Guns at the airport, guns in colleges, guns guns everywhere

It was reported in the NY Times, that the TSA is finding more and more guns at airport security points:That loaded gun in my carry-on? Oh, I forgot. It’s really quite bizarre that people are packing their guns and forgetting to leave them at home because they’ve got concealed permit and are so used to taking their guns everywhere. I think a spokesman for the TSA said it best:

Like other professionals in security, law enforcement and firearms safety, Mr. Castelveter was baffled by how anyone could forget that they were carrying a gun. ā€œIā€™m a Vietnam vet, and when I went through training I was taught that my gun was my best friend ā€” and God forbid you should ever lose sight of that fact. I would never, ever not know that I have a gun in my bag.ā€

I mean, really, how do you forget your gun? The fact that so many people are, in fact, losing track of their guns is a testament to the disregard that some people have for the power of a firearm–even more disturbing given the fact that these are the people carrying them. It would kind of be like a blogger losing track of his laptop computer–but even worse, since guns can kill people.

Gun-wise, this nation is out of control. To add to the madness, there’s now a push to allow concealed guns on college campuses. It seems like nothing is sacred anymore. Can you imagine debating during civics class in an arena where people carry guns? It’s undemocratic.

When will the madness end? When will more politicians like Bloomberg step up to say enough is enough?

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10 thoughts on “Guns at the airport, guns in colleges, guns guns everywhere

  1. This is just hype, possibly to build a stock market bubble or to rake in fast cash just like how they managed to do with the various global flu scare vaccines.

  2. I saw the video. They are no where close to making anything resembling a gunmetal barrel with the complex material in a 3D printer. But he does have a valid point about 30 rounds mags. Then the solution is to have a stiff penalty for violating the intent of the gun law, whatever final form it may take. Seems like some hype surrounding gun printing.

  3. He’s in big, big trouble. Japan is super-strict about gun laws, which, contrary to what the gun crazies say, is why they have so few homicides by guns.


    Handling looks awful and the gun looks pointless. What is the muzzle velocity?

    Instead of trying to make a pistol 3D printer designers may want to try a tube-style bullet launcher. An assassin’s weapon that would, once again, be mostly under-performing and pointless considering the alternatives out there.

  5. The hoopla over 3D printed firearms reminds me of UFOs over Roswell. Cover stories to captivate mass attention and therefore divert it away from better information.

    It is entirely possible that 3D printing has already found very deadly weaponised uses but it is probably better that we do not know about them.

  6. Man, that’s scary.

    Well, I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. They should regulate these.

    These days, I’m concerned about drones. They really need to regulate those as well.

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