Three Asian American works I have not read or seen but might recommend

Y’all know I like to do reviews of Asian American art–especially novels and books. However, I’m just one person who does this for free, and sometimes:

a) I lack bandwidth

b) My personal tastes don’t align with certain works that are or may be good

So here are three works that I might recommend, if I had the bandwidth or personal tastes:

1. I Hotel by Karen Tei Yamashita

Karen Tei Yamashita

I started reading this book but couldn’t finish. The fiction was just too experimental for me, and I found it hard to follow. That said, I realize it’s a good book. I’m always complaining about superficial Asian American literature, and this one is definitely deep. I couldn’t finish it, but I might recommend that others give it a try.

2. The Walking Dead

At least one reader has lauded The Walking Dead for the character of Glenn, played by Steven Yeun. I actually watched the first two episodes of The Walking Dead, and I thought that the character (who shows up for the first time in episode 2) was very well done. I heard it even gets better later. I just wasn’t into the zombies and dead things.

3. Supercapitalist

Word on the street is that Supercapitalist, an indie film made by an Asian American dude, is tearing up the iTunes world. It got crappy reviews from all the big media gatekeepers, but as Betty Ming Liu says, it’s great that the big gatekeepers are even watching and reviewing. Derek Ting made this movie for half a million dollars, which I think is big compared to most indie movies (it’s an indie but not a small indie). I don’t know much about movies, but if he could attract a half million dollars, I’m guessing that means he’s got star power. His bio says he’s one of the founders of Asian American Film Lab. If you check out the cast, he’s also got some other pretty big stars.

I haven’t seen it, mostly because it doesn’t look like my cup of tea. Still, it’s great that he made this movie. Props to him, just for doing it!

8 thoughts on “Three Asian American works I have not read or seen but might recommend

  1. Just because the media critics slapped some ugly reviews on it is the precise reason why I’m going to take a look at Supercapitalist.

    After all, they were coordinated enough to take down Oliver Stone’s JFK and Fight Club because they were worried about the content.

    Supercapitalist stars a few veteran Hong Kong actors. Hopefully the movie is as dry and generic as they make it out to be, and not because they want to guard a fading Hollywood supremacy.

  2. big WOWO, thanks for linking to my post! Raguel, “Supercapitalist” is not in the same league as “JFK;” very few films are. But then again, this is only Derek Ting’s first production. I support him because he deserves credit for having the guts and I want to see him keep growing!

  3. It might be some time before I manage to, I heard that the movie has just only premiered somewhere in America.

    You know it would be good if bloggers and Asian American reviewers could get some kind of preview so that we could spread the word about the movie.

    I hear that it’s on itunes as well. I’m not sure what their price point is as I don’t use that service at all.

  4. Where’s Kobukuson when we need him to critic about the inferiority of most AA artistic works?

  5. everyone I know likes Glenn on walking dead, even if some of his dialogue and actions make me cringe. He is still the best written character that is an AM on TV, but he kind of wins by default.

    I still hate everyone else on that show and I want to see them getting eaten by zombies.

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