining White hegemony. The same goes for China and Japan bilateral currency swap. That doesn’t mean setting up Pan-Pacific hegemony. Drawing any forms of interpretation in favor of “Maintaining Power” from bilateral trade is like we’re in a high school or college.

    AaA: “You know, she blushes when I talk to her.”
    Bint: “Wow, she definitely likes you. Ask her out.”

    AaA: “You know she laughs at all my jokes, including my political philosophy.”
    Bint: “Man, she is game. Go for it.”

    AaA: “I texted her several times. But she didn’t reply me.”
    Bint: “Sorry mate, so her blushes didn’t mean any sh(i)t.?”

    All I’m saying is Only when you do possess physically, you can claim something is yours. Otherwise, everything is up in the air. You can interpret anything in your favor until then.

  16. Indie:

    Sure I’ll donate to the cause, I think that would make activist commenting here to be taken more seriously. Do you need help with a paypal button? – See more at:

    Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in the OP, but I’m not looking to get compensated for dealing with the bottom tier. I think it would be great if the bottom tier simply set up their own website. Awake and Alive can be the blog owner; he can set it all up for free through Google (based in America) or WordPress (also based in America) and then he can use his free speech (because he lives in America) to rally against America while living in America. Sasaki can be Vice President of the site, and…well, you get it.

    Seriously, people should give this some thought. It’ll help me out a lot too, since I’ll have somewhere I can refer people if they’re not a fit for this site.

  17. @Bint
    Bro, I am really, really sorry that you feel as though you’ve lost confidence due to the beliefs I’ve put forth. For me personally, if anything, I feel more confident, because I truly believe in these observations, and feel as though I have a better grasp on understanding the world. It is coupled with the belief that there is nothing inherently wrong with us, and I laugh off stereotypes and control the commentary by many of my white colleagues and guys I interact with, of which — suprisingly, I’m sure you’d find — I have very good relations with (credit JH). But I can admit, when you realize Western Hegemony is the crux of it all, there is a sense of powerlessness, that I’m sure some can find much to bear.

    This is my path and I am continuing on with it. But if alot these concepts are hurting you, I would recommend you to see it is as only one aspect of “the truth” and find a different path. Maybe that means not reading the comments I put forth, even, although I write them with sincerity and the intention to uplift others about the nature of reality. You should not feel as though you can stand up as an Asian. I guess what I’m trying to do is comfort you that ‘the world isn’t out to get us’ as AA men. But IR disparity and the racial hierarchy is there, and when confronted with it firsthand in our lives, as we inevitably will, it demands an answer.

    I personally feel free, free to be friendly and integrated in contemporary society, yet also adamant about my support for Asia. Free to dissect stereotypes for the agendas they present, thereby invalidating them. In terms of my interpersonal relationship with my peers, I feel in control — and capable of demanding authority and dominance. I demand it. Perhaps there are more aspects that need to be analyzed, but I wish Bint you could feel the way I do, when everything is finally seems to come together.

  18. I feel free to revel in my Western upbringing and culture, and the benefits therein, all while despising Western bids for geopolitical power and control, and actively seeking to work against it. It is an unbelievable freedom.

  19. Hey man, politics is power, and power dictates the social dynamics that we live in on a daily basis. Enough of simply pining for social justice — tugging at the heartstrings of existing powers, who for the most part have demonstrated themselves to be morally void, will hardly get you anywhere.

    Of course, the West is doing a good job with their ‘divide and conquer’ geopolitical strategies, manipulating a less sophisticated enemy by pushing nationalism and local rivalries to keep a larger enemy from coming together and becoming more cohesive. The West has ample experience with ‘Divide and Conquer’ — in Imperial Britain, this was a staple tactic to control colonies from revolting.

  20. @Awake,

    I consider myself very pro China and don’t like many US policies toward China. But I can’t support your anti-america stance, and I don’t think you can find many Mainland Chinese immigrants supporting you. It is good for nobody, especially yourself. I prefer Asian Americans to be the bridge of the West and the East, or at least do no harm to either side. I like what An Tian, the Harvard graduate, did on that dating show. He showed people in China a new way of thinking which will help China, at the same time his action helped image of Harvard and promoted good American values.

    Your understanding of China and Asia is very limited. That’s why I provided you the links to Chinese Websites and suggested you to go there to learn China from Chinese immigrants, not just from biased Western media. Too bad that you can’t read Chinese. If you are serious about going back to motherland, you really have to learn to read Chinese. There are many apps in itunes store that can help you to learn Chinese. If you can understand spoken Chinese well, it shouldn’t be very difficult for you to learn to read. You only need to know about 800 Chinese characters to be able to understand most of Chinese writings.

  21. Also Awake,

    Don’t worry about TPP. Nobody can isolate China or stop China’s growth now. China’s main problems are still internal. We just need time to get things right.

  22. @Chinesemom

    My immediate family was originally from China, my current gf is from mainland China. I may understand more about China that is shown here on these posts. But I will certainly be careful about throwing myself into an unfamiliar environment.

  23. But I will certainly be careful about throwing myself into an unfamiliar environment. – See more at:

    Well, yes, you’ve already been really, really careful. Especially the way you portray China as a heaven-on-earth without bothering to actually buy a one-way ticket to China.

    It’s the 23rd. We have about one more week until the new mod changes kick in. If you’ve got something to say, say it now!

  24. Can Asian Americans really be part of a neutral bridge? I do not believe there is a perfect 50/50 split. I am simply calling upon AA who do choose to be this ‘bridge’ to align themselves more with their ethnic homeland / communities more than the hegemonic aspirations of the West, whose symptoms include IR disparity.

  25. AAA,

    I would like to you to prove that Western Hegemony is a direct result of the IR disparity. It’s funny how Asian men are able to get a great education and a well paying career in America, yet finding a mate, especially one outside of their race is next to impossible.

  26. You must mean the opposite, Chr. Western hegemony —-> IR disparity, not the other way around.

  27. BigWOWO, China is a place for entrepreneurship mainly, I wouldn’t go there for seeking a job there. There are better locations in Asia for that.

  28. AAA,

    Western Hegemony ——–>Asian American Men attend prestigious colleges/universities and graduate to well paying jobs. So how does IR disparity get factored into this?

  29. People have been competing about repeating myself, so I’m just going to refer you to the Gender Podcast thread and some of my original posts, if it’s still around there and hasn’t been hacked yet.

  30. Good stuff Byron, my comments should be impeccable since it mostly revolves around MMA, but definitely would like to jump into some different topics for the new year!

  31. Interesting, because myself and Indie keep it real. No censorship thus far, which has been amazing. I wonder if it will continue past 2014, probably not.

    In which, if these are my final words, I will refer you all back to Awake and Alive’s Wet Fucking Fantasy:

  32. AaA, FWIW if you do set up a separate blog you can always pingback to this one with your own blog post commentary if you use WordPress.

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